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Cisco 650-180 Exam -

Free 650-180 Sample Questions:

1. In a traditional telephony environment, the station shelf will be replaced by which of the following in an IP telephony deployment?
A. a call control server
B. a TDM trunk shelf
C. the auto-attendant application
D. a Layer 2 switch
Answer: D

2. On a network where voice communication is mission-critical to business operation, which Cisco support service product targets customers with up to 48 users?
A. Cisco SMARTnet for SBCS
B. Cisco Technical Assistance Center
C. Cisco Smart Care Service
D. Cisco Smart Foundation Service
E. SMARTnet Partner Service
Answer: A

3. If a customer insists to use a traditional approach to a phone system, which of the following configuration works normally?
A. the SPA3000 telephone adapters with an FXO gateway
B. SPA9000 Service Model with PSTN Service only plus SPA400
C. SPA9000 Service Model with VoIP Only service
D. SPA9000 Service Model with simultaneous VoIP and PSTN services
Answer: B

4. A Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunk is typically the voice interconnect between any business and the outside world. Which of the following dial plan scenario may require PSTN trunks for outbound calls?
A. A subnet of the employees, the auto attendant or receptionist, and the voice-mail system have direct inward dial numbers, and the remaining employees do not have direct inward dial numbers.
B. All the employees, the auto attendant or receptionist, and the voice-mail system have direct inward dial numbers using analog trunks.
C. All the employees, the auto attendant or receptionist, and the voice-mail system have direct inward dial numbers using digital interfaces.
Answer: C

5. An integral part of the Cisco Unified Communications family of products, Cisco Unified CallConnector is integrated with Cisco Unified CallManager Express to delivers easy-to-use call control and presence features that can increase productivity and enhance communications. Which two of the following answers are benefits provided by Cisco Unified CallConnector to customer communication? (Choose two)
A. Screen Pops for incoming calls
B. status of coworkers before placing a call
C. click-to-dial access only for WebEx meetings
D. Connect feature in Communications Manager Express
Answer: A, B

6. Compared with standard voice-mail systems, what is the advantage of integrated messaging?
A. provides a toolbar to see the status of coworkers
B. provides text versions of your voice-mail messages
C. eliminates the need for a live operator to answer the phone
D. forwards voice-mail messages to your email at .wav files
Answer: D

7. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). Which three of the following are features of the SIP protocol? (Choose three)
A. assigns text-based device addresses
B. sends requests to network gateways
C. provides a secure communication path
D. sessions are initiated by end devices
Answer: A, B, D

8. In a keyswitch system, you can set up most of your phones to have a nearly identical configuration, in which:
A. All IP Phones in the system have a single unique extension number.
B. All IP Phones are able to answer any incoming PSTN call on any line.
C. PSTN calls are routed through a receptionist or automated attendant.
Answer: B

9. Refer to the following protocols, which three have something to do with a voice network? (Choose three)
Answer: A, B, D

10. Which one of the following feature is the most important one of the Cisco (Linksys) Small Business NSS platform to distinguish it from other NAS systems?
A. the OS resides on the chassis
B. the option for RAID 10
C. a disk-based encryption mechanism
D. one terabyte storage capacity per drive
Answer: A

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