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Cisco 646-562 Exam -

Free 646-562 Sample Questions:

1. You are meeting with an enterprise customer that has a multivendor network. Which Cisco Security product should you position with this customer?
A. CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution Basic
B. Cisco Security MARS
C. Cisco Router and Security Device Manager
D. Cisco PIX Device Manager
Answer: B

2. Which security management offering helps customers to readily and accurately identify, manage, and mitigate network attacks and to maintain network security compliance?
A. Cisco Security Manager
B. Cisco Network Assistant
C. Cisco NAC
D. Cisco Security MARS
E. Cisco Security Agent
F. Cisco Trust Agent
Answer: D

3. In terms of the network life-cycle, what should you consider when evaluating the TCO of a security solution?
A. planning and design phases
B. implementation and operation phases
C. the entire network life-cycle
D. operation phase
E. planning phase
Answer: C

4. You are meeting with a customer who is concerned about ongoing network threats and vulnerabilities within the corporate network. How should you position the Cisco SDN with this customer?
A. The Cisco Self-Defending Network is the Cisco solution that protects the network of an organization. The SDN strategy offers security products that will defend your network before attacks occur. SDN products use industry-leading technologies, which will enable your company to stay up to date on network security.
B. Cisco NAC is a complete, end-to-end security solution that enables endpoints to be admitted to the network based on their adherence to security policy as enforced by network devices, such as routers and switches. NAC is a solution that will protect business processes and the network of your organization by identifying, preventing, and adapting to security threats.
C. Cisco SDN solutions are adaptive, allowing for innovative behavioral methods to be deployed in order to automatically recognize new types of threats as they arise. Mutual awareness can exist among and between security services and network intelligence, thus increasing security effectiveness and enabling a much more proactive response to new types of threats.
D. Most network threats and vulnerabilities arise from inefficient access control. Cisco VLAN solutions are a part of the Self-Defending Network strategy, and can segment users into different workgroups or virtual LANs based on whom they are, not where they are. In turn, VLAN solutions prohibit hackers from gaining network access, and will dramatically lessen the pains you are experiencing with network threats and vulnerabilities.
Answer: C

5. Which Cisco Security Solution helps organizations to effectively avoid disruptions that are caused by worms or viruses, while also helping to control the costs of deploying and maintaining a secure network?
A. CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution
B. Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System
C. Theft of Information Solution
D. Outbreak Prevention Solution
Answer: D

6. How does the Cisco Security Agent work in conjuction with third-party antivirus software?
A. Cisco Security Agent checks the status of third-party antivirus software and makes a decision about compliance.
B. Cisco Security Agent checks the status of third-party antivirus software and forwards it to the third-party antivirus policy server.
C. Cisco Security Agent checks the status of third-party antivirus software and forwards it to the policy server (ACS).
D. Cisco Security Agent enhances the security by sandboxing the applications and the system in addition to the antivirus protection offered by the antivirus software.
E. Cisco Security Agent makes the antivirus software superfluous.
Answer: D

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