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Cisco 642-972 Exam -

Free 642-972 Sample Questions:

1.Your are the cisco device provider. You have chance to introduce Cisco ACE Module to the IT manger from XXYYinc.He ask you,Which two features of the Cisco ACE Module differentiate it from the Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance? (Choose two.)
A.FTP compression coprocessor
B.dual network processors
C.Independant control and data planes
D.Ethernet out­of­band communication channel
Answer: B, D

2.As a senior network engineer working in,You should know the key features of many Cisco device.In which of these situations is the Cisco ACE feature for HTTP header rewrite useful? must enable SSL client certificates must backup server for fault tolerance must change the Rserver that receives a session without reproxying the connections must divert an unencrypted session to a server that listens only on an encrypted port
Answer: D

3.You work as a Cisco engineer in the data center of A potential customer casts doubt on this statement:"The data center lacks of agility will affect the ability of the business to react promptly to changing market conditions. In this case, what would be a first­step to response?
A.segment the network into a set of physical LAN and SAN islands that can be brought on line quickly when business conditions change
B.consider a virtualization solution that will help reduce the number of physical switches, firewalls, and security appliances
C.buildspare application silos that can be implemented quicky to meet changing business requirements
D.propose a network­embedded application optimization solution so that business applications can react quickly to changing requirements without needing to change the main application on the server
Answer: B

4.WCCPv2 is Web Cache Communications Protocol V2. WAAS is Wide Area Application Services.Why WAAS deployments need it?
A.Enable firewall transparency
B.Enable NetFlow data collection
C.Redirect traffic to a Cisco ACE Module
D.Intercept and redirect traffic to the WAE
Answer: D

5.In order to maximum the usage of the network in, The network administrator plan to implement global load­balancing technology. Which Cisco ACE protocol communicates with the Cisco GSS to provide global load­balancing functionality?
Answer: A

6.You are the senior desktop administrator for You are meeting a potential customer who are insisting that he would prefer to work with a specialist supplier. Which of following statements would be the best response to change this customer's attitude?
A.Yes, specialist suppliers may have better technical capabilities in their own niche area, but Cisco is promoting quickly.
B.In fact, most specialist suppliers are those who quited from Cisco to try and make some hot money.
C.Cisco will obtain specialist suppliers after their products are well­rounded, so you'd better to work with Cisco early.
D.Well, you know, Cisco data center sales professionals are specialists in a comprehensive range of data center technologies that are tested, integrated, and supported by a single supplier: Cisco.
Answer: D

7.XXYYinc is planning to build one e­commerce platform. Cisco GSS is Global Site Selector. When deploying Cisco GSS into an infrastructure supporting e­commerce, how to ensure clients will always be returned to the same site?
A.Enable load balancing sticky on the Cisco ACE appliance
B.Disable network proximity on the CSS
C.Enalbe network proximity on the Cisco GSS
D.make DNS sticky on the Cisco GSS
Answer: D

8.XXYYinc need redesign the network,the network administrator plan upgrade from CSM to Cisco ACE.Befoe the implemention,XXYYinc network administrator want to know the benefit of this implemention.Which two of these are benefits of migrating from CSM to Cisco ACE? (Choose two.)
B.server round robin
C.integration into MSFC IOS
D.scalability with software licenses
Answer: A, D

9.You are a Cisco engineer of As far as you know, which two of the following you will benefit from unified fabric? (Choose two.)
A.reduced throughput
B.reduced I/O bandwidth
C.reduced cabling
D.reduction of server adapters required for I/O
Answer: C, D

10.You are the network administrator for, you are testing Cisco ACE.Given a design to load­balance a web application based on browser type, which type of decision will the Cisco ACE appliance need to make?
A.a Layer 4 decision based on TCP port 100
B.a Layer 4 decision based on the HTTP request header field HOST
C.a Layer 7 decision based on the HTTP request header field HOST
D.a Layer 7 decision based on the HTTP request header field User_Agent
Answer: D

11.You are the network administrator for, Cisco GSS is Global Site Selector.When a request for DNS name resolution is required in a DRP proximity implementation on the Cisco GSS, is the maximum number of zones allowed within a single Cisco GSS proximity environment.
Answer: B

12.You are the senior desktop administrator for A potential customer is thinking about a full data center virtualization strategy and is putting off network purchasing decisions. And he plans to deploy VMware before compatibility testing for storage and networking. What will be the best response for this case?
A.Be sure that the customer is aware of that Cisco has the only complete network solution sets authorized by VMware.
B.Tell the customer that Cisco will release a version of VMware as an embedded network service soon, so you can guarantee the compatibility with Cisco equipment.
C.Be sure that the customer is aware of that Cisco has a financial stake and a place on the board of VMware, so Cisco will follow whatever VMware is doing. Any networking products bought from Cisco today are guaranteed to be upgraded to match any changes made by VMware.
D.Explain how the Cisco VFrame Data Center has been tested and approved to provision not only VMware but also the Cisco networking solutions; so today's purchase of Cisco networking equipment automatically integrates into a wider data center virtualization strategy, satisfying both the needs of the existing data center and adapting the virtualized environment as it evolves.
Answer: D

13.You are the network administrator for, and you are considering a Cisco ACE Module implementation, which two requirements should be confirmed first through a site survey? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco Catalyst 4500 Switch chassis with an open­fabric­enabled port Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series
Supervisor Engine 4 Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(31)SGA or later
B.Cisco Catalyst 6509 Switch chassis with an open­fabric­enabled port Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series
Supervisor Engine 32 Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF4 or later
C.Cisco 7600 Switch chassis with an open­fabric­enabled port Cisco 7600 Series Supervisor Engine 720
Cisco 7600 Series Route Switch Processor 720 Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF4 or later
D.Cisco Catalyst 6506 Switch chassis with an open­fabric­enabled port Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series
Supervisor Engine 720 Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF4 or later
Answer: C, D

14.Cisco GSS is Global Site Selector .The Cisco GSS serves as an authoritative name server for one or more domains. Which three of these must be configured on the firewall to permit communication through to it? (Choose three.)
A.DNS queries
B.UDP messages
C.FTP, Telnet, SSH, SNMP
D.KAL­AP, ICMP, HTTP, and user defined TCP Ports
Answer: A, C, D

15.You are the senior desktop administrator for A potential customer casts doubt
on the following conditions: The main data center is full. A new production system is coming on line this year. Five smaller data centers across the world are fragmented and uncoordinated. What would be a first­step to response?
A.bring forward an application optimization solution so that the new production system could be sent from blade servers rather than rack­mounted servers
B.move straight to a virtualization and provisioning strategy across all data centers
C.create a new business continuity strategy to ensure that all the data centers are properly backed up
D.implement consolidation around the main data center using Cisco network embedded services as a means of reducing space, power, and heat in the main data center
Answer: D

16.You are the network administrator for You get a call from one customer to ask which three resources can be allocated to a context? (Choose three.)
A.SSL bandwidth
B.amount of xlates
C.amount of supported VIPs connections in every second
Answer: A, B, D

17.Mike is the network administrator for He gets a call from one customer to ask him through which method the Cisco ACE Module can obtain keys and certificates His answer is generate keys and a CSR for certificate signing by a root authority, is it correct
Answer: A

18.You are a Cisco engineer of A new trainee inquires that how will the Cisco ACE XML gateway promote server performance, so what's the best response? supplying SSL security for XML transfers offloading XML functions from the server moving XML traffic to the server translating XML messages to HTML messages
Answer: B

19.Content routing routes user requests to the replicated­content site (typically a mirror site) that can serve them most quickly and efficiently. The Content Routing software, once installed and configured on a Content Router, redirects a user request to the "closest" (best) replicated­content site, based on network delay, using a software process called boomerang. The Content Routing software load balances up to 500 sites for each domain it is configured to support. Which statment is true of a content­routing solution?
A.enhance the security of data center
B.only works for UDP­based applications
C.provides local redundancy in a single data center
D.used for site selection in Global Site Load Balancing
Answer: D

20.You are the network administrator for .You need to deploy 30 WAEs in your
data center. Which method or methods can be used to load­balance traffic across the WAEs?
C.WAAS Central Manager
Answer: A, B

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