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Nortel 920-118 Exam -

Free 920-118 Sample Questions:

1. A field engineer is installing Symposium TAPI Service Provider 2.3 for Meridian 1. For this product, where must the license server and security device be located in the network?
A. Local to the TAPI server and is only available to license TAPI Server.
B. Only the Security device attached to the local parallel port is needed.
C. Local to the TAPI server but available on the network to license other products.
D. Anywhere on the network where the server is a member of the same domain as the TAPI Server.
Answer: C

2. A field engineer is configuring the HOST TABLE for TAPI Service Provider 2.3.Which is the correct "Host Port" number for a direct connect configuration?
A. 3000
B. 4000
C. 5000
D. 8888
Answer: D

3. When installing Sybase for Symposium Agent 2.3, an output file can be generated for each SQL script executed. Where on the hard disk should the field engineer look to check the output file to ensure that all scripts are executed successfully?
A. C:\Nortel\Server\NNDBCfg
B. C:\Nortel\Server\ScriptCfg
C. C:\Nortel\Sybase\NNDBCfg
D. C:\Nortel\Sybase\ScriptCfg
Answer: A

4. A customer has requested that Symposium Agent 2.3 be installed on an existing server on site. On what server should the field engineer install Symposium Agent?
A. Symposium TAPI Server
B. Symposium Call Center Server
C. Symposium Express Call Center Server
D. Customers database application server
Answer: A

5. When selecting a server for Symposium Agent 2.3, what is the minimum processor speed of the server?
A. Pentium 4 1.2 GHz
B. Pentium III 1 GHz
C. Pentium II 400 MHz
D. Pentium 200 MHz with MMX
Answer: C

6. A customer is installing TAPI 2.3 in a Direct Connect Configuration. What is the minimum PBX release required to accomplish this installation?
A. 23.30
B. 24.00
C. 25.15
D. 25.30
Answer: A

7. A customer has decided that Symposium Call Center Server 4.0 and a Symposium TAPI Service Provider, that will utilize the MLSM service, is to be installed in their Call Center environment. Applying this environment to the TAPI Server 2.3, how many network cards need to be installed in the TAPI Server to support this network layout?
A. One network card with connectivity to the ELAN.
B. One network card with connectivity to the CLAN.
C. One 2 port Network card pointing to the Clan and ELAN.
D. Two network cards with connectivity to both the CLAN and ELAN.
Answer: B

8. After installing Symposium Agent, the field engineer finds that event and call logging information is not available. Which services was not set to start automatically after the server was installed?
A. All Sybase Services
B. Telephony Service and Nortel SAWatchdog Service
C. Telephony Service and Nortel SA Call Monitor Service
D. Nortel SA Call Monitor Service and Nortel SAWatchdog Service
Answer: D

9. When a field engineer is installing Symposium Agent 2.3 on a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 client, the field engineer must:
A. Be logged on to the PC as the user
B. Be logged on to the PC as the local administrator
C. Be logged on as the Symposium Agent administrator
D. Be logged on to the PC as the network administrator
Answer: B

10. A field engineer is installing Symposium Agent 2.3 on a Windows NT 4.0 server. Prior to the Symposium Agent installation, what system prerequisite must the field engineer verify?
A. VGA or SVGA Display is selected
B. Server is attached to the switch
C. Windows NT Option Pack 4.0 is installed
D. Network Administrator User ID and password is installed
Answer: C

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