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Cisco 646-588 Exam -

Free 646-588 Sample Questions:

1. Which two access points would be appropriate for challenging RF environments? (Choose two.)
A:Cisco 1020 Series
B:Cisco 1100 Series
C:Cisco 1130AG Series
D:Cisco 1230AG Series
E:Cisco 1240AG Series
Answer: D, E

2. Which security protocol is both an inherently flawed, one-way, device-centric form of authentication and a 40-bit encryption key?
A: Secure Socket Layer
B: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer
C: Secure Shell Protocol
D: Wired Equivalent Privacy
Answer: D

3. What is an accurate description of a Cisco Wireless Control System?
A: provides an enterprise-ready, standards-based, WLAN security solution that gives network administrators confidence that their data will remain private and secure
B: handles real-time 802.11 radio functions within a Cisco centralized wireless LAN system, including radio transmit and receive, client probe requests, and air monitoring
C: provides a powerful foundation upon which IT managers can design, control, and monitor Cisco wireless networks from a centralized location, simplifying operations and reducing TCO
D: communicates with Cisco 1000 Series lightweight access points over any Layer 2 (Ethernet) or Layer 3 (IP) infrastructure using LWAPP
Answer: C

4. Which technology is a centralized, systems-level application for managing and controlling an entire Cisco WLAN infrastructure?
A: CiscoWorks WLSE
B: Wireless Domain Services
C: Cisco Secure Access Control Server
D: Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System
Answer: A

5. What is the best response to an IT director at a retail operation who is concerned about keeping track of high-value inventory?
A: The Cisco wireless location appliance is an end-to-end solution that can help manage store inventory.
B: WCS offers rogue access point detection that is displayed in visual floor maps.
C: The 802.1x security standards will help retail outfits comply with industry regulations.
D: Wireless connectivity can help bridge any gaps in the supply chain, from planning activities through sales associates at stores.
Answer: A

6. When building an IT case for a given customer, you must address security in addition to which three other customer needs? (Choose three.)
A:cost-effective network
B:easy installation
D:increased productivity
Answer: B, C, E

7. WLAN solutions extend wired networks for in-building and on-campus mobile workers. This enhanced network access directly enables a company to increase which three areas? (Choose three.)

A:billing accuracy
B:group collaboration
D:responsiveness to customers
E:shareholder trust
Answer: B, C, D

8. Which two vertical segments actively use the adoption of 802.11 technology as a competitive differentiator? (Choose two.)
A:Education uses the adoption of 802.11 technology to attract more students. Wireless networking creates a competitive advantage over schools and colleges that cannot provide access anytime, anywhere.
B:Government uses the adoption of 802.11 technology to attract more residents to individual localities. Wireless networking creates a competitive advantage over municipalities that cannot provide access anytime, anywhere.
C:Healthcare uses the adoption of 802.11 technology to attract more patients. Wireless networking creates a competitive advantage over hospitals that cannot provide ready access to patient data.
D:Hospitality uses the adoption of 802.11 technology to attract more guests. A wireless network attracts tradeshow exhibitors and conference coordinators, and it increases customer loyalty for hospitality and hotel establishments.
E:Retail uses the adoption of 802.11 technology to attract more customers. Wireless networking creates a competitive advantage over stores that cannot provide accuracy of inventory and pricing.
Answer: A, D

9. In the United States, what has ultimate jurisdiction over radio frequency regulations?
A: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
B: Wi-Fi Alliance
C: Federal Communications Commission
D: Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
E: World Wide Web Consortium
Answer: C

10. The CIO of a digital public-advertising provider wants to deploy a wireless solution at the corporate headquarters. The wireless solution is for the floor where the company holds press conferences and multimedia corporate meetings. The CIO wants a virtual office for corporate guests that enhances the entertainment experience without creating security issues. Which response assures the CIO that unauthorized wireless access points will not be on the network?
A: Cisco is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance. By enabling Wired Equivalent Privacy keys in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network to encrypt the payload of packets sent, it is almost impossible for hackers to get into the network. If someone gains unauthorized access, the reporting features in the access point will notify IT managers when access points or devices fail authentication.
B: A Cisco Unified Wireless Network has integrated security. Radio management features continuously monitor the radio environment, detect interference and rogue access points, and alert the WLAN administrator to radio network changes. The Cisco location server can map the location of thousands of Wi-Fi clients for IT management and high-value asset tracking. It enforces security policies by identifying and locating rogue access points and devices.
C: Building a Self-Defending Network is key for a wireless solution. Only with the Cisco Network Admission Control Framework can organizations analyze and control all devices on the network. It ensures that every endpoint device complies with corporate security policy and is running the latest and most relevant security protections.
D: Issues with network security always exist. Because IEEE 802.11i standards call for a one-way, device-centric form of authentication, it is inherently flawed. To ensure network security, use powerful, world-class network management features with a Cisco Unified Wireless Network. There is better visibility and control of the air space, as well as the ability to consolidate functionality into a single management system.
Answer: B

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