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Cisco 646-227 Exam -

Free 646-227 Sample Questions:

1.Which task is required to identify a problem when performing the Problem Management service component?
A.Take a Support Call
B.Record Events as Incidents Within a Ticketing System
C.Escalate the Incident to Priority 1
D.Determine if Incident Will Become a Problem
E.Identify Reoccurring Incidents
Answer: E

2.Informal basic training is conducted for helpdesk, admin, operations staff and end users. Which two templates will help to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A.Staff Training Template
B.WLAN Assessment Report
C.End User Training Template
D.Executive Interview Template
E.Change Management Process Template
F.Network Ready For Use Template
Answer: A, C

3.Within which phase would you find information about managing system trouble?
Answer: D

4.Which two are phases of a project life cycle? (Choose two.)
B.Business Requirements Definition
C.Network Readiness Assessment
D.Operational Readiness Assessment E.Design
Answer: A, E

5.In the design phase, which template or tool is used to complete the schedule station reviews with user group task?
A.Bill of Materials
B.As Built Documentation
C.Low Level Design
D.Business Requirements Document
E.Operational Assessment Checklist
Answer: D

6.Which three tasks in the implement phase are contained in the IPC Project Plan template? (Choose three.)
A.Develop Backup/Recovery Plan
B.Log Network Events
C.Define and Document Project Scope
D.Determine Project Schedule
E.Determine Vertical Approach and Strategy
F.Identify Risks and Risk Mitigation Plans
Answer: C, D, F

7.Within the prepare phase, which two tasks are required to begin the prepare for business requirements workshop activity? (Choose two.)
A.Document User­Level Functionality Requirements
B.Document Vertical Business Initiatives Requirements
C.Identify key stakeholders for the Business Requirements Development Workshop
D.Conduct a Solution Value Assessment
E.Send Invitations
F.Document Corporate Business Initiatives Requirements
Answer: C, D

8.Upon which critical tool do the identify incident and identify problem activities rely?
A.Trouble Ticketing System
B.Continuous Improvement Plan
C.Performance and Event Monitor
D.Operations Incentive Program Tool
Answer: A

9.Which phase includes managing the system in ongoing operations mode, system administration and backup, asset management, and scheduled maintenance?
Answer: D

10.Which template or tool is used for each task in performing a Network Readiness Assessment
on data and voice infrastructure activity?
A.Capacity Indicators
B.Site Survey
C.Validation Survey
D.Installation Guide
E.Opportunity Incentive Tool
Answer: B

11.During the design phase, which template or tool is used to capture the define failure recovery procedure and risk mitigation strategy task?
A.Design Kickoff Agenda
B.Solutions Expert
C.Migration Plan
D.Letter of Understanding Template
E.Validation Survey
Answer: C

12.Which task uses the continuous improvement plan for the Service Assurance component within the operate phase?
A.Document Serial Numbers
B.Produce Service Level Reporting
C.Conduct Engagement Profitability Assessment
D.Analyze Process Exceptions
E.Document New System Requirements
Answer: D

13.Which activity is important for all helpdesk, admin, and operations staff to attend?
A.The Project Kickoff Meeting
B.Informal Basic Training
C.System Design Workshop
D.Solution Security Configuration Review
E.IP Addressing Scheme Workshop
Answer: B

14.Within the plan phase is the operations readiness report, which is a customer deliverable that contains the results of two tasks. One of these tasks is identify gaps between existing and leading practices. What is the other task that is used to develop the operations readiness report?
A.Document Initial Placement of Access Points
B.Establish Escalation Notification Plan
C.Document Trunking Requirements for Each Site
D.Remotely Backup IPC Solution Configurations and Databases
E.Document Plan to Remediate Operational Issues
Answer: E

15.Which two tasks are performed during the technical strategy meeting within the prepare phase? (Choose two.)
A.Document Logical­Level Functionality Requirements
B.Document Security Requirements for Overall System and Contact Center
C.Document System­Level Functionality Requirements
D.Provide Audience with a Vision of IPC Current and Future Capabilities
E.Build Preliminary Logical Network Topology Map
F.Map Defined Business Requirements to the Customer's Current and Future Technology Projects
Answer: B, F

16.A good change management process incorporates consistent processes for any planned network change. What should be included in the change management process?
A.Create the low­level design and solution design specifics.
B.Monitor announcements of upgrades and new releases.
C.Conduct detailed design business requirements gap analysis.
D.Finalize end user training strategy.
Answer: B

17.A customer requires Cisco CallManager and Cisco MeetingPlace to accomplish business and technology goals. Which two activities must be conducted during the System Design Workshop? (Choose two.)
A.Design Network Management and Operations Infrastructure
B.Design Agent and Supervisor Desktop Configurations
C.Design Rich Media System
D.Design Call Control System
E.Design Messaging System
Answer: C, D

18.Assisting the customer in developing a process to manage the system in ongoing operations mode, including system administration and backup, asset management, and scheduled maintenance, is critical. Which four tasks apply to the operate phase? (Choose four.)
A.Administration and Backup System Components
B.Network Installation
C.Asset Management
D.Performing Routine Maintenance
E.Managing System Problems
F.Business and Technology Assessments
Answer: A, C, D, E

19.The staff training template is one of the templates and/or tools identified as essential for the informal advanced training for administration and operations activity during the implement phase. What is the other resource that is used to accomplish this activity?
A.Lessons Learned template
B.IPC Project Plan
C.Phone Deployment Kit
D.System Requirements Validation Report
E.As Built Documentation
Answer: E

20.In the design phase, which task is conducted during the host physical design workshop activity?
A.Finalize Legacy Integration including Legacy Voice, Data and Active Directory
B.Develop Quality of Service Specifications
C.Design Dial Plan Architecture and Emergency Call Routing
D.Define Message Store Options and Sizing
E.Identify Network Management Design Objectives
Answer: B

21.Within the operate phase, which two tasks are contained in both the track events and report on system and the notify and escalate incidents activities? (Choose two.)
A.Define Work Breakdown Structure
B.Log Network Events
C.Perform Device Discovery
D.Record Events as Incidents within a Ticketing System
E.Have Customer Sign Operational Support Letter of Understanding
F.Send Electronic Notification of Events Automatically
Answer: B, D

22.In the design phase, which task is conducted during the creation of a site specific network implementation plan activity?
A.Review Customer Remediation Responsibilities
B.Create Installation, Commission, and Network Connectivity Test Tasks and Checklist
C.Finalize Call Flows and Route Plans
D.Determine Shipping Dates and Logistics
Answer: B

23.In the implement phase, which three tasks are associated with the activity to develop a project management plan? (Choose three.)
A.Define Customer and Partner Stakeholders
B.Establish Project Budget
C.Present Staging Plan to Customer
D.Identify Risks and Risk Mitigation Plans
E.Define Work Breakdown Structure
F.Define Technical Escalation Procedures
Answer: B, D, E

24.During the prepare phase of a project, you conduct initial interviews with the steering committee members and decision makers in a company. The focus of these interviews is to complete which two? (Choose two.)
A.Business Requirements
B.Functionality Requirements
C.Network Readiness Assessment
D.Detailed Design and Bill of Materials
Answer: A, B

25.What does the Cisco Lifecycle Services Approach define?
A.Business requirements and investments as they pertain to asset life cycle management
B.Minimum set of services that are needed to successfully deploy and manage a technology solution
C.Technology strategies and related product life cycles that are required to ensure minimal risks and maximum ROI
D.System design to help ensure selection of the most appropriate products
Answer: B

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