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Cisco 646-171 Exam -

Free 646-171 Sample Questions:

1.Which two management­software applications can you use to manage the Cisco Catalyst
Express 500 Series Switches? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco Security Device Manager
B.Cisco Device Manager
C.Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager
D.Cisco Network Assistant
Answer: B, D

2.Which two features are included under the Cisco SMB Support Assistant? (Choose two.) a service request with the SMB TAC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
B.application software upgrades business day hardware replacement
D.automatic Priority 1 TAC cases
Answer: A, C

3.Which three critical elements does the Cisco Integrated Security Solution incorporate? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco Trust and Identity Management Solution
B.Cisco Switching Solution
C.Cisco Secure Connectivity Solution D.Cisco Threat Defense Solution E.Cisco Storage Solution
F.Cisco Content Networking Solution
Answer: A, C, D

4.Which two options are benefits of the Cisco software support? (Choose two.)
A.expedites the delivery of replacement hardware
B.increases the performance of the current features
C.supports your risk mitigation plan
D.extends the life of Cisco devices with software updates
Answer: B, D

5.Which three are characteristics of the Cisco end­to­end solution? (Choose three.)
C.low cost
D.predictable of breed products
Answer: A, D, F

6.Which of the following is a component of the Cisco SMB Support Assistant?
A.full access to the website
B.access to the software center
C.Cisco IOS bug fixes for every technology
Answer: C

7.For which of the following campus LAN areas is the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switch most suitable?
A.distribution area
B.core area
C.backbone area
D.access area
Answer: D

8.Network security is a continuous process. Which three phases apply to this process? (Choose three.)
Answer: B, D, F

9.A customer wants to connect Cisco IP phones and Cisco Aironet Access Points to the network. The customer also wants to use the PoE feature included in the Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches. Which two models can provide this feature? (Choose two.)
Answer: B, C

10.What are four uses of the USB ports in the Cisco integrated services routers? (Choose four.) device authentication
B.remote administration of removable credentials
D.increased RAM memory for the router configuration files distribution F.bulk flash storage
Answer: A, C, E, F

11.Which three options are features of the Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers? (Choose three.) for up to eight NMEs
B.SRST with centralized Cisco CallManager for up to 120 IP Phones
C.high­performance architecture optimized for concurrent service deployment
D.integrated hardware for offload of encryption services
E.wireless LAN
F.Cisco CallManager Express for up to 36 IP phones support
Answer: C, D, E

12.Which three are features of the integrated services routers? (Choose three.)
B.wireless LAN
C.VPN acceleration
D.voice mail
F.fixed configuration
Answer: A, B, C

13.How many users does the Cisco Unity Express solution support when installed in the Cisco
2800 Family?
Answer: B

14.What is true about Cisco NAC Appliance, formerly Cisco Clean Access?
A.It is an advanced, integrated suite of antivirus products that recognizes users and devices and their role
in the network, as well as evaluates whether machines are compliant with the security policy.
B.It is an advanced, integrated suite of switching products that recognizes users and devices and their role in the network, as well as evaluates whether machines are compliant with the security policy.
C.It is an advanced, integrated network­security tools suite that recognizes users and devices and their role in the network, as well as evaluates whether machines are compliant with the security policy.
D.It is an advanced, integrated suite of management products that recognizes users and devices and their role in the network, as well as evaluates whether machines are compliant with the security policy.
Answer: C

15.What are two benefits for the Cisco partner, derived from the Cisco SBR methodology? (Choose two.)
A.There is less risk through the implementation of proven solutions.
B.There is faster implementation of new business applications.
C.Solution differentiation from the competition allows for premium margins.
D.Proactive planning enhances customer satisfaction.
Answer: C, D

16.What are two benefits for prospects, derived from the Cisco SBR methodology? (Choose two.)
A.increases profitability
B.increases customer loyalty
C.creates a link between business and IT planning
D.lowers TCO
Answer: C, D

17.If you have a Cisco integrated services router and need to upgrade the Cisco IOS image, which kind of Cisco support services do you need?
A.Cisco TAC
B.Cisco SMARTnet onsite support
D.advanced hardware replacement
Answer: C

18.Which two are problems related to the network implementation using multivendor platforms? (Choose two.)
A.easy integration of the different platforms
B.incompatibilities produced by vendor­specific protocols
C.easy­to­find engineers who are specialized in every technology
D.same configuration for Cisco and non­Cisco hardware
E.minimized network security
F.distributed network management
Answer: B, F

19.What is a benefit of implementing a Cisco end­to­end solution?
A.It increases the cost of the equipment.
B.It reduces the cost of equipment.
C.It enables the network to work as a unified whole.
D.It maximizes the network security.
Answer: C

20.If you say that your customer's business is securely connected, in which phase is the business, according to the Cisco SBR methodology?
Answer: B

21.Which three are the components of the Cisco services portfolio? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco Technical Support Services
B.Cisco Special Services
C.Cisco Remote Management Services
D.Cisco Advanced Services
E.Cisco Advisory Services
F.Cisco Outsourcing Program
Answer: A, D, E

22.Which of the following is a new product that is included in the Cisco SMB Support Assistant?
A.Cisco Unified CallManager
B.Cisco Unity
C.Cisco Unified CallManager Express
D.Cisco Unity Express
Answer: C

23.Which three of the options are part of the technology solutions that Cisco offers for the SMB
markets? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco Antivirus and Antispam Solutions
B.Cisco Secure Network Foundation
C.Cisco Software Update Services
D.Cisco Self­Defending Network
E.Cisco Business Communications Solutions
F.highly scalable switching solultions that support hundreds of users
Answer: B, D, E

24.Which three can be symptoms of the growth phase in the Cisco SBR methodology? (Choose three.)
A.need to facilitate customer reachability
B.facilitate employee reachability
C.need to provide a customer with a basic up­to­date website
D.provide rapid access for geographically dispersed employees
E.unable to provide rapid secure access to customer history, data, or buying behavior
F.provide a website on par with competitors
Answer: B, D, F

25.Which two features make the Cisco Catalyst 2960 Series Switches the best solution for SMB
customers? (Choose two.)
A.integrated switching and routing security
B.Layer 3 routing
C.firewall services
D.multicast services
E.Network Admission Control
Answer: D, E

26.Your customer is concerned about the security in the perimeter of the network. Which three
Cisco products can you offer to your customer? (Choose three.)
A.multilayer switch with enhanced image
B.firewall appliances
C.VPN concentrators
D.integrated services routers
E.Cisco Unified CallManager
F.Cisco Unity
Answer: B, C, D

27.Which three are the primary vulnerabilities for an end­user workstation? (Choose three.)
A.denial of service
C.IP spoofing
F.Trojan horse
Answer: B, D, F

28.Which Cisco products are covered under the Cisco SMB Support Assistant?
A.all Cisco products
B.Cisco integrated services routers only
C.low­end products only
D.Cisco switches only
Answer: C

29.If a customer has a problem with a Cisco integrated services router and cannot find the solution on the website, which of the options should be the next support level?
A.Contact Cisco Advisory Services.
B.Open a case in the Cisco TAC.
C.Replace the integrated services router.
D.Contact Cisco Technical Support Services.
Answer: B

30.What is a consequence of installing a Cisco end­to­end solution?
A.poor investment protection
B.different support contracts with multiple vendors
C.solid investment protection
D.difficulty implementing network services
Answer: C

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