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Symantec 850-001 Exam -

Free 850-001 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An enterprise is experiencing work-flow limitations with their suppliers. Which cloud deployment model should an IT professional set up to manage their Business-to-Business relationship in this situation?
A. a storage as a service model
B. a private model
C. a community model
D. a public model
Answer: C

Q: 2
The web infrastructure of an online retailer with branch offices across North America is unable to cope with heavy transaction loads due to increasing web traffic volumes. Management has decided to share its web infrastructure with a third-party provider and wants to keep its crucial web servers on-premises to prevent server downtime. The supporting web servers will be hosted off- premise.
Which cloud deployment model is suitable for this company?
A. public
B. private
C. hybrid
D. community
Answer: C

Q: 3
What is the correct order used by Symantec Messaging Gateway for scanning email messages?
A. message is scanned for spam > message is scanned for viruses > message is scanned for content violations and data loss
B. message is scanned for viruses > message is scanned for spam > message is scanned for content violations and data loss
C. message is scanned for viruses > message is scanned for content violations and data loss > message is scanned for spam
D. message is scanned for viruses > message is scanned for spam > message attachments are scanned for policy violations
Answer: A

Q: 4
A company has decided to move its email infrastructure to the cloud. The infrastructure includes a Windows Exchange server, a Symantec Messaging Gateway, and a PGP Universal server. Which external DNS MX record must be published for the cloud deployment?
A. MX record for the PGP Universal Server
B. MX for the Symantec Web Gateway
C. MX for the Windows Exchange Server
D. MX for the Symantec Messaging Gateway
Answer: D

Q: 5
When moving a company's email infrastructure to an IaaS cloud, which two Symantec Messaging Gateway security capabilities can be deployed? (Select two.)
A. management of SPAM
B. encryption of email attachments
C. detection of malware D.IPS blocking
D. port blocking
Answer: A,C

Q: 6
A company has decided to move its encrypted data to a new cloud service provider and end the relationship with its existing cloud service provider. What needs to be completed in order to ensure full deletion of the company's data?
A. electronically shred the data
B. format the hard drives
C. delete the partitions
D. reformat the hard drives
Answer: A

Q: 7
An enterprise is considering a proposal regarding the migration of its web servers and transaction databases to a public cloud. During the risk assessment analysis, the CTO of the company raised concerns about phishing and exploitation of software vulnerabilities. The CTO is concerned that an attacker can potentially gain access to company assets and eavesdrop on company activities and transactions. Which threat would be a concern to the CTO?
A. unknown risk profile
B. account or service hijacking
C. malicious insider
D. loss of governance
Answer: B

Q: 8
A large electric utility company is implementing a Smart Meter program for all of their customers. As part of this effort, the company is providing the consumers with a cloud application to manage their usage and costs. The company must protect its customers' access to the data and protect the company's Smart Meter investment. What can the company do to secure this environment?
A. prevent access from consumer cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices
B. require the consumer to accept an electronic confidentiality agreement before accessing the environment
C. require the consumer to use two-factor authentication to access the application
D. prevent access to the Meter, and reduce the information that the consumers can see
Answer: C

Q: 9
An enterprise is beginning to review the process of moving their regulated environment to a private cloud. As part of this effort, they are planning on using virtualization technology for flexibility and cost controls. They are concerned that if a hypervisor is compromised, their data could be at risk. Which action should the enterprise take in order to address VM Hopping?
A. implement a VM patch management system
B. pass all requests through a virtualized routing system
C. apply host intrusion protection for VMs
D. take snapshots often for recovery
Answer: C

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