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Cisco 642-978 Exam -

Free 642-978 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer has 12 hosts, each capable of a sustained I/O rate of 75 MBps. The customer wants to connect these hosts to the fabric with a 32-port link card. For optimal performance what is the maximum number of hosts that should be connected to any four-port, host-optimized quad?
A. One
B. two
C. three
D. four
Answer: C

Q: 2
During configuration how are challenges with NPIV deployment address?
A. Sharing the same HBA by multiple virtual machines
B. virtualizing the, storage device
C. Disruptive server replacements
D. Primary and backup storage device connectivity
Answer: D

Q: 3
Which two kinds of applications require sustained throughput and are sensitive to latency? (Choose two.)
A. synchronous replication
B. asynchronous replication
D. tape backup
E. e-mail
Answer: A, D

Q: 4
Which two interpretability modes are supported when attaching to a brocade switch in native mode? (Choose two)
A. interop mode 2
B. interop mode 4
C. interop mode 3
D. interop mode auto
E. interop mode 5
Answer: A, C

Q: 5
A SAN administrator would like to test FCIP using the existing 18/4-Port Multiservice Module in a Cisco MDS 9500 switch that is currently used for iSCSI connectivity. To test FCIP, the administrator should use the SAN extension over IP package. Which option will allow this test to occur?
A. The appropriate license package it already enclosed with the 18/4 MSM.
B. The 120-day grace period can be used to test the functionality.
C. The license package needs to be purchased.
D. The switch has to be upgraded to a different Cisco NX-OS feature set.
Answer: B

Q: 6
Under which two circumstances is Layer 2 adjacency required? (Choose two.)
A. When HSRP is used.
B. When NSF with SSO is configured.
C. When NIC teaming is implemented.
D. When clustered applications are supported.
E. When multiple access layer switches are attached to an aggregation module.
Answer: C, D

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