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Nortel 920-125 Exam -

Free 920-125 Sample Questions:

1. A BCM system has numerous IP devices that require frequent address assignments. If an IP device (sets and/or PC) is moved and then reconnected to the network in a different location, how can the assignment of a new IP address be automated?
A. download and execute the Desktop Assistant Pro client
B. set up the BCM for IP Assignment Manager Wizard
C. download and execute the Desktop Assistant Pro Admin Edition client
D. set up the BCM for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Answer: D

2. IPSec tunneling protocol on a BCM provides which three features? (Choose three.)
A. Password storage on Contivity client
B. IP address translations via encapsulation
C. VPN client support from a remote computer with Contivity VPN client installed
D. Branch Office support that allows IPSec connection between two private networks
Answer: BCD

3. A BCM administrator wants to supervise and distribute IP addresses for IP sets from a central location.
The administrator also does not want to distribute the addresses manually. What functionality can be used to meet the administrator's requirements?
A. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
B. IP Assignment Manager Wizard
C. Desktop Assistant Pro Admin
D. Enable BootP server
Answer: A

4. A remote user has the ability to connect to an ISP and then into a specific route into a BCM that is configured for IPSec Remote User. The remote use can also print locally even while connected remotely to the BCM. What is this functionality known as?
A. dual routing
B. dual tunneling
C. split tunneling
D. split routing
Answer: C

5. Call Detail Recording (CDR) has been set up to capture data from multiple BCM systems.What happens when the assigned disk space that was set for CDR nears capacity?
A. new files are NOT captured until disk space becomes available
B. the oldest files are automatically deleted until free space minimums are reached
C. the oldest files are automatically sent to an archive file until free space minimums are reached
D. new files are buffered into a holding file and CANNOT be processed until disk free space becomes available
Answer: B

6. A BCM 2.5 customer has configured the maximum 500 destination codes for their system. If the customer upgrades to BCM 3.0, how many destination codes could be configured?
A. 500
B. 750
C. 1000
D. 1200
Answer: A

7. A BCM 3.0 customer is planning to use the Silent Monitor for Hunt Group feature to allow supervisors to monitor agent calls. When the feature is programmed, the customer intends to select the Silent option for Monitoring Mode. What does this mean for agents when they are on a call and the supervisor monitors the call?
A. agent receives no notification that the supervisor is monitoring the call
B. supervisor sees agent's call activity on their display screen, does not hear agent's conversation
C. agent hears audible tone when the supervisor monitors the call, but the supervisor cannot speak
D. agent cannot request supervisor assistance while being monitored
Answer: A

8. An engineer is planning a BCM 3.0 configuration. The engineer is recommending that four DSM32+ units be included in the system to support call needs. What is the minimum number of DS-30 resources the engineer should plan on to support this configuration?
A. 1
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
Answer: B

9. A BCM 2.5 customer is running an application that routes on a primary route and an alternate overflow route. The customer has a need to increase their overflow capability for this application and is planning an upgrade to BCM 3.0. How many total routes, including the primary, can the customer utilize after the upgrade to 3.0?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 7
D. 12
Answer: B

10. Call Detail Recording on a BCM system can deliver records for which three call conditions? (Choose three.)
B. incoming calls
C. calls associated with account codes
D. elapsed time between origin of a call and when it was answered
Answer: BCD

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