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Cisco 642-871 Exam -

Free 642-871 Sample Questions:

1.Which typical enterprise campus requirement ensures that the network supports the required
applications and that data flows within the required time frames?
Answer: C

2.What two choices can you make when redundancy is required from a branch office to a regional office? (Choose two.)
A.multiple Frame Relay PVCs
B.dual Wan links to the regional office
C.dual Wan links to another branch office
D.single links ­ one to the regional office and one to another branch office
Answer: B, D

3.What type of Call Admission control in CallManager allows for limits to the bandwidth consumed by active calls?
D.device Pools
Answer: C

4.Which VPN management feature would be considered to ensure that the network had the least disruption of service when making topology changes?
A.dynamic reconfiguration
B.path MTU discovery setup
D.remote management
Answer: A

5.Which routing protocol supports a flexible area structure using routing levels one and two?
Answer: C

6.Which three components are part of the Intelligent Network Services provided by the Cisco AVVID framework? (Choose three.)
A.IP telephony
C.IP multicasting force optimization
E.e­business infrastructure
Answer: B, C, F

7.Which three best practices should be implemented at the campus backbone submodule to support the server farm module? (Choose three.)
A.Implement highly redundant switching and links with no single points or paths of failure.
B.Implement server load balancing.
C.Implement the Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) for failover protection.
D.Dual home all servers.
E.Implement intrusion detection with automatic notification of intrusion attempts in place.
F.Deploy caching systems.
Answer: A, C, E

8.The network administrator would like to generate synthetic traffic using the Service Assurance Agent contained in Cisco IOS. Which CiscoWorks network management application will be used to report the latency and availability for configured traffic operations on an end­to­end and hop­by­hop (router­to­router) basis?
A.nGenius Real­Time Monitor
C.Device Fault Manager
D.Internetwork Performance Monitor
Answer: D

9.The Acme Anvil Corporation has two manufacturing sites and six sales offices. Each sales office requires 25 public IP addresses, and each manufacturing facility requires 210 public IP addresses. If the company plans for 20 percent growth for each facility, how many Class C addresses will it require?
Answer: A

10.Which protocol would provide block access to remote storage over WAN links?
Answer: A

11.What is the device weight limit per CallManager in a Cisco IP phone configuration?
Answer: C

12.Acme Nutrition manufactures a wide variety of vitamin supplements. It has a single manufacturing facility with 3 regional warehouses and 16 district sales offices. Currently the manufacturing facility requires 210 IP addresses; each warehouse requires 51 IP addresses; each district sales office requires 11 IP addresses; and the IP WAN requires 38 IP addresses. If Acme Nutrition plans for 20 percent growth in facilities, how many Class C subnets will the district sales offices require?
A.19 (3 from the warehouse range and 16 from a separate Class C address)
B.19 (3 from the warehouse block, 15 from a separate Class C block and 1 from the IP WAN block)
C.20 (4 from the warehouse range,15 from a separate Class C block and 1 from the IP WAN block)
D.16 (3 from the warehouse range and 13 from a separate Class C address)
E.18 (2 from the Warehouse range and 14 from a separate Class C address) F.16 (all from a separate Class C address)
Answer: B

13.With Call Manager v3.1, what is the maximum number of servers in a Cluster?
Answer: D

14.What are three features of the Cisco Product Advisor tool? (Choose three.)
A.It can be used in a novice, question­and­answer mode.
B.You can begin searching categories that include routing, switching, and IP telephony.
C.It covers only select routers from the 800 Series through the 7400 Series.
D.It includes a wireless product search category.
E.It covers select switches from the Catalyst 2800 Series through the Catalyst 8500 Series.
F.It narrows down Cisco networking products based on product cost and network requirements.
Answer: A, C, D

15.Morris Prosthetics is having problems with serialization delay on its WAN links. The links currently carry less than 768 Kbps. Which Layer 2 mechanism can help solve the problem?
A.Compressed Real­Time Transfer Protocol fragmentation and interleaving
C.differentiated service code points
D.Integrated Services module
Answer: B

16.When is the site­to­site remote access model appropriate? (Choose one.)
A.for multiple ISDN connections
B.for modem concentrated dial­up connections
C.for a group of users in the same vicinity sharing a connection
D.for use by mobile users
Answer: C

17.In an Internet e­commerce, browser­based application, which method can have the greatest impact on optimizing WAN bandwidth usage?
C.content networking sockets layer (SSL)
Answer: C

18.When designing the WAN module within the enterprise edge, which document is used to specify the connectivity and performance agreements with the service provider?
Answer: C

19.Which four QoS design requirements are the closest to Cisco recommendations for VoIP traffic?(Choose four).­way latency of 150 ms to 200 ms
B.serialization delay of 100 ms to 150 ms
C.less than 30 ms of jitter
D.less than 1 percent of packet loss
E.fixed 64 kbps of guaranteed priority bandwidth per call
F.150 bps (+ Layer 2 overhead) of guaranteed bandwidth for voice control traffic per call
Answer: A, C, D, F

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