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Cisco 646-967 Exam -

Free 646-967 Sample Questions:

1.Which service offerings are most likely to be pursued by commercial customers?
A.SAN siloing services management services
C.remote­control network management services to support operational and financial objectives
Answer: D

2.When would you use a Cisco SFS 7000 Series InfiniBand Server Switch combined with a Cisco
SFS 3000 Series Multifabric Server Switch to provide scalability in the data center?
A.consolidating distribution IP switches
B.improving virtualization of storage resources
C.terminating SSL connections and creating virtual IP servers
D.connecting HPC server environments into the IP network using Ethernet or Fibre Channel
Answer: D

3.Which IT domain defines the workgroups, processes, standards, and policies of the data center?
C.functional strategy
Answer: C

4.Which technology allows for high availability and a modular application platform?
Answer: D

5.The following configuration is requested by a customer: Cisco Catalyst 6506 Switches CSMs integrated discrete Cisco PIX Firewalls Which two arguments will best upsell to a Cisco Catalyst
6509 Switch with ACE and FWSM? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco PIX devices provide virtual firewall capability.
B.A Catalyst 6509 solution positions the customer for service automation with Cisco VFrame.
C.The ACE configuration process is more complex and richer than CSS configuration.
D.Rack space, power, and cooling reductions more than offset the increased hardware costs.
Answer: B, D

6.A customer carries backup tapes to the DR site for daily server updates. Which two questions would you ask to determine if SANTap would be a good addition? (Choose two.)
A.Does Cisco Local Director provide the redundancy for server failover?
B.Is a list of equipment and software you use for the in­house IT group available?
C.Is the DR site ready to take over from the data center with minimal delay if needed?
D.How many people are involved in maintaining the DR site, including data restoration?
E.Has frame relay already been implemented in the data center to provide automated server recovery?
Answer: B, D

7.Which two network infrastructure modules provide aid in communication between users and servers? (Choose two.)
C.PIX 510
D.ASA 5540
F.Catalyst 4948
Answer: A, B

8.Which industry group is attempting to set criteria for data classification?
A.Data Management Forum
B.Data Classification Working Group
C.Information Lifecycle Management Forum
D.Storage Networking Industry Association
Answer: A

9.Which two questions can be used to determine the time frame for deploying the initial data center upgrade? (Choose two.)
A.When are new application rollouts planned?
B.What is the budget for the data center upgrade?
C.Are there performance complaints from end users?
D.Where are the branch locations that would be affected by the data center upgrade?
Answer: A, C

10.Which statement is the key advantage of Cisco Catalyst blade switches?
A.They are the best switch choice for small to medium businesses.
B.They are available for a large number of third­party vendor server chassis.
C.They are a low­cost solution for switching a large number of servers.
D.They improve security and manageability by extending the infrastructure to the network edge.
Answer: D

11.A bank CIO wants to provide the RTO for business continuance. Which two Cisco products might be a part of your proposal? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco AVS
B.Cisco SSM
C.Cisco SFS 3000 Series
D.Cisco MDS 9500 Series
Answer: B, D

12.Which two products work together to reduce the network provisioning for new applications? (Choose two.)
Answer: B, D

13.Which four challenges will a customer face when looking to deploy application solutions? (Choose four.)
Answer: A, C, D, F

14.Which storage technology groups arrays of disks to increase throughput, reliability, or both?
D.Fibre Channel
Answer: A

15.What is the maximum forwarding capability of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch?
A.720 mpps
B.6500 mpps
C.230 Gbps
D.256 Gbps
Answer: A

16.What provides an end­to­end solution for data center technologies?
B.Global Site Selection
C.Server Load Balancing
D.Service­Oriented Data Center
Answer: D

17.Which Cisco solution is designed to assist in compliance, in­house expertise, network complexity, and growth?
A.NAM B.NetFlow C.Cisco PACE D.Cisco Beyond Answer: C
18.Which statement best describes the relationship between CapEx, OpEx, and TCO?
A.Small OpEx savings often yield large TCO savings.
B.Small CapEx savings often yield large TCO savings.
C.Large CapEx savings rarely yield large TCO savings.
D.Large OpEx savings rarely yield large TCO savings.
Answer: A

19.Which two expenditure areas will most likely be reduced with proper modular data center design? (Choose two.)
D.IT personnel
Answer: A, B

20.Typically, data centers are challenged by: cost application service level business responsiveness Which technology or service can best help a customer address these key issues?
A.Cisco SONA
C.Cisco VFrame continuity
Answer: A

21.Which action would most easily and quickly reduce the overall load on the power grid?
A.implementing data center consolidation
B.reducing from a 24x7 schedule
C.using power save settings on monitors and servers
D.moving applications from standalone to low­utilization servers
Answer: A

22.A particular data center consists of the following: routers nonmodular Cisco Catalyst switches Cisco PIX Firewalls Cisco CSS 11506 Content Services Switches Which two products will ease the introduction of a new application? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco MDS 9148 Multilayer Switch
B.Cisco Application Control Engine
C.Cisco Application Velocity System
D.Cisco Wide Area Application Engine
E.Cisco ASA 5505 Adaptive Security Appliance
Answer: B, C

23.Which method allows remote networks to be analyzed centrally?
C.Fluke testers
D.dial­in modems
Answer: B

24.Which three advantages will most likely result from the Cisco Data Center Network Architecture? (Choose three.)
A.simpler storage upgrades
B.reduced operational costs
C.decreased hardware­support efforts
D.improved platform for secure network deployment
E.greater choice in server and storage consolidation strategies
Answer: B, D, E

25.Which two services does Cisco provide to assist in business continuity? (Choose two.)
A.power backup testing failover testing
C.cooling airflow assessments
D.physical security strategy, deployment, and testing support replication and migration strategy, deployment, and testing support
Answer: B, E

26.What is the most likely benefit from selecting high­performance switches with proper bandwidth scaling?
A.lower the TCO
B.keep existing servers
C.eliminate the need for QoS on the switches
D.provide sufficient bandwidth for up to 10 years
Answer: A

27.A customer is concerned about application deployment disruption. What would be the impact
of an upgrade from CSS to ACE and ANM?
A.Network infrastructure overhead will be reduced.
B.Role­based application rules will be more complex to implement.
C.The ACE in the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series will cost more to power than an external CSS device.
D.Load balancing and firewall service provisioning for new applications will be cut by 66%.
Answer: D

28.An order entry system is being upgraded and centralized. Existing branch servers are being removed. Which three Cisco products will most likely be utilized? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco AVS
B.Cisco WAE
C.Cisco WAAS
D.Cisco ASA 5540
E.Cisco Catalyst 6500
Answer: A, B, C

29.Which solution would you recommend for IP address limitation?
A.Class A IP address
B.private VLANs and IPv6
C.unnumbered IP for VLANs
D.NAT and PAT with overlapping IP addresses
Answer: B

30.Which deployment is best suited to the Cisco Catalyst 4948 Switch?
A.high­bandwidth connectivity, such as 10­Gbps XENPAKs­of­rack connectivity with high­speed uplinks to core switches
C.a small number of servers requiring connections in close proximity to the servers
D.a large number of servers requiring connections in close proximity to the servers
Answer: B

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