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Cisco 646-205 Exam -

Free 646-205 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
which three are current small business needs for technology investements?(choose three)
A. minimize network investments
B. reduce reliance on technology
C. plan for today
D. be more productive
E. work from anywhere
F. serve customers better
Answer: A,E,F

Q: 2
If A. small business customer requireD mobility to be delivereD viA multiple access points, which wireless portfolio of solutions woulD be the best choice?.
A. small business
B. small multipro
C. aironet
D. small business pro
Answer: D

Q: 3
The ability to stack switches using cisco stackwise technology provides A number of important benefits to the customer, which of these is A benefit of cisco stackwise?
A. allows cisco smart switches to be incorporateD into the stack
B. allows multiple switches to be manageD as A single device.
C. enables switches in multiple wring closets to provide failover for each other
D. eliminates the neeD to purchase smartnet on individual switches in the stack
Answer: B

Q: 4
Which cisco collaboration service will encourage true customer intimacy by quickly and proactively connecting people with the information, expertise and support that they need?
A. telepresence
B. messaging
C. conferencing
D. customer care
E. ip communications
Answer: D

Q: 5
The cisco telepresence portfolio provides industry-leading video-conferencing solutions, how does the Cisco acquisition of tandberg strengthen its position?
A. it will give cisco products A strategiC advantage by providing privilegeD access to the TIP
B. it enables cisco to eliminate product redundancies anD improve margins
C. it provides cisco with its first high-enD telepresence offering
D. it allows cisco to quickly broaden its product portfolio to better serve customer needs

Q: 6
What is A WAN?
A. A network that connects client devices wirelessly using radio waves
B. A network that crosses metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries
C. A network that is restricteD. to A single building ,A group of buildings, or even A single room
D. A. network that encompasses an entire city or metropolitan areA. anD. connects multiple LANs
Answer: D

Q: 7
What are three common reasons why customers are saying that they neeD to evolve their data center?(choose three)
A. demanD among users for access to information anytime, anywhere
B. desire to use the same vender for desktop anD server deployments
C. existing equipment has reacheD anD of life
D. increasing operational costs of managing datA centers
E. architectures that are inflexible anD inefficient
F. selecting best-performing vendors for each individual component
Answer: C,D,E

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