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Cisco 646-202 Exam -

Free 646-202 Sample Questions:

1.Which Cisco product provides network services that include management of virtual storage-area networks (VSANs), advanced traffic management, and sophisticated diagnostics?
A: ICS 7750
B: MDS 9000 Family
C: ONS 15000 Series
D: 5400 Storage Router Series
Answer: B

2.Which type of address does a router read to route a message to its destination?
A: Internet Protocol (IP) address
B: Media Access Control (MAC) address
C: private branch exchange (PBX) address
D: Internetwork Operating System (IOS) address
Answer: A

3.On which layer do switches operate?
A: session
B: data link
C: application
D: presentation
Answer: B

4.Technical assistance is provided to customers who _____.
A: are logistics experts
B: are senior executives
C: have product sales teams
D: hold a valid service contract with Cisco or a qualified Cisco partner
Answer: D

5.What are the essential elements needed to create a LAN?
A: NIC, hub, cables, software
B: cables, NIC, software, e-mail
C: printer, software, e-mail, NIC
D: software, cables, printer, NIC
Answer: A

6.Which Cisco product is a software component that blocks unwanted connections and provides other gateway security functions for small business?
A: Cisco Firewall Services Module (FWSM)
B: Cisco Secure Access Control Server (ACS)
C: Cisco Private Internet Exchange (PIX) Firewall
D: Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS) Firewall
Answer: D

7.Which network technology allows for the monitoring of active communication networks to diagnose problems and gather statistics for network administration?
A: network security
B: content networking
C: network management
D: campus local-area networking
Answer: C

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