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Cisco 646-222 Exam -

Free 646-222 Sample Questions:

1. The finance manager from a prospective client organization has expressed an interest in improving business processes and making intelligent business investments in technology. The marketing manager is eager to improve lead generation and distribution, and the IT manager would like to simplify network management and streamline the delivery of end-user support. Given this scenario, which business driver is most appropriate to sell a Cisco IP Communications solution?
A. reduce operating costs
B. improve business development
C. improve asset utilization
D. improve business processes
Answer: D

2. A small retail company wants to reduce overhead, while at the same time addressing new business challenges such as an increased number of employees working from home. In addition to reducing overhead costs, what other benefit does a Cisco IP Communications solution provide?
A. reduced costs associated with traditional phone systems
B. flexible scalability options
C. improved asset utilization
D. enable the company to build a global presence with teleworkers around the world
Answer: A

3. Based on the scenario, which benefit would best address the concerns of the telecommunications manager? Account manager: Did you know that with a Cisco IP Communications solution, XML applications specific to your business needs can be developed to run from Cisco IP phones? For example, applications can be developed for tracking shipments, checking inventory, or even entering time cards right from your Cisco IP phone!Telecommunications manager: That sounds interesting, but our current digital phone system offers a ton of features, is already in place, and is presently not a huge expense. I'm not sure how we would benefit from making such a switch.
A. Cisco IP Communications solutions can leverage the existing infrastructure and integrate with legacy systems.
B. Implementing a Cisco IP Communications solution can reduce desktop wiring costs by up to 50 percent per desktop and enable you to streamline staff.
C. Custom XML applications provide employee optimization tools that an IP-enabled PBX just cannot offer, which helps improve productivity.
D. Implementing a Cisco IP Communications solution can boost employee productivity and reduce network management, hardware, software, and maintenance costs for an overall increase in ROI.
Answer: D

4. Cisco CallManager Express coupled with what other Cisco technology acts as a call-processing solution for small and medium-sized businesses?
A. Cisco Media Convergence Server
B. Catalyst switch
C. integrated services router
D. analog phone gateway
Answer: C

5. When used together with Cisco CallManager Express, Cisco Unity Express provides a voice-mail solution for a small office that is effective for up to how many users?
A. 50
B. 100
C. 200
D. 400
Answer: B

6. Which key employee within a prospective customer would be most interested in reducing total cost of ownership?
A. telecommunications manager
B. finance manager
C. operations manager
D. IT manager
Answer: B

7. In a meeting with the IT manager at a customer site, the IT manager asks you whether Cisco CallManager Express and Cisco Unity Express would be ideal to maintain a single, centralized call-processing and voice-mail system for multiple sites. What should be your response to the customer?
A. Yes, having Cisco CallManager Express and Cisco Unity Express at the central site is a preferred solution.
B. No, having Cisco CallManager at the central site and Cisco Unity Express at the branch site is a preferred solution.
C. No, having Cisco CallManager Express and Cisco Unity Express at the branch office is a preferred solution.
D. No, having Cisco CallManager and Cisco Unity at the central site is a preferred solution.
Answer: D

8. The IT manager of an enterprise firm is deciding whether to purchase licenses for Cisco CallManager Express. The typical branch site in question has 50 analog phones and keeps 10 IP phones for the dynamic needs of salespeople who might come in as needed. Will Cisco CallManager Express support the number of analog phones and IP phones described, and what are the maximum analog phones and IP phones possible?
A. Yes. Cisco CallManager Express supports up to 100 analog phones and 24 IP phones.
B. Yes. Cisco CallManager Express supports up to 88 analog phones and 24 IP phones.
C. No. Cisco CallManager Express only supports up to 50 analog phones and 24 IP phones.
D. No. Cisco CallManager Express does not support analog phones, but does support 24 IP phones.
Answer: B

9. Which product was designed for small offices, supports 240 phones as a fully integrated feature of the Cisco access router, and uses Cisco IP phones, Cisco Catalyst switches with inline power and QoS, and router-based gateways to the PSTN?
A. Cisco CallManager option
B. Cisco CallManager Express
C. Cisco Unity option
D. Cisco Unity Express
Answer: B

10. How does a converged solution work?
A. Voice traffic is carried over a circuit-switched network, and data traffic is carried on an IP network.
B. Voice, video, and data are integrated onto a single IP network.
C. The network is comprised of proprietary time-division multiplexing hardware and circuits.
D. The LAN is used for data traffic, and the WAN is used to integrate voice and video traffic.
Answer: B

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