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Cisco 646-096 Exam -

Free 646-096 Sample Questions:

1.Select two key benefits of Microsoft CRM versus other CRM products. (Choose two.) with Unix­based clients
B.fully integrated with Microsoft Office and Outlook
C.offers a complete Microsoft Back office solution (end­to­end) with existing I­Mac clients
Answer: B, C

2.Select two key benefits of Microsoft CRM. (Choose two.)
A.can be customized to customer's business quickly
B.automatically routes calls over the internet
C.creates pay roll checks within Microsoft Outlook for easy use
Answer: A, D

3.What type of customer should you pinpoint in your selling efforts? (Choose three.)
A.the customer with Microsoft CRM deployed looking for a new telephony solution
B.the large enterprise customers with more then 150 users per location
C.the customer who just purchased a non­Cisco telephony solution
D.the customer who does not use PC technology
E.the customer with Cisco IP Communications Solution looking for a CRM Solution F.the customer who wants to improve the customer service provided to customers
Answer: A, E, F

4.Which three key CRM features are used by the sales organization? (Choose three.)
A.opportunity management
B.contract management
C.quotes and orders
D.account and contact management
E.searchable knowledge base management
Answer: A, C, D

5.Select two key CRM features used in customer service. (Choose two.)
A.opportunity management
B.service requests
C.competitor tracking
D.e­mail management
Answer: B, D

6.What telephony feature is used to auto­search CRM records and provides a screen pop with incoming calls?
A.Calling Name
B.Company Name
C.Called Number
D.Calling Number
Answer: D

7.Select two key benefits of Microsoft CRM to the customer service organization. (Choose two.)
A.tracks new sales
B.calculates total earnings
C.measures service performance
D.identifies common support issues
Answer: C, D

8.Which two key CRM features are used by the sales organization? (Choose two.)
A.lead management
B.account and contact management
C.service requests
D.searchable knowledge­base
Answer: A, B

9.Select the two key benefits of using the Cisco CRM Communications Connector solution. (Choose two.)
A.provides Call Center functionality
B.integrates with Microsoft Office including Outlook or web browser
C.provides Voice features
D.CRM Communications Connector easy to install and use
Answer: B, D

10.Select the business need provided by using a CRM solution.­attendant
B.accounting or billing solution
C.document publishing
D.identify callers to sales or customer service agents
Answer: D

11.When discussing the Cisco CRM Communications Connector solution to a customer, what two key benefits should you emphasize? (Choose two.)
A.integration with any IP Phone Solution
B.integration with Microsoft Outlook or Internet Explorer browser
C.ease of use with Unix Servers
Answer: B, C

12.Select the feature that best describes a Microsoft CRM solution.
A.Call Center product routing calls to telephone agents or sales people
B.field service or customer tracking
C.telephone systems
D.automated sales training tool
Answer: B

13.Select the type of businesses that would be good candidates for the Cisco CRM Communications Connector solution? (Choose two.)
A.service Industry (plumbing, real estate, distribution outfits)
B.small retail stores
C.professionals (law firms, accounting firms, medical offices)
D.Fortune 500 large Enterprise
Answer: A, C

14.Select the two key benefits of using a Cisco/Microsoft solution compared to other solutions. (Choose two.)
A.Cisco CRM Communications Connector features are not available with other solutions
B.CRM Solution improves communications among employees
C.Cisco provides integration solution at no charge to the reseller
D.CRM Communications Connector is easy to install
Answer: C, D

15.Choose two key benefits of working with a Microsoft certified CRM reseller. (Choose two.)
A.Microsoft reseller can access Cisco CRM Communications Connector software
B.CRM Application can be customized to meet customer needs
C.customer will want only CRM Certified technicians installing software on CRM Server
D.Microsoft reseller can sell Cisco products
Answer: B, C

16.Select the two key benefits of using a Cisco/Microsoft solution compared to other solutions. (Choose two.)
A.integrated with any e­mail system
B.CRM Communications Connector is easy to install
C.solution has been tested and verified by both Cisco and Microsoft with Oracle CRM solution
Answer: B, C

17.Choose the three key features delivered with Cisco CRM Communications Connector. (Choose three.)
A.unified messaging
B.track actual call duration for customer charge back
C.queue calls when employees are on the phone on hold
E.pop on incoming calls to dial
Answer: B, E, F

18.Which types of customers are good candidates for Cisco CRM Communications Connector integration? (Choose two.)
A.customers who use Microsoft CRM
B.customers who use all Unix servers
C.customers with Cisco IP Communications deployed
D.customers who do not need new telephony solutions
Answer: A, C

19.Customers looking for new versions of Cisco CRM Communications Connector application should _________. the Microsoft Certified reseller to access Communications Connector download software page
B.request software by contacting Cisco TAC
C.purchase new Cisco CRM Communications Connector application license Cisco reseller to access Communications Connector download software page
Answer: D

20.Select the solution provided by use of a CRM solution.
A.voice mail or auto­attendant backup solution
C.track sales or customer service accounts activity application development
Answer: C

21.Cisco CRM Communications Connector needs to be installed on ________. (Choose two.)
A.Microsoft CRM Server
B.Microsoft Exchange Server
C.Cisco Router
D.CRM Client PC
E.Domain Controller
Answer: A, D

22.Select the two key benefits of using the Cisco CRM Communications Connector solution. (Choose two.)
A.timely and complete customer information to increase customer service
B.advanced voice mail features
C.single view of all customer interactions
D.Call Center routing
Answer: A, C

23.Select two key business needs Microsoft CRM can solve for customers. (Choose two.)
A.provide technical training for product installation or service
B.reduce time spent in face­to­face meetings
C.improve sales forecasting
D.improve measuring success of marketing campaigns and promotions
Answer: C, D

24.Standard software support with Cisco CRM Communications Connector or Cisco CallManager Express application is provided for ______.
A.90 days year
C.two years
D.three years
Answer: A
25.Choose the key benefit of using the Cisco/Microsoft solution compared to other solutions.
A.integrates with any telephony system
B.provides Unified Messaging features
C.CRM Communications Connector is very easy to install and configure
D.Cisco charges thousands of dollars for the communications connector
Answer: C

26.Select the ideal type of customer to benefit from use of Cisco CRM Communications Connector solution?
A.a customer who has Microsoft Exchange or Windows Server already deployed
B.a customer using IBM Lotus Notes for e­mail
C.a customer who has invested in a non Microsoft CRM Solution
D.a customer who does not use computers or technology
Answer: A

27.Select two key challenges facing small and medium businesses that Microsoft CRM can help to solve. (Choose two.)
A.too many employees
B.difficult to cross­sell or up­sell due to lack of customer information to all sales people
C.customers repeating themselves each time they call
D.poor employee communications
Answer: B, C

28.Choose two key benefits of working with a Microsoft­certified CRM reseller. (Choose two.)
A.Installation of Communications connector will cost the customer twice as much.
B.You can co­market to existing CRM customers.
C.Microsoft CRM reseller will provide you with thousands of leads.
D.CRM application can be customized for customer use.
Answer: B, D

29.What function is provided by the feature click to dial?­dials calls using XML feature on Cisco IP phones
B.listens to e­mail using Microsoft Outlook
C.can auto­dial a phone call using a mouse from within a contact record­creates new contact records
Answer: C

30.Select the top three benefits of the Cisco CRM Communications Connector solution. (Choose three.)
A.integration with Microsoft Outlook for easy use
B.easily creates new sales literature
C.determines pricing for new products
D.flexibility and ease of customization E.provides auto­attendant features to callers F.identifies key customers on every phone call
Answer: A, D, F

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