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Nortel 920-112 Exam -

Free 920-112 Sample Questions:

1. A 24-port Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 is being upgraded to a 48-port system. Which three configuration files will be changed? (Choose three.)
A. tms.cfg
B. plservrc
C. ccm.cfg
D. vpshosts
Answer: ABC

2. A technician is configuring a Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 and wants to allow an application to be notified if the host does NOT respond after 30 seconds. Which configuration will enable this requirement?
A. h1 p 1-24 er 30
B. h1 p 1-24 ertimer 30
C. h1 p 1-24 ertimeout 30
D. h1 p 1-24 ermaxtime 30
Answer: A

3. When a Media Processing System (MPS) 500 system is started, which file would you use to activate a multimedia file for recording?
A. vmm-cmr.cfg
B. vmm-mmf.cfg
C. vmm-rec.cfg
D. vmm-smp.cfg
Answer: B

4. A technician receives a replacement TMS assembly from the parts depot. The technician makes all the necessary connections to the Application Processor, but the TMS assembly will NOT boot. What action will boot the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500?
A. Edit the bootptab file with the new IP address of the TMS assembly.
B. Edit the hosts file with the new Ethernet address of the TMS assembly.
C. Edit the ethers file with the new Ethernet address of the TMS assembly.
D. Edit the bootptab file with the new Ethernet address of the TMS assembly.
Answer: D

5. Which service would you use to stop and start the Startup and Recovery Process (SRP)?
A. Nortel Networks Startup Service
B. Nortel Networks License Service
C. Nortel Networks Shutdown Service
D. Nortel Networks Remote Shell (RSH) Service
Answer: A

6. A technician needs to allow phone lines 1-24 to communicate to Host 1, and phone lines 25-48 to communicate to Host 2. Which command set will allow the technician to enable this configuration?
A. h1 p 1-24 host 1 and h1 p 25-48 host 2
B. h1 p 1-24 host 1 and h2 p 25-48 host 2
C. h1 p 1-24 session 1 and h1 p 25-48 session 2
D. h1 p 1-24 session 1 and h2 p 25-48 session 2
Answer: D

7. A technician configures the tms.cfg file for two spans on a Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 system.
Which configuration file needs to be modified to associate the Call Control Manager (CCM) with 48 phone lines?
A. vos.cfg
B. ase.cfg
C. gen.cfg
D. tms.cfg
Answer: A

8. Other than the Vshell, where else can the first character timer be set for a single line?
A. tms.cfg
B. vvm.cfg
C. MPSConfigurator
D. PeriProducer application
Answer: D

9. A technician sees the following output on an Application Processor monitor. VMM: Initiating deactivation of MMF [NUMDEMO] VMM: Successfully deactivated [NUMDEMO] Which command did the technician enter to show this output?
A. vmm deactivate numdemo
B. vmm mmfrecord numdemo
C. vmm mmfunload numdemo
D. vmm mmfdeactivte numdemo
Answer: C

10. Which path and file must contain entries for all of the Network interfaces on the MPS 500?
A. \hosts
B. \etc\hosts
C. \Winnt\System32\hosts.cfg
D. \Winnt\System32\drivers\hosts
Answer: D

11. A technician enters the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 Chassis ID switch by reading into the tms.cfg file. Which statement in this file is used?
Answer: A

12. Which software packages are part of a typical software installation on the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500? (Choose three.)
A. PERIrdb
B. PERIplic
C. PERIweb
D. PERIpstu
Answer: ABD

13. Once the XVISION software is installed on an Application Processor, what element requires configuration to work with the Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 software?
A. Vision Services
C. XVISION Profiles
D. Vision Communications
Answer: D

14. A Media Processing Server (MPS) 500 Administrator wants access to the Nortel Networks online product documentation. Which package must be installed?
A. PERIntp package
B. PERIdoc package
C. PERImps package
D. PERImpsdoc package
Answer: B

15. What is the default target directory for software installations on the Media Processing Sever (MPS) 500?
A. \Nortel
B. \Programs\Nortel
C. \Program Files\Nortel
D. \Program Files\Nortel\PeriProducts
Answer: C

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