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Cisco 646-361 Exam -

Free 646-361 Sample Questions:

1.Which statement best describes the benefits of the CiscoWorks WLSE?
A: WLSE is an intelligent device that diverts system retrieval and processing of gathered wireless information.
B: WLSE provides the ability to maintain uninterrupted network and application connectivity for mobile users.
C: WLSE provides wired and wireless services in one integrated device.
D: WLSE is a centralized network management solution that manages the WLAN infrastructure.
Answer: D

2.You are meeting with a customer who is concerned about high availability. What are two ways that you should position the Cisco SDN with this customer? (Choose two.)
A:A Cisco Integrated Security Solution protects the business processes of an organization. Companies can take advantage of the network intelligence by improving business processes and cutting costs.
B:A Cisco Integrated Security Solution enables barriers that serve as both physical and virtual protection against possible threats. Security barriers include firewalls, authentication products, access control products, and tunneling and encryption techniques.
C:In contrast to point products, the Cisco SDN is a system of defense that leverages the ubiquitous sensing and control capabilities of the network. Each part communicates with the other to strengthen protection across the entire infrastructure.
D:A Cisco Integrated Security Solution uses the Cisco IIN to form a layered and integrated network of protection that enables the enforcement of security policies throughout the infrastructure.
Answer: A, B

3.How can mobile devices and wireless networks be secured?
A: by securely deploying new applications with appropriate performance levels
B: by extending a control point onto mobile devices
C: by looking subjectively at network traffic for abnormal flows of behavior
D: by requiring a host-based hardware application
Answer: B

4.To ensure device security, Cisco Network Admission Control works with antivirus software on which two endpoints? (Choose two.)
D:wireless client
Answer: B, C

5.When a business suffers a security breach, there can be serious ramifications. What is one of the immediate impacts that the business can suffer because of a security breach?
A: loss of retail sales
B: loss of customer faith
C: disruption of business operations
D: inability to deliver products or services
Answer: C

6.Which market segment uses the Cisco Metropolitan Mobile Network to maintain uninterrupted network and application connectivity for mobile users, independent of location or movement?
A: healthcare
B: retail
C: supply chain
D: banking
Answer: C

7.In a Cisco SDN, every element in the network acts as a point of defense. Which two best describe the features of Cisco SDN? (Choose two.)

A:enables automated threat response
B:enables noncompliant device access
C:enables endpoint posture enforcement
D:enables third-party client and server protocols
Answer: A, C

8.As businesses add applications to the network, a Cisco systems-level approach benefits these businesses in which two ways? (Choose two.)
A:provides expanded dedicated bandwidth across the infrastructure
B:limits policy adherence as warranted across the infrastructure
C:shares management tools and services across the infrastructure
D:incorporates security defense mechanisms across the infrastructure
Answer: A, B

9.Which wireless management product is a centralized network management solution for managing a maximum of 100 Cisco Aironet autonomous access points?
A: CiscoWorks WLSE Express
B: CiscoWorks WLSE
C: Cisco WCS
D: Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
Answer: A offers account managers which three resources? (Choose three.)
A:customer issue narratives
B:learning and events information
C:archiving resources
D:competitive portal
E:ordering information
F:products and solutions information
Answer: B, E, F

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