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Nortel 920-113 Exam -

Free 920-113 Sample Questions:

1. The disk partition for multimedia files has been created and formatted according to the installation procedure. Which folder structure will be created on this disk partition?
A. \mmf
B. \mmf\peri
C. \mmf\mps
D. \mmf\vmm
Answer: B

2.Which software packages are part of a typical software installation on the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500? (Choose three.)
A. PERIrdb
B. PERIplic
C. PERIweb
D. PERIpstu
Answer: ABD

3. Once the XVISION software is installed on an Application Processor, what element requires configuration to work with the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 software?
A. Vision Services
C. XVISION Profiles
D. Vision Communications
Answer: D

4. What is the default target directory for software installations on the Media Processing Sever (MPS) 500?
A. \Nortel
B. \Programs\Nortel
C. \Program Files\Nortel
D. \Program Files\Nortel\PeriProducts
Answer: C

5. A technician wants to uninstall all the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 software from an Application Processor. Which action must the technician perform first?
A. Remove the user peri.
B. Uninstall the XVISION software.
C. Uninstall the PERIperl package.
D. Remove the Nortel patch bundles.
Answer: D

6. AMedia Processing Server (MPS) 500 Administrator wants access to the Nortel Networks online product documentation. Which package must be installed?
A. PERIntp package
B. PERIdoc package
C. PERImps package
D. PERImpsdoc package
Answer: B

7. After installing a license on a Media Processing Server (MPS) 500, which command is used to verify that the license is enabled?
A. plicd
B. plicmon -f
C. srp-status
D. check-license
Answer: B

8. A customer has a Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 and needs a PeriProducer license. Which command may be used to obtain the Ethernet address required to generate the license keycode?
A. hostid
B. plicknum
C. ipconfig /all
D. cat /etc/ethers.cfg
Answer: C

9. In which scenario is it necessary to use TAPPMan?
A. If the application configuration file needs to be created.
B. When the operator wants to set the kill timer to 60 seconds.
C. When the APPMan Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool is NOT accessible.
D. If the operator needs to view a graphical display of applications currently running.
Answer: C

10. A Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 is running low on Voice Data Memory (VDM). When the multimedia file is activated, what action would you perform with individual vocabulary items to ensure that these items are loaded into VDM?
A. Lock items.
B. Unlock items.
C. Normalize items.
D. Record items in Single Mode.
Answer: A

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