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Cisco 646-301 Exam -

Free 646-301 Sample Questions:

1.Which three statements are true about Network IDS (NIDS)? (Choose three.)
A:NIDS is generally not impacted on the host.
B:NIDS can protect all hosts on a monitored network.
C:NIDS are often better at preventing specific attacks than Host IDS.
D:NIDS can detect network probes and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
E:NIDS requires that client software be installed on all hosts in the network
Answer: A, B, C

2.A business has successfully included distributors in its intranet, and now wants to include suppliers and vendors.
For intranet security, you recommend that they rely on _____.
A: the service provider's Security Management
B: accurate and up-to-date access lists on all the edge routers
C: the security features in the applications the new users will be using
D: updating the security policy, using the Cisco SAFE guidelines for all elements
Answer: D

3.A customer is discussing the high cost of their leased lines as a rationale for not moving ahead with implementing a firewall solution.
This is a good time to discuss _____.
A: leasing options for the firewall
B: how VPNs can save them money
C: promotions that will lower the cost of the firewall
D: how IDS can monitor their leased lines for threats
Answer: B

4.Your account team is selling to a large, global company, that has many large manufacturing divisions, sales offices around the world, small subsidiaries, and medium businesses in many countries.
The Cisco SAFE Blueprint can help your account team propose security solutions for the account's _____.
A: subsidiaries
B: sales and branch offices
C: entire network and all sites
D: headquarters and large divisions
Answer: C

5.What are three characteristics of the Cisco SAFE Blueprint? (Choose three.)
Answer: B, C, D

6.How does Cisco Intrusion Protection address the issue of unauthorized access to critical sensitive data?
A: provides embedded device, multi-device and policy management control
B: reduces additional financial losses by shutting down the network on intrusions
C: enables the configuration of a Cisco IDS sensor using Command Line Interface (CLI)
D: supports corporate security policy by constantly validating, assessing, and reporting on the security status of all network components
Answer: D

7.Your customer has VPN capable routers at remote sites but has never used the functionality.
What is required to make the VPN function properly?
A: a VPN concentrator at each site
B: a VPN termination device at the corporate site
C: a VPN management console at each remote location
D: a VPN concentrator, firewall, and VPN router at the corporate site
Answer: B

8.Which industry standard does the Cisco PIX Firewall support for encryption for site-to-site and remote access VPNs?
B: IPSec
Answer: B

9.You have proposed four VPN routers and a robust firewall to your client.
Which type of solution are you implementing?
A: site-to-site VPN
B: AAA redundancy
C: VPN redundancy
D: remote access VPN
Answer: A

10.Cisco IOS Firewalls scale from low-end to high-end routing series to provide functionality to different market segments.
Which router series include the Cisco IOS Firewall option?
A: Catalyst 4000 series
B: Cisco 10000, and 12000 series
C: Cisco 800, 1700, 2600 series only
D: Cisco 800, 1700, 2600, 3700, and 7000 series
Answer: D

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