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Cisco 642-964 Exam -

Free 642-964 Sample Questions:

1.What will be upgraded as a result of this command? upgrade
A.recovery partition
B.application partition
C.both application and recovery partitions immediately
D.both application and recovery partitions at the next scheduled automatic IDSM update
Answer: A

2.On a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch, how many physical links can be aggregated into an EtherChannel group?
Answer: B

3.How would you configure a NAM to monitor and report the most heavily viewed sections of a website?
A.Create a separate domain name or virtual server IP address for each section of the site. Add each domain name or IP address to the NAM application protocol directory.
B.Enable regular­expression pattern matching. Define application protocol filters based on regular expressions that match the desired URLs.
C.Enable URL monitoring. Define each desired URL as an application in the protocol directory.
D.Use SPAN or VACLs to capture upper­layer protocol data from the web servers. Use a third­party application to parse the stored capture files.
Answer: C

4.How can you configure the NAM to view a list of all switches that are sending NDE packets?
A.Enter the command sh data­source nde.
B.Configure Cisco Discovery Protocol to detect all switches on the network.
C.Launch NetFlow Listening Mode from the Cisco Traffic Analyzer application.
D.The NAM will automatically detect NDE broadcasts and add each switch to the NetFlow device table.
Answer: C

5.Which IDSM capture method has the ability to impact the performance of VoIP applications?­line B.promiscuous C.SPAN D.VACLs Answer: A
22.How many IDSMs can monitor the same VLAN?
Answer: C

6.Which command must be issued to activate the FWSM firewall context?
Answer: B

7.The IDSM management­interface IP address can be configured from which prompt?
Answer: B

8.What will be the result of this command? bgp graceful­restart
A.NSF is enabled for BGP.
B.SSO is enabled for BGP.
C.RPR is enabled for BGP.
D.RPR+ is enabled for BGP.
Answer: A

9.Which statement is correct regarding Layer 3 EtherChannels?
A.They are STP­aware.
B.They cannot be automatically negotiated.
C.Multiple EtherChannels are used between a pair of switches.
D.Multiple EtherChannels between two switches create an STP loop.
Answer: C

10.What is the effect of executing the command intrusion­detection module 5 management­port access­vlan 10 on an IDSM?
A.allows the IDSM to be managed by devices in VLAN 10
B.configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in in­line mode
C.allows the IDSM to perform blocking actions on devices in VLAN 10
D.configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in promiscuous mode
Answer: A

11.Which three statements are requirements for configuring a web browser to work with the NAM Cisco Traffic Analyzer? (Choose three.)
A.Enable Java and JavaScript.
B.Set the browser cache to at least 500 MB.
C.Configure the browser to accept all cookies.
D.Install the Cisco Traffic Analyzer application.
E.Set the browser cache to clear itself automatically when the user exits the browser. F.Configure the browser to check for newer versions of pages every time it loads a page.
Answer: A, C, F

12.Which step will configure high availability on two IDSMs in in­line mode?
A.Configure an EtherChannel between the two IDSMs.
B.Enable hardware bypass on the primary IDSM.
C.Enable software bypass on the backup IDSM.
D.Install the IDSMs in separate chassis.
Answer: C

13.Your customer uses these file­oriented network applications: FTP Web­based file repositories Windows and Linux file sharing How can you use the NAM to create a report showing total network traffic for these applications?
A.Define a VACL that forwards traffic for all of the applications.
B.Define an application group that contains all of the interfaces for the application servers.
C.This cannot be accomplished because the NAM cannot monitor upper­layer protocol data.
D.Add each application to the Cisco Traffic Analyzer protocol directory and create an application group with all of the applications.
Answer: D

14.A customer network is configured as follows: NetFlow is on for all core switch interfaces. The NAM receives NDE packets from each switch. Reports show aggregate data for all interfaces. How would you view data for specific interfaces on a given switch?
A.Enable NetFlow only on the interfaces that you want to view.
B.Create ACLs on the NAM data ports to filter the NDE traffic.
C.Create a custom NDE data source in Cisco Traffic Analyzer and specify the interfaces that you want to view.
D.Limit the NDE data capture by specifying the VLANs that apply to the interfaces that you want to view.
Answer: C

15.Which configuration is needed for the NAM to display per­protocol statistics for MPLS­tagged packets?
A.Configure SPAN for WAN data collection.
B.No configuration is needed; this option is operational on power­up.
C.The NAM cannot provide per­protocol statistics for MPLS­tagged packets.
D.Configure the NAM to the "Parse MPLS tagged packet" option in Cisco Traffic Analyzer.
Answer: D

16.When is the current­config file updated on the IDSM?
A.after you exit configuration mode
B.after each configuration command is entered
C.when you execute the copy run start command
D.when you execute the save current­config command
Answer: A

17.In a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch, in which slot or slots should you install the NAM?
A.slots 1 to 4
B.slot 5 or 6
C.any slot except a supervisor module slot
D.the slots that are closest to the supervisor modules
Answer: C

18.How can you configure the NAM to create a report that shows the percentage of traffic that is assigned to each DSCP service level?
A.The NAM can only capture DSCP data for voice traffic.
B.Use NetFlow on the NAM to capture DSCP­level protocol statistics.
C.Enable DiffServ monitoring using a user profile containing DiffServ aggregation groups.
D.Use a third­party application to parse upper­layer protocol data captured from web servers.
Answer: C

19.A customer has installed an FWSM in the data center. Which feature must be configured to enable FTP to work?
A.dynamic NAT
B.dynamic PAT
C.access lists
D.transparent mode
E.deep packet inspection
Answer: E

20.What can you do to obtain faster RPR+ failover?
A.Use RPR instead of RPR+.
B.Disable core dump on both supervisors.
C.Decrease the supervisor synchronization interval.
D.Minimize the number of entries in the Layer 3 routing tables.
Answer: B

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