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Cisco 646-653 Exam -

Free 646-653 Sample Questions:

1. Which licensing option should you suggest to a client that is concerned with secure file caching?
A. central license
B. transport license
C. enterprise license
D. copyright license
Answer: C

2. Which two statements about application security attacks are true? (Choose two.)
A. Firewalls don't fully protect against application-layer attacks. True security is L2-L7.
B. QoS can mitigate most application security attacks.
C. An IPS will protect against all application level attacks aimed at advanced applications. D. Application-specific attacks are rare and they never occur over the WAN.
E. Customized code and custom applications deployed over the WAN to partners and customers are particularly vulnerable.
Answer: A, E

3. How do you keep administrative traffic from traversing the WAN?
A. by deploying centrally-managed services
B. by deploying a firewall with managed services
C. by using an intrusion prevention system with centrally-managed services
D. by using an IVS
Answer: A

4. What are the two factors that contribute to diminishing application performance? (Choose two.)
A. bandwidth infrastructure costs
B. lack of storage infrastructure
C. physical network latency
D. transport network management
E. transport protocol management
Answer: C, E

5. Which three types of services are ones that WAAS deployment can offer to remote users? (Choose three.)
A. security
B. file
C. print
D. packet
E. wireless
F. call-control
Answer: B, C, F

6. What is the goal of the typical distributed infrastructure?
A. to increase bandwidth and latency
B. to reduce infrastructure cost and complexity
C. to consolidate as much as possible in the data center
D. to improve data protection techniques in the data center
Answer: C

7. Why is it necessary to prioritize traffic when a user tries to access physical resources over the WAN?
A. to ensure communications are secure
B. to ensure access to applications is provided
C. to ensure application service levels are reliable
D. to facilitate consolidation efforts
Answer: C

8. Which of these is a major concern for branch offices?
A. high latency
B. high bandwidth
C. low latency
D. low bandwidth
Answer: A

9. Which of these is effective at reducing the amount of network latency and number of delays caused by chatty protocols?
A. firewall solution
C. content filtering
D. intelligent proxies
Answer: D

10. What should be the first thing you remind your customers of when they mention a new rollout of Oracle, SAP, BEA, Siebel, or MS Exchange, or when they mention concerns about their portal performance?
A. MS Exchange is not supported by Cisco ANS.
B. Cisco ANS solutions address these key challenges.
C. Cisco is currently working to support Siebel.
D. SAP is not needed on a Cisco ANS solution.
Answer: B

11. Which three of these are Cisco WAAS components? (Choose three.)
A. application servers
B. WAE appliances
C. WAAS software
D. WAE server
E. WAAS interceptor
F. WAE engine
Answer: B, C, F

12. Cisco WAAS overcomes performance limitations caused by which three factors? (Choose three.)
A. WAN bandwidth
B. server consolidation
C. latency
D. packet loss
E. application acceleration
F. Fiber Channel switches
Answer: A, C, D

13. Which Cisco load balancer modular solution can provide Cisco WAAS deployment scalability?
B. Local Director
C. Distributed Director
D. Catalyst 6500 Series FWSM
Answer: A

14. Which Cisco WAAS hardware component resides at branches or remote sites?
C. core engine
D. File Edge Engine
Answer: B

15. How does Cisco WAAS preserve your IOS features and services?
A. by means of network transparency
B. by means of application proxies
C. by means of QoS
D. by means of NBAR
Answer: A

16. In what way, unique in its industry, does Cisco leverage the power of the network?
A. by deploying Cisco network management solutions for maximum investment protection
B. by enabling stateful firewall and intrusion prevention services solutions
C. by tunneling accelerated traffic through QoS
D. by enabling IOS technology such as QoS to integrate with Cisco WAAS
Answer: D

17. Which aspect of Data Center Application Services allows Cisco ANS to offer the broadest set of solutions for application delivery?
A. includes server load balancing, application security, and server offloading
B. focuses only on SAN technologies
C. uses only WAE appliances for application delivery and data redundancy
D. uses firewalls, fiber channel switches, and network management solutions
Answer: A

18. Where does Cisco Central Manager run?
A. on Cisco WAE appliances
B. on a Solaris server
C. on a Windows server
D. on a router
Answer: A

19. What does Cisco WAAS rely upon to get traffic to the WAE for optimization?
B. QoS
C. network interception
D. server interception
Answer: C

20. Which three network technologies complement a Cisco WAAS deployment? (Choose three.)
D. QoS
Answer: A, D, E

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