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Cisco 646-003 Exam -

Free 646-003 Sample Questions:

1. Which of these options describes Cisco StackWise technology? (Select one.)
A. Cisco StackWise technology joins individual, stackable switches to create a single functional switch.
B. Cisco StackWise technology creates data stacks to prioritize converged network traffic.
C. Cisco StackWise technology joins modular switches together to provide switching redundancy.
D. Cisco StackWise technology groups routers and switches together in the wiring closet.
Answer: A

2. Which three security features distinguish the Cisco Security Suite from basic wireless security? (Choose three.)
C. static WEP keys
D. advanced security
E. IEEE authentication
F. MAC address authentication
Answer: A, D, E

3. Company ABC deployed several Cisco 7500 Series Routers as backbone routers, reliably delivering business-critical network services. Today's networks need the higher levels of services integration and performance found in newer and more robust Cisco platforms. The Cisco 7500 Series will be EOL'd. Which platform is the best choice for the customer if they want to improve performance up to 30 mpps and increase the scalability and density of ports?
A. Cisco 6500 Series
B. Cisco 7200 Series
C. Cisco 7600 Series
D. Cisco 12000 Series
Answer: C

4. Which four ways can the Cisco Catalyst 6500 be used? (Choose four.)
A. for small businesses
B. for SOHO networks
C. for large service providers
D. to scale future IPv6 applications
E. for the distribution and core layers
F. as the switch aggregation point for the entire network
Answer: C, D, E, F

5. Which three blueprints would you suggest for voice and data with 500 to 1000 ports per site? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 7200 ISR Routers
B. Cisco Catalyst 3560 and 2801 ISR Routers
C. Cisco Catalyst 4500 and 7200 ISR Routers
D. Cisco Catalyst 2960 and 7200 ISR Routers
E. Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 7200 ISR Routers
F. Cisco Catalyst 6400 and 1801 ISR Routers
Answer: A, C, E

6. You have a customer who has adapted to new technology very slowly. This mid-sized manufacturing business has been in the same building for 50 years and employees still punchin using a time clock. Despite this, the company has grown and recently opened a state-of-the-art facility overseas. The son is taking over the business and would like to automate the office by adding communications and ERM applications.
What three types of advanced technology options immediately come to mind? (Choose three.)
B. instant messaging
C. Video conferencing
D. IEEE authentication
E. network investment life solutions
F. Cisco IP Communications solutions
Answer: B, C, F

7. Which of the following features are included in Cisco Router and Security Device Manager?
A. Tools that provide information regarding network devices, connectivity, VLAN/LANE and ATM configuration, analysis, and IP phone user and path information
B. Tools that help integrate built-in knowledge of interactions between different Cisco IOS features, industry best practices, and TAC-recommended configurations
C. Tools that help manage Cisco devices using inventory- and device-change management, network configuration and software image management, network availability, and syslog analysis
D. Tools that are designed to assign priority to data packets based on dedicated bandwidth
Answer: B

8. Cisco Catalyst Express 500 Series switches are positioned for which market segment? (Select one.)
A. Telecommuter home office
B. Small branch office of less than 250 employees
C. Medium-sized branch office of between 250 and 500 employees
D. Large office of between 500 and 1,000 employees
Answer: B

9. The Cisco 7301 Router is attractive for headquarters customers who are looking for: (Select one.)
A. The functionality of Cisco 7200 Series routers but with a more compact form factor
B. Scalability using VIPs
C. A router with the most complete port adapter family
D. A 2-RU form factor router
Answer: A

10. How does Cisco IOS software modularity help minimize downtime?
A. By enabling modular Cisco IOS subsystems to run in independent, self-correcting processes
B. By automatically notifying administrators when network performance falls below prescribed levels
C. By automatically re-routing voice traffic to the PSTN if the WAN fails or becomes congested
D. By enabling stateful failover on Catalyst 6500 switches
Answer: A

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