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Cisco 646-057 Exam -

Free 646-057 Sample Questions:

1.With which two can Gigabit EtherChannel be used? (Choose two.)
A. hubs
B. routers
C. printers
D. switches
E. desktop PCs
F. wireless access points
Answer: B, D

2.Which statement about TACACS is true?
A. TACACS is designed to prevent unauthorized switch throughput activity.
B. TACACS is a security protocol that monitors network access to the Internet.
C. TACACS is a VPN access protocol that secures a specific campus LAN segment.
D. TACACS controls who can access a router in a privileged or non-privileged mode.
Answer: D

3.What is the primary benefit of QoS?
A. It protects the integrity of the data as they traverse the network.
B. It solves the problem of congestion caused by oversubscription.
C. It ensures that voice traffic always receives highest queue priority.
D. It insures that end-to-end bandwidth is dedicated for time sensitive applications.
Answer: A

4.Which two can be used to associate network devices with a VLAN? (Choose two.)
B. User ID
C. MAC address
D. physical switch location
Answer: B, C

5.What is Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?
A. a routing management protocol that links all switches in a VLAN
B. a switching protocol that reduces datagram overhead in networks
C. a routing protocol that performs path determination for VLAN traffic
D. a link management protocol that provides path redundancy in networks
Answer: D

6.VLAN trunking is accomplished in multi-vendor networks using the IEEE 802.1q standard. An all-Cisco network can accomplish VLAN trunking using Cisco's proprietary .
A. Inter Switch Link (ISL)
B. VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)
C. Dynamic Trunk Protocol (DTP)
D. Cisco VLAN Tagging Protocol (CVTP)
Answer: A

7.For what is IP multicast used?
A. multimedia transmissions only over the Internet
B. multimedia applications over the Internet and intranet
C. multimedia applications only over a corporate intranet
D. multimedia and e-mail broadcasts over a corporate intranet
Answer: B

8.Which is an internetworking market driver? A. the proliferation of local servers
B. the increase in large, centralized servers
C. the decreasing cost of service provider connectivity
D. the increased local processing power of client desktops
Answer: B

9.Cisco's wiring closet switches are generally deployed in which area of the network?
A. core
B. access
C. distribution
D. aggregation points
Answer: B

10.What are characteristics of Cisco multilayer switches?
A. multicast, security, load-sharing capabilities
B. diverse interfaces, high port densities, redundancy
C. high availability options, modularity, multi-level security options
D. multi-protocol routing, traffic management techniques, policy networking
Answer: D

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