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Cisco 650-082 Exam -

Free 650-082 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which of these is characteristic of the GTPP group configuration?
A. The GTPP group configuration submenu allows you to specify a set of behavior parameters for the CDR collection and transmission activities.
B. When configuring communication to a CGF, up to eight servers can be configured in the GTPP group
C. Only five groups can be created in addition to the default group
D. GTPP Groups are not configured in a context
Answer: A

Q: 2
How many operator policies are supported?
A. As many as 500
B. As many as 1000
C. As many as 2000
D. As many as 1500
Answer: B

Q: 3
Which statement about message routing and addressing methods is true?
A. There are three ways to address a message
B. The SGSN does not know the subscriber IMSI
C. Message can be addressed in two ways: by IMSI and by GTT
D. All configuration areas are required, especially if the routing is based purely on DPC+SSN
Answer: C

Q: 4
What is the service application called in the 2G environment?
A. SGSN application
B. SGSN service
C. GPRS application
D. GPRS service
Answer: B

Q: 5
Which statement about Cisco SGSN is true?
A. Cisco SGSN adheres to defined 3GPP standards for mobility management, packet data, and accounting
B. Cisco SGSN can support 2G or 4G Cisco SGSN instance on a single Cisco ASR 5000 system
C. Cisco SGSN support 2G or 4G Cisco SGSN instance on a single Cisco ASR 5000 system
D. Cisco SGSN support single Cisco SGSN instance on multiple Cisco ASR 5000 requests
Answer: A

Q: 6
Which two capabilities are the parts of MME solution? (Choose two)
A. Content filtering
B. 1:n redundancy
C. Intelligent paging
D. Extensive QoS functionality
E. Rich VPN features
Answer: B. C

Q: 7
Which of the following is one of the three nodes of Cisco ASR 5000 services that comprise the evolved packet core?
A. Cisco PDSN
C. Cisco MME
D. Cisco GGSN
Answer: C

Q: 8
What card is used in the Cisco ASR 5000 model for system management functions?
D. Line card
Answer: A

Q: 9
What is the unique differentiator that sets Cisco SGSN apart from competitors?
A. combines 2G, 3G and 4G SGSN into the same platform
B. seamless interoperability with GGSN
C. P2P detection and control
D. cost-effective evolution to 2G
Answer: A

Q: 10
How do you configure the system to store CDRs on the local GTPP storage Server?
A. Execute the gtpp storage-server mode command
B. Execute the storage-server mode local command
C. Execute the storage-server mode local file command
D. Execute the storage-server mode local command
Answer: A

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