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Cisco 646-046 Exam -

Free 646-046 Sample Questions:

1. What are the four key benefits of Cisco SDM? (Choose four.)
A. ease of use
B. troubleshooting
C. integrated security
D. IEEE authentication
E. application intelligence
F. graphical monitoring and access
Answer: ABEF

2. Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches are positioned for which market segment?
A. Telecommuter home office
B. Small branch office of less than 250 employees
C. Medium-sized branch office of between 250 and 500 employees
D. Large office of between 500 and 1,000 employees
Answer: B

3. Which toolset provides efficiency by manually and uniformly indicating respective priority levels in frame and packet headers?
A. auto QoS
B. CAC tools
C. classification and marking tools
D. link-specific tools
Answer: C

4. What feature of a hierarchical network design that includes a core layer, a distribution layer, and an access layer helps ensure that employees will always have access to critical business applications?
A. A minimal configuration at the core layer
B. Standby switches configured with regular failover at the distribution layer
C. Standby switches configured with regular failover at the access layer
D. Dual paths from layer to layer
Answer: D

5. What are three business-related benefits of a converged network environment? (Choose three.)
A. IP routers and switches do not need to be upgraded as often.
B. Employee productivity increases due to a broader range of network accessibility.
C. Systems operators have dual user interface access to converged network functions.
D. There is less time needed for network training and management.
E. Routers and switches can move traditional network data and voice and video data.
F. Routers and swtiches can move voice and video data, but not traditional network data.
Answer: BDE

6. Your customer is concerned about ease of management. What two facts could you use to explain to the customer how Cisco IOS improves ease of management? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco IOS Software includes an EEM that provides CPU usage detection and a watchdog mechanism.
B. Cisco IOS Software includes software upgrades that enable the creation of individual paths.
C. Cisco IOS Software determines the best recovery action, based on high availability, when there is an error in the modular process.
D. Cisco IOS Software supports more than 20 independent processes in addition to the standard Cisco IOS Software features.
E. Cisco IOS Software allows administrators to use Tool Command Language to develop policy scripts that can detect a defined event.
Answer: AE

7. Which four Cisco IOS Software features facilitate network configuration and operation? (Choose four.)
A. AES key
B. online help
C. smart wizards
D. automated router security
E. access layer troubleshooting
F. Cisco TAC-recommended configurations
Answer: BCDF

8. Which three best describe the customer benefits of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach? (Choose three.)
A. improve the skill sets of its staff members
B. increase the value of and return on investment for its networks
C. increase network staff productivity
D. increase the amount of server room rack space
E. improve network availability, resiliency, security, and scalability
F. increase the amount of time required to integrate network changes
Answer: BCE

9. How many completed network assessments result in near-term booking of more than $200K?
A. 1 out of 2
B. 1 out of 3
C. 1 out of 4
D. 1 out of 5
Answer: B

10. As part of the Cisco QoS toolset, what is one characteristic of a link-specific tool?
A. It is an intelligent macro that addresses customer demand for simplification.
B. It indicates respective priority levels in frame and packet headers.
C. It manages packets and frames according to the capabilities of the links on a particular device.
D. It determines whether packets are conforming to administratively defined traffic rates and takes action accordingly.
Answer: C

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