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Cisco 646-976 Exam -

Free 646-976 Sample Questions:

1.A software engineering firm wants to streamline call center operations to reduce customer wait times and improve employee productivity. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need?
A.optical network
B.IP telephony
Answer: B

2.Which type of deployment utilizes ISRs with Cisco IOS Security feature sets to provide an ideal, low­cost, yet capable and powerful platform?
A.Small deployments
B.Large deployments
C.Medium deployments
D.Commercial deployments
E.Financial deployments
Answer: A

3.What does a router do?
A.stores data on the network and connects the local­area network (LAN) to the wide­area network (WAN)
B.routes traffic down alternative paths and connects the local­area network (LAN) to the wide­area network (WAN)
C.broadcasts data to all devices that are connected to it across the local­area network (LAN) and wide­area network (WAN)
D.reads Media Access Control (MAC) addresses to forward messages to the correct location and connects the local­area network (LAN) to the wide­area network (WAN)
Answer: B

4.What is the key element in SMB solutions?
A.They provide the lowest possible cost.
B.They reduce the cost and complexity associated with multiple services in a single device. C.They reduce complexity by eliminating features.
D.Consumer­level products are suitable for SMB needs.
Answer: B

5.Which tool provides a complete guide that makes it easier for partners, regardless of their experience level, to sell Cisco Unified Communications solutions to their customers?
A.Solution Expert
B.Quote Builder
C.Sales Accelerator
D.Competitive Edge
E.Cisco Discovery
Answer: C

6.What is a benefit of Internet protocol (IP) telephony?
A.synchronizes password exchanges for call setup
B.eliminates the need for physical cabling in a TCP/IP network
C.enables two­way voice transmission over a packet­switched TCP/IP network
D.creates an encrypted tunnel for voice through a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/IP network
Answer: C

7.What distinguishes IP telephony from standard analog telephony?
A.IP telephony uses IP addressing to provide a single dedicated path through a circuit­switched network.
B.IP telephony uses IP addressing to enable two­way voice transmission over a packet­switched TCP/IP network.
C.IP telephony uses TCP/IP to ensure that voice packets are given priority throughout the network so that conversations arrive intact.
D.IP telephony uses IP addressing to establish a single dedicated path through a packet­switched network.
Answer: B

8.You are a Cisco engineer of As far as you know, which two of the following you will benefit from unified fabric? (Choose two.)
A.reduced I/O bandwidth
B.reduced throughput
C.reduction of server adapters required for I/O
D.reduced cabling
Answer: C, D

9.You work as the network administrator at Which of the following is correct if using the Cisco VFrame DC as a data center provisioning device?
A.Cisco VFrame DC can work only with the Nexus 7000 Series Switches.
B.Cisco VFrame DC can provision only network resources.
C.Cisco VFrame DC can work with VMware.
D.Cisco VFrame DC can work with the Catalyst 6500 Series Switches and the Nexus 7000 Series
Switches but not with MDS.
Answer: C

10.You work as a Cisco engineer at With your judgement, in the highly competitive networking switch market, which of the following can Cisco make that the competition cannot?
A.10 Gigabit Ethernet is available on all switches and line cards, and blade switches for both data networks and storage networks..
B.Cisco has blade server switches for both data networking and storage networking requirements.
C.Cisco has a commitment to using Ethernet as the backbone connection system for the data center.
D.Cisco supports modular switches and top­of­rack switches for both Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and blade switches for both data networks and storage networks.
Answer: D

11.You work as a Cisco engineer at Based on a Cisco MDS switch, the company has a plan to implement the Cisco Data Migration Manager in the Cisco Storage Services Module. Which of the following statements would be a financial consideration?
A.The Data Migration Manager will migrate applications from one server to another without interrupting
the application's service delivery, maintaining service delivery to the user and minimizing the impact of revenue generation.
B.The Data Migration Manager migrates data to a virtual disk that does not consume physical disk
capacity, thus creating a cost­free duplicate of the main production data.
C.The Data Migration Manager facility means that backup software and licenses are not required anymore, creating ongoing capital and operational savings.
D.Software development teams can gain access to current production data, for software change testing, without impacting the front­line business of the company, while maintaining the company's revenue stream.
Answer: D

12.You work as a Cisco engineer at With your experience, which of the following description is the most closely one corresponding to a data center manager?
A.Data center manager is an alternative title for the chief technology officer and the person is responsible
for all technology decision making in the data center.
B.Data center manager is a nonexecutive role and title that is found in all data centers and that tends to
be administrative rather than technical.
C.The data center manager has technology decision­making authority within the data center, but the network team makes technology decisions after the connection leaves the immediate data center environment.
D.A specific, named role of data center manager might not exist, but the function and technical decision­making role almost certainly does.
Answer: D

13.The employees of an organization meet regularly in conference rooms for project updates and presentations. What need of this organization can be met by a wireless solution?
A.ensuring secure presentations
B.augmenting an existing network
C.providing a temporary network need
D.having freedom of movement within a network range
Answer: D

14.You work as the network administrator at You plan to appply Cisco WAAS solution to accelerate remote office operations. but the CFO of the company hesitates because of the financial benefits too hard to quantify. Then which statement will be the best response to the CFO of the economic benefits?
A.Explain that the company will have to continue to pay more and more for expensive bandwidth as interactions with remote offices increase in frequency and richness of content. A Cisco WAAS solution purchase can defer this expenditure as well as improve remote office productivity.
B.make the CFO believe that the Cisco WAAS solution is the lowes cost than any competitive offering.
C.Tell him that the extended payment scheme for the Cisco WAAS solution is tied to predefined productivity gains at the remote office being achieved within a 12­month period.
D.Ensure the CFO that the Cisco WAAS solution is software that is implemented on servers at both ends of the remote link, and therefore, the only ongoing cost for expansion is additional licenses.
Answer: A

15.You are the senior desktop administrator for A potential customer is hunting to upgrade the company's existing Cisco SAN environment. Which of the following statements might
be an indicator that Cisco storage networking solutions can have a critical selling point?
A.None unique selling point is listed out in above statements.
B.The customer has remote offices that currently utilize network attached storage, which the customer wants to back up to the main data center.
C.The customer is considering acquisition of a company that uses Brocade switches in its SAN.
D.The customer is considering moving away from EMC and toward HDS as the company's primary storage supplier.
Answer: C

16.You are a Cisco engineer of As much as you know, which of the following is a competitive statement to describe Cisco?
A.Cisco is developing an extended specification for Ethernet, which will be unique to Cisco and will act as a backbone connection system, end to end, across the data center, supporting such protocols as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).
B.Cisco can virtualize storage, network, and server resources and provision them to applications.
C.Cisco can orchestrate and provision virtual servers, virtual storage, and virtual network resources across the data center from a single control point.
D.Cisco can combine the virtualization of switches and network resources using service modules in the Catalyst 6500 that support virtual device contexts with the virtualization of storage using the SSM's built­in virtualization feature in the MDS, and then provision these resources to applications using VFrame.
Answer: C

17.You work as a Cisco engineer in the data center of A potential customer casts doubt on this statement:"The data center lacks of agility will affect the ability of the business to react promptly to changing market conditions. In this case, what would be a first­step to response?
A.buildspare application silos that can be implemented quicky to meet changing business requirements
B.propose a network­embedded application optimization solution so that business applications can react quickly to changing requirements without needing to change the main application on the server
C.consider a virtualization solution that will help reduce the number of physical switches, firewalls, and security appliances
D.segment the network into a set of physical LAN and SAN islands that can be brought on line quickly when business conditions change
Answer: C

18.You are the senior desktop administrator for One of your potential customers is planning to deploy blade servers for the first time but he is hesitating what the consequences will be for his I/O connectivity. Which of the following would be the most reasonable response?
A.Cisco blade server switches are external, rack­mountable devices that are designed to complement the form factor of blade server chassis from many major vendors. These include vendor­specific cable management systems for ease of connection from the switch to the blade servers.
B.Cisco has solutions for blade server IP switches and Fibre Channel switches that fit inside the blade server chassis for many major vendors. Fitting a Cisco switch into a blade server means that compatibility with Cisco's Catalyst and MDS high­level features can be guaranteed.
C.Cisco supports blade server I/O only when it leaves the blade server chassis. All blade server I/O is compatible with Cisco's Catalyst and Multilayer DataCenter Switch families of switches.
D.Cisco has solutions for blade server IP switches that fit inside the blade server chassis for many major vendors. Cisco does not have a blade server switch for Fibre Channel because all storage connections for blade servers should use only iSCSI.
Answer: B

19.A partnership between an architectural firm and an engineering consulting company requires a
network­to­network connection to boost productivity and prevent interception of proprietary information. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need?
A.IP telephony­area network (SAN)
C.Virtual Private Network (VPN)
D.content delivery networking (CDN)
Answer: C

20.You are the senior desktop administrator for A potential customer casts doubt
on the following conditions: The main data center is full. A new production system is coming on line this year. Five smaller data centers across the world are fragmented and uncoordinated. What would be a first­step to response?
A.move straight to a virtualization and provisioning strategy across all data centers
B.implement consolidation around the main data center using Cisco network embedded services as a means of reducing space, power, and heat in the main data center
C.bring forward an application optimization solution so that the new production system could be sent from blade servers rather than rack­mounted servers
D.create a new business continuity strategy to ensure that all the data centers are properly backed up
Answer: B

21.You are the senior desktop administrator for With your experience, which two
of corporate management roles would be decide the strategic requirements to meet acceptable compliance and regulation levels within the data center?
A.the chief executive officer and the chief technology officer
B.the chief information officer and the chief legal officer
C.the chief technology officer and the data center manager
D.the chief information officer and the data center manager
Answer: B

22.You are the senior desktop administrator for The manager of the company is concerning that embedding service modules in the network might create a single point of failure
in the company system. Then how can you make the manager clearly understand how Cisco network services can handle this situation? explaining that Cisco service modules are mounted in highly resilient director­class switches and can
be duplicated for seamless failover in the event of a problem promoting Cisco on­site service support, which means that an on­site spare is held for instant swap out accepting the point but demonstrating how the benefits far outweigh any potential problem pointing out that switches in networks already create the potential for a single point of failure, but that these are still widely used without being seen as a significant risk
Answer: A

23.You work as a Cisco data center sales professional at, and you are negotiating with with a technical manager, which of the following statements would be your best saying?
A.Cisco's networking expertise places it in a prime position to deliver virtual servers from within embedded network platforms running VMware.
B.Cisco's financial position is reflected in its stock market position and shareholder value.
C.Network­embedded devices can be logically divided to allow different security policies to be implemented to meet different requirements, while maintaining a single point of monitoring, management, and control.
D.Cisco's end­to­end strategy for the data center means that it can provide consultancy and support for servers, and provide storage as well as networks.
Answer: C

24.Which device is used in wireless networks to send transmissions to a target area?
A.optical fiber
B.access point
C.directional antenna
D.omni­directional antenna
Answer: C

25.You are the senior desktop administrator for With your judgement, which of following is the function of Cisco Data Mobility Manager?
A.array­based data migration
B.fabric­based data migration
C.appliance­based data migration
D.server­based data migration
Answer: B

26.Which two scenarios are opportunities for selling a Cisco VPN solution? (Choose two.) online music retailer with multiple downloading locations that wants to centralize access to large media files
B.a growing publishing firm that needs a secure way for remote content editors to connect through the
Internet to the company extranet
C.a large ISP that has been targeted by a denial of service attack that disables Internet access for several thousand customers
D.a mortgage­lending company that opens several branch offices that require secure access to underwriting information on the corporate extranet
Answer: B, D

27.You are a help desk trainee for A potential customer casts a challenge to you, "Networks are only plumbing­­I focus on the servers", which of the following would be the best response to the customer ?
A.OK. Let me know when you are ready to connect to the network, so so we will talk about it later.
B.The network isn't just pipes anymore; it is a platform for the delivery of application services like intelligent load balancing, protocol optimization, and virtualization.
C.Cisco is working with VMware and will shortly be rebadging virtual servers that will work seamlessly with Cisco's network solutions.
D.Servers will soon only be platforms embedded in the network, so we need to talk now about the future.
Answer: B

28.On what type of network does the Cisco Unified Communication system reside?
A.Independent voice, video, and data networks
B.Voice networks only
C.A single, joined voice, video, and data network
D.Data networks only E.Wireless networks only
Answer: C

29.You are the senior desktop administrator for As much as you know, which type
of Cisco switches supports InfiniBand?
A.Nexus 7000 Series
B.Multilayer DataCenter Switch(MDS)
D.Catalyst 6500 Series
Answer: C

30.Which three of the following are benefits of Cisco TAC? (Choose three.)
A.Direct or indirect access to the global Cisco TAC organization
B.The ability to access teams of experts
C.Onsite engineering support
D.Minimizes risks associated with network downtime
E.Upgrades from base Cisco IOS Software to advanced feature set Cisco IOS Software
F.Project management and planning support
Answer: A, B, D

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