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Cisco 650-297 Exam -

Free 650-297 Sample Questions:

1.Which three methods can an engineer use to upgrade the software on the Cisco TeleP resence MCU? (Choose three )
A. Flash drive
B. USB stick
E. Web interface
F. Serial interface
G. RMA the unit
Answer: A,D, E

2.What happens if the local zone on a Cisco TelePresence VCS does not have a search rule?
A. Calls to externally registered devices will fail.
B. Calls from locally registered devices will fail.
C. Calls from externally registered devices will fail.
D. Calls to locally registered devices will fail.
Answer: D

3.How will FindMe help a user working from either home or the office?
A. Users can change their system names according to their current location.
B. Users can locate any individual in the company using the address book.
C. Anyone can contact the user by giving each endpoint the same configuration.
D. Anyone can contact the user using a single identity.
Answer: D

4.What is an option key?
A. A key that unlocks a feature such as Multi Site.
B. A key that is use to reset systems.
C. A button on a TCR5 remote control.
D. A key that is used to upgrade the latest software
Answer: A

5.What will happen if you make configuration changes to a VCS peer in a cluster that is not the master?
A. The peer will hold the changes but not synchronize the changes to the master.
B. The changes will propagate to other peers, including the master.
C. The peer will not allow the changes to be saved.
D. The master will overwrite the changes.
Answer: D

6.Which power soiree located in the rear of the Cisco TelePresence MSE 8000 do you connect the positive cables to?
B. Both RTN A and -VDC A
Answer: D

7.If provisioning replication fails for any reason, what should you do to determine the cause of the failure?
A. Run all diagnostic tests on the TMS Ahent Diagnostics page.
B. Capture Cisco TelePresence Movi logs and find the problem.
C. Re-install the Cisco TelePresence Movi client and try again.
D. Run a wireshark trace on the communication between the Cisco TelePresence Movi.
Answer: A

8.What does it mean when an endpoint is Multiway-enabled?
A. Endpoints can escalate calls to an MCU.
B. Endpoints can deliver three or more streams of video.
C. Endpoints can transfer calls from one endpoint to another.
D. Endpoints can make simultaneous SIP and H.323 calls.
Answer: A

9.In which two ways does a Cisco TelePresence Intero perability Protocol (TIP) endpoint connect to an H.323 or SIP endpoint? (Choose two.)
A. A TIP endpoint connects to an H.323 or SIP endpoint using the Cisco TelePresence Server.
B. A TIP endpoint connects only to SIP endpoints through Cisco TelePresence Se rver and only to H.323 endpoints through Cisco MXE.
C. A TIP endpoint connects only to H.323 endpoints through Cisco TelePresence Server and only to SIP endpoints through Cisco MXE.
D. To connect to an H.323 or SIP endpoint from a RIP endpoint, you need to use both Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco Media Experience Engine.
E. A TIP endpoint connects to an H.323 or SIP endpoint using the Cisco Media experience Engine and the VCS.
Answer: AE

10.What should the port numbers be when setting up two separate f irewall traversal clients on one Cisco TelePresence VCS control?
A. the same for each client but different for each protocol
B. the same for both clients and both protocols
C. different for each client and each protocol
D. different for each client but the same for each protocol
Answer: C

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