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Cisco 646-230 Exam -

Free 646-230 Sample Questions:

1.Which statement about Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unified Communications Manager is correct?
A.Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is router­based and Cisco Unified Communications
Manager scales up to 240 users.
B.Cisco Unified Communications Manager is router­based and scales up to 24000 users.
C.Cisco Unified Communications Manager is server­based and scales up to 24000 users.
D.Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is router­based and Cisco Unified Communications Manager scales up to 30000 users.
E.Cisco Unified Communications Manager is server­based and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express scales up to 300 users.
Answer: D

2.Which three statements about Cisco Unified MeetingPlace are true? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace software can be installed on an MCS server platform.
B.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server must be installed on an MCS server platform.
C.In order to implement video conferencing, you will need the Cisco Unified VC35xx series.
D.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is a purely software­based solution.
E.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace is scalable up to 1000 simultaneous web conferences. F.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace only supports voice and video conferences.
Answer: A, C, E

3.Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express would be most appropriate for which potential customer? organization that needs to support a large number of teleworkers
B.a global organization with many offices around the world organization with several regional and branch offices
D.a small organization with approximately 100 employees
Answer: D

4.Which feature is handled outside of Cisco Unified Communications Manager? processing
B.signaling and device control
C.dial plan administration
D.RTP media path switching services
F.programming interface to external applications
Answer: D

5.An account manager requires an easy­to­use, web­enabled tool to demonstrate to a prospective customer the benefits of a converged network in terms of productivity enhancements and real estate savings. What should the account manager use?
A.Cisco ROI analysis
B.Cisco CNIC case from the industry of the prospect
D.customized hurdle rate analysis
Answer: B

6.Which sales tool provides a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate cost savings that can be realized from a Cisco Unified Communication implementation?
A.Cisco CNIC
B.Cisco ROI methodology
C.needs­based competitive differentiator telephony integration analyzer
Answer: B

7.A company's mission is to support its customers' technical needs. Its consultants work from home or on site. They must often work in teams to exchange information about new products and implementations. Choose the Cisco Unified Communications tool, features, and functions that will best support this company's goal.
A.Unified Messaging, delivering every voice, email, and fax message into a single inbox
B.Presence, providing information about consultants, such as availability and busy status
C.Collaboration, bringing together voice, video, and web conferencing
D.Contact Center solutions, delivering intelligent contact routing, desktop and telephony integration, and multichannel contact management
Answer: C

8.Which two statements regarding the advantages and benefits of security implementations in
Cisco Unified Communications solutions are true? (Choose two.)
A.The Cisco 1861 Integrate Services Router provides built­in security with hardware encryption and decryption.
B.Voice clients are critical elements in the Cisco Self­Defending Network, which integrates security throughout all aspects of the network.
C.Cisco Unified IP phones provide Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities to extend security functions on a phone.
D.Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express is runs on Linux in order to protect against vulnerabilities and attacks.
Answer: A, B

9.Which of these Cisco Unified Communications products will most increase employee productivity?
A.Cisco Unified Communications Manager
B.Cisco Unified Operations Manager
C.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace
D.Integrated Service Router
Answer: C

10.An emerging airline in South Asia wants to enhance its customer responsiveness. It already has a web portal by means of which it offers online booking and reservation of tickets. In addition, it would like to integrate a service by which customers can dial in via phone and be guided through an interactive audio dialog allowing them to make reservations or book flight connections. Which Cisco Unified Communications solution would be the best for this issue?
A.Cisco Unified Presence with integration of Microsoft Office Communicator
B.Cisco Unity with unified messaging and integrated call handlers
C.Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal with VoiceXML
D.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace with IBM Lotus Notes integration
Answer: C

11.Which two products enable SMBs and enterprise branch offices to use Cisco Unity Express to integrate voice mail and auto­attendant services in a cost­effective manner? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Routers
B.Cisco 2800 Series Integrated Services Routers
C.Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers
D.Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series
Answer: B, C

12.What would be the most appropriate device for customers who would like to have additional lines and speed­dial buttons on their phones?
A.Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906G
B.Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G
C.Cisco Unified IP Phone 7914 Expansion Module
D.Cisco Unified IP Phone 7985G
Answer: C

13.A competitor selling an IP­enabled PBX has told your client that its solution is scalable. Which two of these statements might you use to best clarify the competitor definition of "scalability" with your client? (Choose two.)
A.The number of IP­enabled phones is limited per card, and the number of cards is limited per box.
B.While there is no hardware limitation on how many phones a card can support, the software limits the number of phones that can be supported.
C.An IP­enabled PBX will have the scalability limitations of a traditional PBX.
D.An IP­enabled PBX cannot use existing phones, and new phones must be purchased to work with the system.
Answer: A, C

14.An operations manager compares the cost of upgrading their current system to the cost of implementing a fully­featured Cisco Unified Communications system. She objects that the upgrade may not be justifiable. Which two responses would most likely best answer to this objection? (Choose two.)
A.Simply enabling the current system may not accomplish these business objectives.
B.Seamlessly integrating your current PBX infrastructure with a full IP solution is the best way to stay ahead of the competition.
C.The scalability of Cisco Unified Communications solutions will enable you to stay a step ahead of the competition.
D.Accommodating unplanned growth and customer­driven changes can best be addressed with a distributed PBX solution.
E.A Unified Communications solution will reduce more toll charges than an IP­enabled PBX.
Answer: A, C

15.Which of the following features could not be implemented with Cisco Unified Communications
Manager Express?
A.Auto­attendant capabilities
B.Integrated messaging
C.Cisco Unified Presence
D.XML applications
Answer: C

16.What are two common benefits of converged Cisco Unified Communications? (Choose two.)
A.retention of existing hardware
B.increased productivity extension mobility
D.reduced TCO
E.ensured availability via two networks
Answer: B, D

17.Which three of these characterize a business ROI? (Choose three.)
A.compares the benefits of solutions, not just the costs
B.ensures that the solution is aligned with the strategic objectives of the company
C.requires less attention to strategic differentiation
D.usually requires a company to modify its current business processes
E.looks at the "lowest common denominator" of benefits across companies, verticals, and countries
Answer: A, B, D

18.Cisco Unified Contact Center Hosted is a solution for which type of customer?
B.Mid­size enterprise
C.Large enterprise
D.Multiple business customers that share an infrastructure or service provider
Answer: D

19.A Cisco customer has a management team, each member of which has a number of needs. Operations manager: Improve order processes Improve the ability to make accurate forecasts Finance manager: Reduce the TCO of the existing IP communications infrastructure IT manager: Improve network reliability Streamline the delivery of end­user support Which business need would be the primary Cisco Unified Communications solution sales driver?
A.reduce operating costs
B.increase revenue generation
C.facilitate future expansion
D.reduce the number of employees
Answer: A

20.Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal is a solution that improves customer responsiveness. Which three benefits is a customer most likely to see when implementing the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal? (Choose three.)
A.content delivery to IVR applications that is as easy to deploy as voice
C.easy attendance, which allows meetings to start on time
D.the ability to create audio dialogs including synthesized speech, digitized audio, and speech recognition
E.Automatic Speech Recognition and Text­to­Speech F.web conferencing with multimedia applications
Answer: A, D, E

21.After a series of strategic acquisitions, a midsize prospect would like the ability to link IP and legacy phones together in meetings. Furthermore the solution must be scalable and accommodate conference participants regardless of their locations. Which two applications best meet these needs? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco Emergency Responder
B.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express
C.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace
D.Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
E.Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise
F.Cisco Unified Videoconferencing 3500 Series Products
Answer: B, C

22.Which statement best describes the value proposition for migration to an integrated services router platform?
A.Integrated services routers connect legacy applications to provide a seamless migration path to Cisco Unified Communications.
B.Integrated services routers are the first and only routers to offer an integrated systems approach that maximizes operating efficiencies and adds intelligence to the network.
C.Integrated services routers interconnect networks, connect network devices, and route traffic over the network.
D.Integrated services routers extend telephony features and functions to IP phones, VoIP gateways, media­processing devices, and multimedia applications.
Answer: B

23.What does a converged solution enable that a traditional solution does not enable?
A.specific networks for specific applications
B.100 percent uptime
C.mission­critical e­mail, fax, and PBX functions
D.use of the Cisco Self­Defending Network
Answer: D

24.Based on the scenario below, what is the primary need of the finance manager? Account Manager: Have you considered the potential TCO savings that you can achieve with a Unified Communications upgrade? Finance manager: To some degree, yes, but it sounds like a big investment, not only in terms of technology, but even more so in terms of staff and maintenance.
A.increase the flexibility of revenue projections
B.automate financial reports
C.reduce operational costs
D.increase revenue
Answer: C

25.Which two statements about a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster are true? (Choose two.)
A.A dedicated database publisher must always be collocated with a TFTP server.
B.The TFTP server downloads configuration files, device loads or operating code, and ring types.
C.Clusters of Cisco Unified CallManager servers may be added to the network, providing support for up to
24,000 users per cluster.
D.A maximum of twelve servers may run the Cisco CallManager service, where devices can register.
E.Cisco Unified Communications Manager is available on Windows­based operating systems (4.x
versions), or Linux­based operating systems (5.x and 6.x versions).
Answer: B, E

26.What are two features of Cisco Unity Express? (Choose two.)
A.scalable performance
B.full­featured voice mail
C.IBM Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange message store
D.deployment flexibility for 12 languages
Answer: A, D

27.A customer is implementing the following: toll bypass audio conferencing unified messaging
What is the chief benefit the customer is most likely seeking?
A.reduced call costs
B.reduced number of adds, moves, and changes
C.enhanced productivity of the end user
D.reduced travel expenses
Answer: A

28.In a conversation about network improvements, a telecommunications manager expressed a desire to monitor network performance in near­real time and perform network trending for a more proactive management approach. As the account manager, which need would you identify as this telecommunication manager's highest priority?
A.return on investment implementation
C.reporting capability
Answer: C

29.A financial consulting company has several branches scattered at a distance from one another and some of its employees are working from home. The CFO has determined that travel costs are high and would like to reduce these costs by sharing documents in real time and offering online events. Which Cisco Unified Communications solution may fit best for this approach?
A.Cisco Unified IP phone with XML application
B.Cisco Unity Express with group delivery mailboxes
C.Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express
D.Cisco Unified VT Advantage and Cisco IP Communicator
Answer: C

30.Which statement best describes one of the market trends toward a converged solution?
A.By 2007, traditional vendors will have developed new TDM systems.
B.Vendors are beginning to increase their support of TDM.
C.Vendors are offering IP­enabled PBX solutions that require the use of legacy PBX hardware.
D.Customers face the decision to continue spending to extend the life of a traditional system or invest in IP.
Answer: D

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