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Cisco 642-996 Exam -

Free 642-996 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which of the following is true with respect to Cisco Adapter FEX?
A. Cisco Adapter FEX extends the Cisco FEX technology into a traditional rack servers MoR design.
B. An EoR design is not permitted with Cisco Adapter FEX.
C. Cisco Adapter FEX extends VDCs across multiple Cisco Nexus switches.
D. A ToR design is not permitted with Cisco Adapter FEX.
Answer: A

Q: 2
Which physical data center design will reduce cabling and keep all of the cables within a rack?
A. ToR design
B. MoR design
C. EoR design
D. ILR design
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which technology provides the ability to use all links in a LAN topology by providing an activeactive path to the upstream switch?
B. vPC
Answer: B

Q: 4
Which tool is a part of the Cisco ACE product family and is a critical component for cloud computing architectures?
A. Cisco ANM
B. Flexible NetFlow
C. Cisco Prime LMS
D. Cisco Prime DCNM for LAN
Answer: A

Q: 5
What is one of the benefits within a Cisco Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)?
A. supports software upgrade and downgrade on the Nexus 1000
B. supports graphical management of FabricPath on the Nexus 7000
C. supports VDC management on the Nexus 5000
D. supports configuration backup and restore on the Nexus 1000
Answer: B

Q: 6
Which two Cisco MDS 9500 line cards support SME? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco MDS 9000 Family Storage Services Module
B. Cisco MDS 9000 Family Multiprotocol Services Module
C. Cisco MDS 9000 Family 8-Gbps Advanced Fibre Channel Switching Module
D. Cisco MDS 9000 Family IP Storage Services Module
E. Cisco MDS 9000 Family Storage Processor Node
F. Cisco MDS 9000 Family Multiservices Module
Answer: B,F

Q: 7
Your customer is designing a new data center with FCoE. Which three appropriate platforms are capable of meeting this requirement? (Choose three.)
A. Cisco Nexus 5596 switch with FCoE license
B. Cisco Nexus 7010 switch with FCoE license
C. Cisco Fabric Extender with FCoE support
D. Cisco 2948 switch with FCoE license
E. Cisco Catalyst 6509 switch with FCoE blade
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 8
Which innovation in the Cisco NX-OS Software brings an entirely new Layer 2 data plane by encapsulating the frames entering the device with a header that consists of a routable source and destination address?
C. Routing
Answer: A

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