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Cisco 646-056 Exam -

Free 646-056 Sample Questions:

1. Which task is part of executing a Detailed Design Validation?
A. Execute the test identified in the detailed design test plan and capture test results.
B. Determine how results impact the original design.
C. Incorporate recommended changes into the design process.
D. Verify that hardware and software requirements are included.
Answer: A

2. Which two items on the design discovery checklist are used to create a low-level design? (Choose two.)
A. technical requirements
B. capacity planning
C. design goals
D. WAN modeling
Answer: A, C

3. What should technical requirements and design goals be combined to create?
A. Detailed Design Validation
B. Low-Level Design
C. Service Level Criteria
D. Systems Acceptance Test Plan
Answer: B

4. Which three resources are used to support physical and logical design documentation of the operations and network management system? (Choose three.)
A. verification results
B. design templates
C. standards
D. operation policies
Answer: B, C, D

5. Which task is part of the identify operations design requirements activity?
A. Define and document the appropriate service-level requirements associated with performance, availability, capacity, resiliency, and security that correlate with service delivery goals.
B. Develop physical and logical schematics for future growth.
C. Select tools and applications to meet objectives.
D. Define methods and procedures to support operations.
Answer: A

6. Which task is part of a Staging Plan Development onsite discovery workshop?
A. Identify implementation risks.
B. Validate network management design.
C. Verify customer site locations and contacts.
D. Create test cases.
Answer: D

7. Which two documents should be part of the Staging Plan Development? (Choose two.)
A. site requirements specification
B. staging project plan
C. bill of materials
D. low-level design template
Answer: A, B

8. Which activity is conducted as part of the Implementation Plan Development?
A. System Acceptance Testing
B. Presentation of Staging Plan
C. Conduct an On-site Discovery Workshop
D. Business Readiness Development
Answer: C

9. Which three tasks are conducted as part of the Implementation Plan Development service component? (Choose three.)
A. Discuss network implementation schedules.
B. Define testing requirements.
C. Verify site contacts, locations, and other project considerations.
D. Identify implementation risks.
Answer: A, C, D

10. Which two tasks focus on discussing the network implementation strategy with key stakeholders and business owners? (Choose two.)
A. rollback and contingency plans
B. resource requirements and tools to perform network operations testing
C. site remediation, plans, and execution status
D. site survey results
Answer: C, D

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