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Cisco 646-204 Exam -

Free 646-204 Sample Questions:

1. Which Cisco program fairly and equitably rewards partners that actively identify, develop, and win newbusiness opportunities in targeted market segments?
A. Value Incentive Program
B. Solution Incentive Program
C. Opportunity Incentive Program
D. Foundation Advantage
E. Opportunity Incentive Program
Answer: C

2. What feature does the Partner E-Learning Connection provide?
A. Full versions of all Cisco technical-level classes
B. Live instructor-led, web-based classes
C. Flexible, web-based knowledge and learning
D. Hosted website that partners use to deliver e-learning to customers
E. Lists of training-partner class offerings
Answer: C

3. Which two of the following are benefits of engaging Cisco field resources? (Choose two.)
A. Maximize the number and value of customer sales engagements
B. Access free implementation and support services
C. Eliminate sales and marketing expense
D. Increase revenue and improve margin
E. Access free hardware and software for resale
Answer: A, D

4. What is a wide-area network (WAN)?
A. a network that connects client devices wirelessly using radio waves
B. a network that crosses metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries
C. a network that is restricted to a single building, a group of buildings, or even a single room
D. a network that encompasses an entire city or metropolitan area and connects multiple local-area networks (LANs)
Answer: B

5. In which area of the campus local-area network (LAN) are the user computers attached to the network?
A. core
B. access
C. distribution
D. aggregation
Answer: B

6. Which Cisco software provides intelligence to the network?
A. Cisco IOS
B. CiscoWorks
C. Cisco ONS 15540
D. Cisco CallManager
Answer: A

7. A software engineering firm wants to streamline call center operations to reduce customer wait times and improve employee productivity. Which Cisco solution best matches this business need?
A. optical network
B. IP telephony
Answer: B

8. What are five layers in the OSI model? (Choose five.)
A. session
B. physical
C. protocol
D. gateway
E. data link
F. transport
G. application
Answer: A, B, E, F, G

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