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Avaya 7004.1 Exam -

Free 7004.1 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
For a situation where you use the CDP feature at a switch equipped with the MARS software package, which statement are correct? (Choose two)
A. Use steering codes tor CDP calls that are the same as the assignedNARS Access Cades.
B. Use steering codes tor CDP calls that aredistinct from thoseassigned NARS Access Cades.
C. You can integrate CDP numbers with the NARS Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP).
D. Youcannot shareRoute Lists,Digit Manipulation tables and Time-of-Day schedule withNARS.
Answer: B,C

Q: 2
A customer has a Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system at their site. You have been asked to add the Call Pickup feature to the ten IP telephones in the sales department. The customer wants to be sure active calls are not lost when the change are made.
Which Phones Configuration feature can be enabled allowed you to ensure changes to the telephones are not transmitted to the call server until the telephone is not busy?
A. Bulk change
B. Courtesy change
C. Group change
D. Template change
Answer: B

Q: 3
The Satellite Link Control feature ensures that the configuration of a call does not include more than one communications satellite trunk. Tandem trunk calls, when connected through more than one communication satellite trunk, are subject to transmission distortion due to propagation.
Which parameters are required to be equipped or configured for Satellite Link Control in the Communication Server 1000?
A. Network Signaling (NSIG) package must be equipped.
Route must be configured with ESN3 signaling.
Route must be designated as a satellite route.
B. Route must be configured with STD or ETN signaling.
Route must be designated as a satellite route.
C. Network Transfer (NXFR) package must be equipped.
Route must be configured with ESN2 or ESN3 signaling
Route must be designated as a satellite route.
D. Network Signaling (NSIG) package must be equipped.
Route must be configured with ESN3 or ESN5 signaling.
Route must be programmed with a Traveling Class of Service (TCOS)
Answer: A

Q: 4
When configuring Zone Based Dialing, what option would you select to create new zones for routing calls through a centralized Call Server?
A. Numbering Zones link
B. Bandwidth Zones link
C. Dialing Configuration Details link
D. Dialing Configuration Details for Flexible Dial Plan link
Answer: D

Q: 5
An existing customer upgraded to Communication Server 1000 RIs 7.5 but plans on staying on an H.323 network environment until their key systems in the network get upgraded to SIP. Their last 7.0 system is just now being put into service and you are configuring the H.323 Gateway Properties using Element Manager.
What is the correct entry for the Primary Gatekeeper IP address?
A. Privatedomain name field for the Gatekeeper
B. Signaling Server T-LAN IPthat runs the Gatekeeperapplication
C. Signaling ServerE-LAN IP that hosts the Primary Re-direct Server
D. Node IDassigned to the site where theCall Server is located
Answer: B

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