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Cisco 646-573 Exam -

Free 646-573 Sample Questions:

1. What describes the Business Requirements Development service component in the prepare phase?
A. the creation of a model network that replicates the proposed security solution
B. a process by which the partner can determine if the security solution that is being proposed matches the customer's security requirements
C. the creation of a topology map for the solution and the identification of products and services that will be required to implement the solution
D. meetings with different customer stakeholders to gather the customer's requirements for the security solution
E. a process that identifies the customer's security reporting requirements
Answer: D

2. What is an objective of the Account Planning service component in the prepare phase?
A. Review the Customer's Security Policy Documents
B. Complete a Competitive Analysis
C. Review the Customer's Network Topology Maps
D. Define the Customer's Security Pain Points
E. Create a Successful Demonstration of the Proposed Security Solution
Answer: B

3. Which service component in the prepare phase consists of creating a topology map for the solution and identifying all of the products and services that will be required to implement the security solution?
A. System Acceptance Test Development
B. Account Qualification
C. High Level Design Development
D. Detailed Design Development
E. Security Readiness Assessment
F. Site Readiness Assessment
Answer: C

4. What is the purpose of the Technology Strategy Development service component in the prepare phase?
A. Create a model network that will allow the customer to see how the proposed security technology solution will work.
B. Include a statement of work that defines the scope of work to be completed for the proposed security solution
C. Create a breakdown of project task and responsibilities.
D. Help identify and document the customer's current network architecture and security policies and create a gap analysis.
E. Create a network diagram that contains network topology and location of each management console.
Answer: D

5. Which two key tasks are conducted in the Security Readiness Assessment service component in the plan phase? (Choose two.)
A. Determine Security Specification for Security Solution
B. Identify Network Security Requirements for VMS Servers
C. Analyze Gaps Between Current Infrastructure and Requirements for Security Solution
D. Determine Security Solution Feature and Function
E. Assess Technical Infrastructure for the Security Solution
Answer: C, E

6. What will the Security Assessment service component in the optimize phase help to do?
A. Document New Logical-Level Functionality Requirements for CSA, IPS, or MARS
B. Document New High Level Training Requirements
C. Ensure Specified CSA Network Connectivity Requirements Are Met
D. Identify Changes That Should Be Made to Security Policies, Procedures, or Software/Hardware Products
E. Gain Customer Agreement for Detailed Security Design Requirements
Answer: D

7. Which service component in the design phase is conducted after the System Acceptance Test Plan?
A. Staging Plan
B. Detailed Design Development: Operations Design
C. Detailed Design Development: Physical Design Workshop
D. Detailed Design Customer Signoff
E. Package and Price Design
Answer: E

8. During a CSA implementation, which activity would typically immediately follow core CSA product installation?
A. Verify Policies
B. Implement Policies
C. Configure Core Products
D. Tune Signature Files
E. Create and Enable Rules
Answer: C

9. Which service component is in the plan phase?
A. Project Milestones
B. Operations Planning
C. Physical Design Workshop
D. Security Readiness Assessment
Answer: D

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