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Microsoft 70-226 Exam -

Free 70-226 Sample Questions:

Case Question - Contoso Ltd.
Contoso Ltd. provides commercial and non-commercial real estate buying, selling services to a densely populated region. It has more that 100,000 listing and employs approximately 3,000 agents in 120 offices.
The company’s Web site provides free and unrestricted access to a complete listing of all real estate properties except properties listed within the previous 24 hours. Those who pay a membership fee gain access to the most current listings. Brokers in the branch offices are responsible for adding new listings, but they often delay adding the new listings.
The company’s marketing department recently entered into a contract with another company to add mode details to the listing information and to expedite entry of the records. A new multimedia service is being introduced. It includes narration and allows users to navigate panoramic view of selected properties.
An Advertisement of the new features significantly increased the popularity of the Web site. The number of page views per day increased from 10,000 to 100,000. This activity is anticipated to continue to increase as more listings are enhanced.
Recently, an update to a mortgage calculator program on the Web server created a conflict with the database hosting the user table. The anonymous access to the Web site was unaffected. However, paid members could not access new listings. The failed service was not discovered for three days, causing embarrassment to the company.
Existing Environment
The company’s Internet Web site is hosted at an Internet Presence Provider (IPP) that has redundant 100-Mbps connections to the Internet. The Web site is located on a single network subnet and is contained on a two-node Cluster service cluster. Each server is running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition and has four processors. The cluster is in active/passive configuration and has fiber connectivity to RAID 5 storage. Each server is a domain controller and runs Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0 Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 is used for the membership database.
The company’s headquarters is connected to the Internet by a T1 line. A staging server at headquarters is used to update content to the production Web site. Membership updates are made directly on the Web site’s production server. Direct 56-kbps frame-relay lines connect all branch offices. The connections have a committed information rate of 32 Kbps.
Tax and title information is hosted on the company’s mainframe computer and is updated daily from external sources.
Business Requirements
The company has established an aggressive schedule to enhance the Web site’s content and to add features. The following features must be added:
Web site
• Using a method similar to a that of shopping cart, members must be able to accumulate portfolios for properties and use online tools to explorer and analyze the properties.
• Popular listings will include multimedia files. After users specify a connection speed, all subsequent content during that sessions will be delivered at the specified bandwidth.
• Information that highlights regional attractions and services must be available to all users.
• Tax and title information must be available to members.
Content management
• New listings must be processed on the same day they are received.
• Content and configuration update procedures must be established, and extensive monitoring must be enforced.
• The Web site must include methods for secure payments.
• Office employees and the mobile sales force must have secure Internet access to information.
• Security, availability, and membership privacy must have the highest priority.
• Buyers of homes must have secure access to their loan and purchase documents.
Technical Requirements
The company has established the following technical requirements:
Web sites
• All servers must run Windows 2000.
• No single point of failure will be tolerated. However, short delays due to cluster transitions are acceptable.
• Membership records need to maintain a change history. The membership database must be updated in real time. Changes to customer portfolios need to be maintained even if a Web server fails.
• All external confidential communication must be encrypted.
• Employee services must be hosted on intranet Web servers.
• Buyer, tax, and title documents will be stored on the mainframe computer. The connection between the mainframe computer and the Web site must be redundant. All communications must be encrypted. The services supporting the connection must have certificate-based authentication and support immediate changes to the network.
• The headquarters must have redundant connections to the Internet.
• The only publicly available IP address will be the firewall.
• Microsoft Application Center 2000 will be used for health monitoring.
• The multimedia feature will use non-streaming Macromedia Shockwave files. The average size of each file is 2 MB. Currently only 5 percent of the listings have this feature.
• The design needs to accommodate the fact that 50 percent of the listings will use the multimedia feature. Fault tolerance is required.
• Components that support the multimedia and regional attractions features will perform read-only operations on the multimedia files.
Lab testing
• A lab was set up and preliminary testing indicated that more that eight NLB servers running at capacity will saturate a 100-Mbps Ethernet segment. NLB must not contain more that eight servers.
• Load testing of 5,000 users indicated that each connection will use an average of 1 Kbps, not including multimedia down loads.

1. You need to design a solution to host the membership records. Which element should you include in your design?
A. Install Active Directory domain controllers. Reconstruct the membership database in the Active Directory domain.
B. Install Active Directory domain controllers. Install a two-server NLB cluster that has SQL Server on each server. Relocate the existing SQL Server computer to the company intranet. Schedule nightly log shipping to each server.
C. Reconstruct the membership database on an LDAP server.
D. Install Active Directory domain controllers. Install a two-server service Cluster. Install SQL Server in an active/passive configuration to host the membership records.
Answer: D

2. You want to plan for deployment of the company’s frequently used Web pages. Which three elements should you include in your plan? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three).
A. Install the servers at the Internet Presence Provider’s (IPP) network
B. Set up and test round-robin DNS to forward to each server.
C. Set up six Cluster service clusters that have 2 servers in each subnet and a shared SCSI bus.
D. Set up two NLB clusters that have 6 servers in each subnet.
E. Set up one Cluster service cluster that has 4 servers and shared nothing storage.
F. Set up one NLB cluster that has 12 servers.
G. Install the servers at the company’s network.
H. Set up and test round-robin DNS to forward to each cluster.
Answer: ADH

3. You need to support the connection between the headquarters mainframe computer and the Web site. What should you do?
A. Use EAP-TLS as the Routing and Remote Access authentication method.
B. Configure Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) on the mainframe computer.
C. Use CHAP as the routing and Remote Access authentication method.
D. Use MS-CHAP as the Routing and Remote Access authentication method.
Answer: A

4. What is the minimum configuration necessary to support the storage requirements for the multimedia features?
A. Four 18-GB hard disks in a RAID 0 configuration
B. Four 18-GB hard disks in a RAID 0 plus 1 configuration
C. Six 18-GB hard disks in a RAID 0 configuration
D. Six 18-GB hard disks in a RAID 5 configuration
E. Seven 18-GB hard disks in a RAID 0 configuration
F. Seven 18-GB hard disk in a RAID 5 configuration
Answer: F

5. You need to construct an authentication strategy to need the access requirements. Create a diagram that uses the appropriate authentication types between entities. (Use only authentication types that apply.)
Member user
Non-member User
Web Server
SQL Server Computer
Server Administrator
Authentication Type:
Member user -> Basic/SSL
Non-member User -> Anonymous
Web Server -> Kerberos
SQL Server Computer -> Kerberos
Server Administrator -> Kerberos

6. Your Internet Presence Provider (IPP) has peak-bandwidth rate plans. You want to plan for a peak load of 5,000 concurrent users. You estimate a maximum of 100 multimedia views per minute. Which plan should you use?
A. 0-3 Mbps
B. 3-5 Mbps
C. 15-50 Mbps
D. 50-100 Mbps
E. 100-300 Mbps
Answer: C

7. You divide your Web servers into two NLB clusters. You want to use Application Center to add new members servers and deploy content changes from single staging Web server. How should you design name resolution?
A. Assign the public IP address to the stager Web site.
B. Assign the common virtual IP address to the stager Web site.
C. Assign the All Unassigned property to the IP address of the stager Web site.
D. Assign the Web cluster controller name to the stager Web site.
Answer: D

8. You need to design a method to collect the events and performance logs for long-term trend analysis from the NLB member servers. Which element should you include in your design?
A. Provide a persistent link between the Web server’ managed object and the CIM repository.
B. Back up the ACLog on all the cluster members.
C. Back up the ACLog only on the cluster controllers.
D. Configure all the WMI providers to write to a network share that has log shipping enable.
E. Back up the ACLog on the MMC console assigned to monitor the clusters.
Answer: B

9. You want the Web servers that support multimedia applications to have maximum performance. Which element or elements should you include in your solution? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Configure inbound traffic and intracluster traffic on different network adapters.
B. Configure components to run remote of the Web server.
C. Adjust greater load weight to the computers that have faster processors.
D. Configure anonymous access to COM components.
E. Configure components to run local to the Web server.
Answer: AB

10. You want to design an appropriate end-to-end encryption strategy for Contoso, Ltd. Create a diagram that shows the appropriate encryption type between end points. (Use all end points. Use only encryption types that apply.)
Internet Presence Provider (IPP)
Member User
Mobile Worker
Regional Office E-mail Client

Encryption Type:
Member User -> SSL -> Internet Presence Provider (IPP)
Mobile Worker -> PPTP -> Internet Presence Provider (IPP)
Internet Presence Provider (IPP) -> IPSec -> Headquarters
Regional Office E-mail Client -> S/MIME -> Headquarters

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