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Cisco 646-002 Exam -

Free 646-002 Sample Questions:

1.What component of CiscoWorks makes network management more efficient by providing single sign-on for distributed CiscoWorks servers?
A: CiscoWorks Campus Manager
B: CiscoView
C: CiscoWorks Common Services
D: CiscoWorks Resource Manager
Answer: C

2.Which feature is least important for a WAN aggregation router?
A: Port adapters ranging from NxDS0 to OC-12
B: Three built-in Gigabit Ethernet ports on the routing engine
C: Cisco StackWise technology
D: LAN and WAN interfaces with up to 48 ports per chassis
Answer: C

3.Which router series is most appropriate for a small office or teleworker routing solution?
A: Cisco 7300 Series
B: Cisco 2800 Series
C: Cisco 800 Series
D: Cisco 3800 Series
Answer: C

4.What capabilities does Cisco optimized edge routing add to Cisco routers?
A: Maximize network security on the WAN edge.
B: Replace switches for some network configurations.
C: Increase the speed of network data routing.
D: Increase efficiency, avoiding the need for redundant routers on the WAN edge.
Answer: C

5.Fixed-configuration switches are recommended for businesses with how many employees?
A: 0-250
B: 0-1,000
C: 1,000 or higher
D: 5,000 or higher
Answer: A

6.How would you respond to a client if the CEO of their company asks you to justify the initial cost of converting to a converged network?
A: The initial cost is high, but your network performance will also improve significantly.
B: A converged architecture simplifies a network, which dramatically lowers operating costs, which are the largest costs associated with a purchase, as well as reduces training and management costs.
C: The cost is high because of the features that are included in our equipment.
D: The network will be less complex. Your IT staff will be much more efficient and productive.
Answer: B

7.Which is the best definition of the VPN support available in the Cisco 7200 Series routers?
A: It provides high port density and an extensive range of LAN and WAN media.
B: It supports up to six port adapters in a fully modular 3-RU form factor.
C: It allows for integration of data, voice, and video in a single device.
D: It enables an integrated solution for routing and security including QoS, multicast, and multiprotocol traffic.
Answer: D

8.How much downtime will a highly available network have in one year?
A: No more than one day
B: No more than one hour
C: No more than five minutes
D: No more than one minute
Answer: C

9.What is the purpose of CiscoWorks Campus Manager?
A: Troubleshooting network performance using real-time and historical reports
B: Monitoring the network for a variety of fault conditions
C: Implementing standard recovery actions available in the TAC knowledge base
D: Configuring, managing, understanding, and visualizing Layer 2 infrastructures
Answer: D

10.A customer is upgrading the company network to include IP telephony. What would you do first to ensure that Cisco QoS tools are configured correctly?
A: Analyze the service-level requirements.
B: Identify the routers and switches that will be needed.
C: Identify the operational results that will be used to measure performance.
D: Define the strategic business objectives to be achieved.
Answer: D

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