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Cisco 646-011 Exam -

Free 646-011 Sample Questions:

1. Which protocol is most commonly implemented when connecting mainframes to storage arrays?
B. GbE
Answer: E

2. In a fabric environment, Cisco's two primary competitors are _____. (Choose two.)
A. Nishan
B. QLogic
C. McData
D. Brocade
Answer: A, D

3. Which storage applications are part of the Cisco Utility model and reside in the network?
A. server clustering
B. virtualization and provisioning
C. data base replication and virtualization
D. snap copy and application management
Answer: B

4. What is the function of the Advanced Services Module (ASM)?
A. acts as a gateway for a Fibre Channel device to the Internet
B. provides a platform for multiprotocol connectivity to existing storage devices
C. delivers hardware-assisted, network-hosted virtualization and replication services
D. enables pooling of heterogeneous storage for increased storage utilization, simplified storage management, and reduction of the total cost of storage ownership
Answer: C

5. Typical service for the MDS product is ______.
A. sold by Cisco
B. sold by the VAR
C. a SmartNet offering
D. bundled as warranty
Answer: D

6. Which Cisco product aggregates up to 8 Fibre Channel interfaces onto a single 10 Gigabit per second wavelength, without using SONET or SDH?
A. 7200/7400
B. MDS-9000
C. ONS 15530
D. ONS 15540 ESPx
Answer: C

7. Which statement about a Virtual SAN (VSAN) is true?
A. It requires the use of the IP Services module.
B. It must be used for iSCSI implementations only.
C. It is a feature that can only be used to help consolidate servers and storage.
D. It is a logical separation of traffic, services, and management within one physical switch.
Answer: D

8. What is the SAN Extension solution that utilizes multiple wavelengths across a fiber pair for transport and is amplifiable for longer distance applications?
D. Dark Fiber
Answer: B

9. What Cisco networking products do storage-to-storage replication over IP networks using FCIP?
A. 9216 and 9506 MDS
B. 7200 and 7400 routers
C. the Catalyst 6500 and the 7200
D. the 7000 router and the 9000 MDS
Answer: A

10. The support of multiple protocols within the MDS 9000 family ______. (Choose two.)
A. allows the platform to support cost-effective DAS storage connectivity
B. allows the customer to offer Fibre Channel connectivity and low-cost iSCSI connectivity through the fabric
C. allows the customer cost-effective business continuance solutions with FCIP connectivity through the fabric
D. allows the customer to design fault tolerant solutions with the bandwidth aggregation capabilities of the product
Answer: B, C

11. A customer wants to use scripting on the MDS platform.Which management interface should they use?
B. Fabric Manager
C. Element Manager
D. Command Line Interface (CLI)
Answer: D

12. In synchronous replication, Cisco DWDM products transmit data ______.
A. utilizing VPN to insure QOS
B. using tunneling techniques like FCIP
C. utilizing FCIP over fibre optic network
D. without changing the signal over a fibre optic network
Answer: D

13. Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)
A. The MDS 9000 family supports Fibre Channel connectivity and low-cost iSCSI connectivity in the fabric.
B. The MDS 9000 family supports multiple protocols which allows the platform to support cost effective storage connectivity.
C. The MDS 9000 platform supports TCP/IP natively which allows any port to function as either an Ethernet or Fibre Channel port.
D. By providing FCIP in the same platform, the MDS 9000 offers the customer a cost-effective implementation of enterprise-wide business continuance with common management, security, and diagnostic software.
Answer: A, D

14. How are SAN backups different from LAN and dedicated backups?
A. SAN backups require LAN bandwidth and server processing.
B. Multiple servers can write to the same tape drives and shorten the backup window.
C. Dedicated backups utilize the SAN resources most efficiently shortening backup windows.
D. LAN backups utilize the LAN network efficiently and enhance manageability of multiple backups.
Answer: B

15. Which statement is true about Virtual SAN (VSAN) statistics?
A. VSAN statistics are gathered on a global basis.
B. VSAN statistics are only available via third-party management software.
C. VSAN statistics are only available via CiscoWorks management software.
D. Special traffic counters are provided to track statistics on a per-VSAN basis.
Answer: D

16. What are two characteristics of NAS storage? (Choose two.)
A. provides file level access to storage with file locking to facilitate file sharing
B. focuses on applications that require file sharing, like engineering or web services
C. provides block level access to data for high performance database applications
D. offers fast, efficient, and robust recovery capabilities for mission-critical environments
Answer: A, B

17. What are three methods for managing the MDS platform? (Choose three.)
B. Cisco RME
C. Web-based interface
D. Cisco Campus Manager
Answer: A, B, C

18. Which three MDS features enable SAN island consolidation? (Choose three.)
B. Device Manager
C. inter-VSAN routing
D. role based access control
E. separate fabric services per Virtual SAN (VSAN)
Answer: C, D, E

19. Asynchronous replication is highly dependent upon which network functions?
A. QOS, security, and high bandwidth
B. QOS, compression, and diagnostics
C. compression, security, and multiprotocol support
D. security, network availability, and multiprotocol support
Answer: A

20. Which three protocols does the MDS product line support? (Choose three.)
D. Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
Answer: A, C, D

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