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Nortel 920-121 Exam -

Free 920-121 Sample Questions:

1. Tappman performs the following actions EXCEPT for:
A. application assignment to lines and IVR's
B. scheduling applications to start and terminate
C. copying the executable file to the IVR at assigning time
D. checking to see what applications are currently running
Answer: C

2. Tappman would need to be used in which scenario?
A. The Appman GUI tool is not accessible.
B. An application configuration file needs to be created.
C. The operator wants to set the kill timer to 60 seconds.
D. The operator needs to view a graphical display of applications currently running.
Answer: A

3. An application needs to have runtime options set within Appman. Which action will accomplish this task?
A. starting the application
B. assigning the application
C. configuring the application
D. terminating the application
Answer: C

4. Which file contains records of SRP monitored processes?
A. %MPSHOME\common\log\srp.log
B. %MPSHOME\process\logs\srp.log
C. %MPSHOME\common\srpproc.log
D. %MPSHOME\process\log\srp\srp.log
Answer: A

5. A programmer allocated a fixed number of records during database initialization. What type of database file was initialized?
A. Flat File
B. Transient Data Queue (TDQ)
C. Index Sequential Access Method (ISAM)
D. Hash-Sequenced Access Method (HSAM)
Answer: D

6. Which PeriProducer block is used to convey a message to a host using Communications Manager (COMMGR)?
A. System
B. Resource
C. Send Host
D. Environment
Answer: C

7. An application developer is entering a select statement into the Structured Query Language (SQL) block.
In order to create a list of columns being returned into the application in the bottom Folder-Datacard selection list window, the application developer would right click the mouse and choose:
A. Return into
B. Create datacards
C. Bind with datanames
D. Copy from blocknames
Answer: A

8. A customer wants their Statistical Collection Node to store Daily Statistics for up to five years. Which file needs to be modified to accomplish this task?
A. .conspr
B. .perireporter
C. schedule.cfg
D. pr_app_v5.plx
Answer: A

9. The total call timer is required to be fixed at 20 minutes. To maximize system efficiency, where should the timer be set?
A. Configuration File
B. VSH Command Line
C. PeriProducer Handle Block
D. PeriProducer Environment Block
Answer: A

10. Parameterized Containers in PeriProducer are being used. What restriction applies for passing an Array?
A. An Array can be passed without change.
B. An Array must be passed in a Shared Folder.
C. The folder containing the Array must be passed.
D. Arrays can not be passed to Parameterized Containers.
Answer: C

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