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Microsoft 70-301 Exam -

Free 70-301 Sample Questions:

1. You are responsible for the Program Management role on a project that recently started the Planning Phase. The solution will be created in two versioned releases. The project team made this decision to allow feedback from version 1 to influence the requirements for version 2. The Release Management role informs you that because of operational constraints, your team will only be permitted a single release to production. You need to evaluate how this change will affect the project. Which two issues or risks does this change introduce to the project? (Choose two.)
A: More time will be needed for requirements analysis.
B: Less time will be available for testing.
C: The release process will need to be automated.
D: The solution will come to market later.
Answer: A, D

2. You are responsible for the Program Management role on a project. The project is currently in the Planning Phase. The project goal is to develop a Web application. Scalability was rated as the most important architecture design goal. You need to identify the scalability design goal at the logical level. Which design goal should you identify?
A: Use Microsoft Windows NT Load Balancing Service (WLBS).
B: Ensure that the application can support 5,000 users.
C: Use a load-balancing solution.
D: Implement the load-balancing solution by using an in-house team.
Answer: C

3.You are responsible for the Program Management role on a project. The goal of the project is to implement a new e-mail solution. The logical design is currently in development. The Development team notifies you that its members do not understand all the different ways in which users will access their e-mail messages. The team members need more information before they can proceed. You need to ensure that the team can finish the logical design. What should you instruct the team to do?
A: Modify the scope document to more clearly state requirements.
B: Define usage scenarios.
C: Develop the physical design.
D: Perform a series of usability tests.
E: Define and document user profiles.
Answer: B

4. You are in the Development role on a project for your company. The goal of the project is to implement a data warehouse solution. The project is currently in the Planning Phase. The functional specification is submitted to the chief data architect for approval. She returns it for revision and includes the following comments: The proposed functionality conforms to the scope. The usage scenarios that are described are realistic and accurate. The design for the data warehouse and analysis tools seems technically feasible. The amount of disk space that is allocated for data storage in the design might be inadequate to manage future growth. You need to produce a solution specification that meets the chief data architects needs. What should you do?
A: Produce a revised conceptual design.
B: Produce a revised logical design.
C: Produce a revised physical design.
D: Produce a detailed development plan.
Answer: C

5. You are responsible for the Program Management role on a project. The project team identifies the following risk conditions: The solution requires new hardware drivers that might be late. The developers might not have experience in using the software that is selected. There might not be enough testers available. The Release Management role might leave the team. You need to identify the risk consequences that are most likely to occur as a result of these risk conditions. Which three risk consequences should you identify? (Choose three.)
A: Development might take longer than planned.
B: Versioned releases might not be possible.
C: Risks might occur, but contingency plans might not be invoked.
D: The deployment might be late.
E: The help desk might not be able to resolve user support requests.
F: A proof of concept might not be performed.
Answer: A, D, E

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