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Microsoft 70-660 Exam -

Free 70-660 Sample Questions:

1. You have a computer that runs Windows Server 2008. You notice that the LSASS process uses a majority of the CPU time. You generate a complete memory dump file on the computer. You need to view the kernel-mode and user-mode stacks of all threads in the LSASS process. Which WinDbg command should you use?
A. !locks
B. !process
C. !runaway
D. !vm
Answer: B

2. You create a new audio miniport driver. You need to test the driver by using the Driver Verifier tool. The tests must verify the following:
Memory overruns
Memory underruns
Memory that is accessed after it is freed
Which option of Driver Verifier should you use to test the driver?
A. I/O verification
B. Low resources simulation
C. Pool tracking
D. Special pool
Answer: D

3. You have an application that runs at a customer’s site. Sometimes, the application crashes because of heap corruption. You ask the customer to enable full page heap on the application process so that you can troubleshoot the heap corruption.
The customer sends you a user dump file. You need to identify if the full page heap was enabled when the user dump was created. Which WinDbg command should you use?
A. !gflag
B. !heap
C. !verifier
D. !vm
Answer: A

4. You are a debugging a device driver for a hardware device. From WinDbg, you run !pte 2652b8 and receive the following output:
VA 002652b8 PDE at 00000000C0600008 PTE at 00000000C0001328 contains 00000000006CB067 contains 800000000C20F067 pfn 6cb ---DA--UWEV pfn c20f ---D--UW-V
You need to identify physical address for the virtual address 002652b8. What is the physical address?
A. 0x06CB067
B. 0x06CB2B8
C. 0xC20F067
D. 0xC20F2B8
Answer: D

5. You have a file server that runs Windows Server 2003. Frequently, you receive the following error message in the event log, and then the file server stops responding.
Error: 2019:
The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool wsa empty. You need to identify which kernel driver is depleting all memory in the system nonpaged pool. Which tool should you use?
A. Gflags
B. Perfmon
C. Poolmon
D. Tlist
Answer: C

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