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Cisco 646-985 Exam -

Free 646-985 Sample Questions:

1. Which product can deploy virtual SSL security contexts logically across the data center network from a single physical device?
A. Cisco Nexus 7000 Module
B. Cisco Storage Services Module
C. Cisco Application Control Engine Module
D. Cisco Firewall Services Module
Answer: C

2. What two things can a business implement to achieve better utilization of IT resources? (Choose two.)
A. distributed management
B. role-based access control
C. embedded network intelligence
D. consolidation of data center resources
E. business continuity with mirrored primary and secondary sites
Answer: CD

3. Which explanation best describes the difference between a data center sales cycle and a traditional network sales cycle?
A. A data center sales cycle begins much earlier in a project.
B. A data center account manager requires more technical skills than commercial skills.
C. A data center sales professional should use the customer's network team to advise him when best to get involved in the sales cycle.
D. A data center sales professional should wait until the design phase is complete before determining which Cisco solution best fits the requirements.
Answer: A

4. What are blade switches?
A. end-of-row switches
B. top-of-rack switches
C. modules that fit into MDS switches
D. modules that fit into blade server chassis
Answer: D

5. How does the Cisco ACE XML gateway improve server performance?
A. by blocking XML traffic to the server
B. by offloading XML functions from the server
C. by providing SSL security for XML transfers
D. by translating XML messages to HTML messages
Answer: B

6. Which feature is a feature of Cisco WAAS?
A. firewall security
B. TCP optimization
C. Ethernet optimization
D. server load balancing
Answer: B

7. What is the function of Cisco Data Mobility Manager?
A. array-based data migration
B. fabric-based data migration
C. server-based data migration
D. appliance-based data migration
Answer: B

8. What are two benefits of unified fabric? (Choose two.)
A. reduced cabling
B. increased latency
C. reduced throughput
D. reduction of server adapters required for I/O
E. reduced I/O bandwidth, which allows Fibre Channel over Ethernet to work
Answer: AD

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