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Cisco 646-411 Exam -

Free 646-411 Sample Questions:

1. What is the scalability limit of Cisco Information Center support?
A. 5000 IOS devices
B. 5 million events per day
C. 50,000 CatOS and IOS devices
D. no specific limit due to its distributed architecture
Answer: D

2. SNMP works at which OSI layer?
A. Data
B. Network
C. Transport
D. Application
E. Presentation
Answer: D

3. Which Resource Manager Essentials (RME) module allows the user to edit and download individual configuration files to devices through a GUI instead of the command line?
A. NetConfig
B. Config Editor
C. Change Audit Services
D. Software Image Manager
Answer: B

4. Given a small business with:
• less than 50 employees
• approximately 10 devices
• an IT team with a limited skill set
• a budget less than $4000 USD
Which product should be recommended?
A. CiscoWorks Windows
B. LAN Management Solution
C. Resource Manager Essentials
D. Small Network Management Solution
Answer: A

5. What are three functional components of VPN/Security Management Solution? (Choose three.)
A. centralized RBAC
B. robust scalable architecture
C. integrated infrastructure management
D. operational differentiation based on domain-siloed optimization
Answer: ABC

6. As IT organizations adopt strategic technologies such as Voice over IP, they must address challenges that involve utilitarian roles, including facilitating high reliability, minimizing transmission costs, and _____.
A. adopting new technologies
B. showing customer satisfaction
C. leveraging organizational resources
D. demonstrating IT return on investment
Answer: C

7. To reduce the cost of network hardware and software ownership, what do customers need a network management solution to provide?
A. a solution that is less than 20% of IT budget
B. integration with their manager of manager platform
C. a customized solution designed for their unique network needs
D. a reduction of the complexities associated with managing a network
Answer: D

8. What does proper execution of a network management process such as planning and design, deployment and implementation, and operations and monitoring require?
A. automation
B. CiscoWorks
C. senior IT staffing
D. continuous evaluation
Answer: D

9. What does the network management process for monitoring and diagnosing include? (Choose two.)
A. troubleshooting
B. resource reporting
C. identifying devices over a threshold
D. optimizing the network based on the baseline network data collected
Answer: AC

10. By automating routine tasks, reducing time to troubleshoot problems, and reducing human error, network management maximizes the availability of a network, and results in _____.
A. easier technology migration
B. increased network bandwidth
C. a scalable solution for growing networks
D. a tangible return on investment (ROI) to the business
Answer: D

11. There are many benefits of network management applications and tools.
They allow network administrators to track the status and health of the network, to minimize network downtime, and to _____.
A. reduce network issues
B. increase employee productivity
C. provide redundancy for failed devices
D. deliver a scalable solution for growing networks
Answer: B

12. Which two VPNs can VPN Solution Center provision? (Choose two.)
Answer: CD

13. What are two VPN Solution Center product benefits? (Choose two.)
A. automated VPN provisioning
B. reduction of operational costs
C. integration to CEMF element managers
D. MPLS, IPSec, and L2 VPN service provisioning
Answer: AB

14. Which four VPN topologies are supported by VPN Solution Center? (Choose four.)
A. hub
B. spoke
C. multicast
D. broadcast
E. fully meshed
F. partially meshed
Answer: ABEF

15. What does VPN Solution Center include? (Choose two.)
A. full FCAPS support
B. VPN fault management
C. IP address management
D. flow through provisioning
Answer: CD

16. What is the device limit for a single CNS Configuration Engine?
A. up to 50 devices
B. up to 500 devices
C. up to 5,000 devices
D. up to 50,000 devices
Answer: C

17. Which are two benefits of CNS Configuration Engine? (Choose two.)
A. CORBA integration
B. full FCAPS support
C. plug-and-play deployment
D. SNMP Northbound interface
E. template-based configuration
Answer: CE

18. Which three industry standards are utilized by CNS Configuration Engine? (Choose three.)
Answer: ABC

19. How does CNS Configuration Engine provision CPEs?
A. Cisco Configuration Express must add a basic SNMP configuration to the CPE before CNS Configuration Engine can establish communication.
B. The customer must add a basic IOS configuration to the CPE before it can receive its complete configuration from CNS Configuration Engine.
C. Cisco Configuration Express adds a bootstrap config to the CPE which downloads its complete configuration from CNS Configuration Engine.
D. A technician must pre-configure the CPE at the remote location before CNS Configuration engine can download the CPE's complete IOS configuration.
Answer: C

20. Which statement is true about Cisco Information Center functionality?
A. It provides FCAPS functionality.
B. It provides fault management only.
C. It provides FCAPS except accounting support.
D. It provides service provisioning for Cisco devices.
Answer: B

21. Which three functions are provided by Cisco Information Center? (Choose three.)
A. event correlation
B. event consolidation
C. performance statistics polling
D. de-duplication of fault messages
Answer: ABD

22. What are two benefits of Cisco Information Center? (Choose two.)
A. event filtering
B. event de-duplication
C. no need for customization (works out of the box)
D. event performance statistics polling from Cisco devices
Answer: AB

23. Which statement is true about Broadband Access Center?
A. It is a AAA server for Cisco Access devices.
B. It provides FCAPS management for cable CPEs.
C. It is a subscriber and CPE auto-provisioning system.
D. It performs fault and performance collection on Cisco devices.
Answer: C

24. What are two benefits of Broadband Access Center? (Choose two.)
A. subscriber self-registration
B. can integrate with OSS applications
C. fault event correlation for cable modems
D. provides account data to billing application
Answer: AB

25. What is the primary functionally of Cisco Network Registrar?
A. DNS/DHCP system
B. CNS device registration
C. subscriber self-registration
D. Cisco IOS device registration for network inventory
Answer: A

26. What are three benefits of Cisco Network Registrar? (Choose three.)
A. provides AAA services
B. provides DNS/DHCP services
C. provides reliable naming services
D. provides reliable addressing services
E. provides subscriber self-registration services
Answer: BCD

27. For what is Cisco Access Registrar used?
A. AAA server
B. DNS/DHCP server
C. IP address management server
D. subscriber self-registration server
Answer: A

28. What are two benefits of Cisco Access Registrar? (Choose two.)
A. provides AAA services
B. provides DNS/DHCP services
C. supports multiple access technologies
D. provides integration through CORBA API
Answer: AC

29. How has the International Standards Organization (ISO) defined the functional areas of network management?
Answer: D

30. CiscoWorks Resource Manager Essentials primarily address which FCAPS functional area?
A. Fault
B. Security
C. Accounting
D. Performance
E. Configuration
Answer: E

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