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Cisco 650-175 Exam -

Free 650-175 Sample Questions:

1. Which three statements best describe the features of the ProtectLink Gateway product? (Choose three.)
A. provides encryption between a browser and a web server
B. provides web server content filtering is bundled in the SPS platform
C. provides content filtering for e-mail blocks 97% of SPAM
D. protects from spyware and phishing attacks
Answer: B, C, D

2. The Cisco Smart Foundation Service is entry-level technical support service that provides the support that small businesses need to help them maintain network reliability and minimize disruption to business. Which three features are discovered in a target customer for Cisco Smart Foundation services? (Choose three.)
A. 50 or fewer network devices
B. network is considered mission-critical
C. fewer than 250 network users
D. network is not mission-critical to business
Answer: A, C, D

3. The SMB Specialization is the first Cisco Partner Specialization that addresses high-level skills required to successfully design and deploy Cisco SMB (fewer than 250 employees) solutions. In which areas will SMBs require better products than found in retail stores?
A. wireless, intranet, and wide-area networking
B. voice, intranet, and security
C. security, voice, and wide-area networking
D. wireless, security, and voice
Answer: D

4. Which of the following items is most suitable for customers with up to 48 users on a network where voice communication is essential to business operation?
A. Cisco Smart Care Service
B. SMARTnet Partner Service
C. Cisco Smart Foundation Service
D. Cisco SMARTnet for SBCS
Answer: D

5. Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches deliver best-in-class networking that is designed to meet the needs of growing businesses with up to 250 employees. Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switch is applicable to which campus LAN area?
A. core area
B. distribution area
C. access area
Answer: C

6. At the mention of increased productivity, minimized legal risks, and improvements in "green" operation, Cisco solutions in which technology area will come into your head?
A. routing and switching
B. security
C. eCommerce
D. web collaboration
Answer: B

7. Cisco Configuration Assistant simplifies the task of configuring, deploying, and administering the Cisco Smart Business Communications system. Cisco Configuration Assistant performs which two functions? (Choose two.)
A. wireless connectivity
B. call forwarding
C. device discovery
D. call routing configuration
Answer: C, D

8. Cisco Smart Care Service provides comprehensive network care and improvement for small and medium-sized businesses. Which of the following options is correct about the features provided by Cisco Smart Care Service?
A. fee-based add-on support and tech-to-tech assistance for Cisco products
B. bundled, unlimited support with the purchase of any Cisco product
C. bundled technical support and maintenance for Cisco networks
D. technical support, maintenance, and monitoring to Cisco networks
Answer: D

9. Assume that you are a Cisco technician, what resource will you recommend to a new Cisco partner for different kinds of tools?
A. Steps to Success
B. Channel Incentive program
C. Partner Central
D. Unified Communications for SMB
Answer: C

10. Which two indicators should be taken into consideration by a customer when installing a Wireless LAN Controller? (Choose two.)
A. want to provide employee wireless access
B. need between two and three access points
C. need more than four access points
D. want to provide guest wireless access
Answer: C, D

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