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Nortel 920-119 Exam -

Free 920-119 Sample Questions:

1. To access a CRM or other desktop application in the enterprise environment using TAPI Service Provider and Symposium Agent, what sequence of steps are required to generate the CRM screen pop?
A. Add an application; Create a format mask; Create a trigger; Test the trigger
B. Create a trigger; Create a format mask; Add an application; Test the trigger
C. Create a format mask; Create a trigger; Add an application; Test the trigger
D. Create a format mask; Create a trigger; Test the trigger; Add an application
Answer: A

2. A technician is establishing a Meridian 1 call center configuration that includes the use of an IVR unit and a TAPI server. The TAPI server has been initialized but no IVR Registration Message is present in the overflow log capture. The technician confirms that the IVR and TAPI server can 'ping' each other. Next, the technician enters DOS commands on the TAPI server and discovers that port 5000 is listed as 'LISTENING'. What is the most probable cause of the problem?
A. the port 5000 has not been configured
B. the port 5000 is in use by another application
C. the IVR has been initialized but not set to ACTIVE
D. the TAPI Server has been initialized but not set to ACTIVE
Answer: B

3. A customer has an existing TAPI Server Service Provider for Meridian 1 and IVR installed in their home office. The engineer has installed a TAPI Server Service Provider for Meridian 1 in another location for the same customer expanding the customers call center. The Meridian 1 PBX's are already configured for Network ACD between PBX and PBX When a call is routed to the remote TAPI Server Service Provider the call data is not received. What needs to be configured to allow the call data from the IVR to be received at the remote TAPI Server Service Provider?
A. Increase the Call Data Life Span.
B. The remote TAPI Server SP must have the IP address and HLOC of the main TAPI Server SP and IVR.
C. The IVR ports need to be configured and monitored on all TAPI Server SP for Meridian 1 within the customer's network.
D. A two way trust must be set between the network domains between TAPI Server SP location A and TAPI Server SP location B.
Answer: B

4. A call center is using multiple Meridian 1 switches in a Network Automatic Call Distribution application. Symposium TAPI Service Provider for Meridian 1 is used to track call data for calls that are overflowed or transferred between the switches. Which statements are TRUE regarding requirements for networking call data in this application? (Choose two.)
A. All participating Meridian 1 switches must be connected by E&M trunks
B. All participating Symposium TAPI Service Providers must be configured for TCP/IP
C. All participating Meridian 1 switches must be configured to support Network Caller ID
D. All participating Symposium TAPI Service Providers must be connected by ISDN trunks
Answer: BC

5. A customer installs TAPI on a Windows NT server on domain. A Windows 2000 TAPI client resides on domain .Which conditions are required to successfully set up TAPI on the Windows 2000 client? (Choose two.)
A. Two one-way trust relationships
B. A two-way trust relationship between domains
C. The network must allow reverse RPC requests
D. The M1server directory on the TAPI must be shared to the veryone group.
E. The user ID required to start telephony service in domain must be created in domain
Answer: AC

6. A field engineer is invoking Ring Triggers within Symposium Agent for screen presentation simultaneously with call presentation. Which three methodologies are available to complete this task? (Choose three.)
E. Active X
F. Keystroke macros
Answer: BCF

7. What call processing feature is supported by Symposium TAPI Service Provider?
A. RSM functionality and the HDX interfaces
B. ADD functionality and from the RSM interface of SCCS
C. Single site TAPI and a networked Meridian environment
D. Basic and enhanced call control using Meridian Link Services
Answer: D

8. What is critical to the correct interaction between TAPI Service Provider and Symposium Agent to a third party predictive dialer?
A. Call control
B. Call RingTriggers
C. Current release levels
D. Symposium skillset assignments
Answer: A

9. A customer had a functioning TAPI server. The local IT department recently implemented a new router with the same IP configuration resulting in the TAPI clients failing to have TN control since the router was implemented. What is the probable cause of the communication breakdown?
A. FTP port is blocked on the router
B. MSRPC port is blocked on the router
C. Incorrect IP configuration on the TAPI client
D. Incorrect IP configuration on the TAPI server
Answer: B

10. An agent has just entered their Symposium Agent client user name and password, and is immediately presented with a Microsoft networking login screen. What is the probable cause for receiving the Microsoft networking login screen?
A. The ACDProxy service has not been started on the TAPI server
B. The customer's IS Department requires a login to a proxy server
C. Security settings in Internet Explorer for local intranet are set to medium-low
D. The agent's network login credentials were verified against a BDC instead of the PDC
Answer: B

11. AWindows 95 TAPI client is not able to see any assigned TNs after successfully completing TCMsetup and a reboot of the client. The agent login ID has been associated to all TNs on the TAPI server.What has to be configured, in addition to the above steps, in order for the client to see the associated TNs?
A. Ensure that TAPI server has Service Pack 5 installed
B. Ensure that TAPI2195.exe has been executed on Windows 95 client
C. Ensure that the telephony service on the client is set to start automatically
D. Ensure that the client PC has file and print sharing enabled as well as user level access control
Answer: D

12. A field engineer has reloaded the TAPI database from a fresh Meridian 1 do wnload (Load 20 PRT only). Following verification testing it is discovered that only the first 32 phone sets are working. After a brief visual inspection of the TAPI database, the database seems to be corrupted. What is the most probable cause?
A. Load 21 PRT should have been used.
B. The license file was not generated correctly.
C. TAPI cannot control more than 32 digital sets. However, the license file prescribes the limit on analog sets.
D. The downloaded file from the PBX is not lean it contains error messages embedded within the Load 20 configuration information.
Answer: D

13. In the call center, agent phone sets are configured such that the ACD DN is on key 0, a personal DN is on key 1. The call center has added Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) DNs to the agent's phone sets to allow for agents to transfer or conference in another skill set team within the call center. This will allow for an available agent to take the transferred or conference call when not logged into the ACD queue. During testing of the new MADN line it is noticed that Symposium Agent will not respond to the MADN line after it has been configured into the Symposium Agent configuration. What is the cause?
A. The Meridian 1 switch is not at Rel 23 or higher.
B. The MADN lines are not AST enabled in the Meridian 1 PBX.
C. Symposium Agent 2.3 cannot be used to monitor or control MADN lines.
D. The MADN line is not associated to the Agent's PC's within Symposium Agent configuration.
Answer: C

14. A customer has implemented a TAPI Server Service Provider with SCCS and IVR. The customer's call data records that they will be collecting and sending to the agent's desktop via the TAPI Server Service Provider will be 2048 bytes in size. While testing, the customer notices that the call data coming to the agent's desktop is missing data. What needs to be configured to allow call data of 2048 in size to appear at the desktop?
A. Make sure that the LAN is 100MB
B. Configure the TAPI Server SP to accept call records of 2048 bytes in size
C. Verify that the IVR system is configured to collect 2048 bytes call data records
D. Configure the TAPI Server SP to increase the Data Lifespan to greater then 10 minutes
Answer: B

15. In a multi-site Nortel Networks environment that requires calls and caller attached data move between locations to available agents, what two TAPI Service Provider features are required in the environment to effectively meet this inter-site relationship? (Choose two.)
A. MAX 10
B. Networked TAPI
C. TCP/IP WAN connectivity
D. ISDN/PRI between SCCS
Answer: BC

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