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Cisco 642-831 Exam -

Free 642-831 Sample Questions:

1.The network administrator for an ISP noticed that the PRI line connected to his access server was not receiving calls from dialin users. After the PRI line connectivity to the access server was verified, the administrator contacted the PRI line service provider. The service provider performed the necessary testing procedures and found no problems with the PRI line. Which action should the administrator perform to further isolate the problem?
A. trace the PRI cable to verify physical layer connectivity
B. perform a hard loopback test on PRI line at access server
C. replace the access server interface module
D. change the PRI cable connected to access server
Answer: B

2.Which three components should be included in a network device configuration table? (Choose three.)
A. device name
B. WINS server address
C. DHCP server address
D. configured access lists
E. MAC addresses
F. DNS server address
Answer: A, D, E

3. Which commands are used in Windows 2000 to display information that is used in an end-system configuration table? (Choose four.)
A. route print
B. ifconfig -a
C. arp /all
D. arp -a
E. ping [ip-address | hostname]
F. telnet [ip-address | hostname]
Answer: A, D, E, F

4.Line coding errors on a previously operational link indicate a problem at which layer of the network?
A. physical layer
B. data link layer
C. network layer
D. transport layer
E. application layer
Answer: A

5.When troubleshooting OSPF neighbor establishment problems over Frame Relay interfaces using the default OSPF network type, what should you verify in the router configuration?
A. the neighbor statements under router ospf
B. the ip ospf network point-to-multipoint statement under the Frame Relay interface
C. the ip ospf priority 0 statement under the Frame Relay interface on the DR
D. the ip ospf priority 0 statement under the Frame Relay interface on the BDR
E. the ip ospf priority 255 statement under the Frame Relay interface on the DROTHER
Answer: A

6.You are using the debug frame-relay lmi command to verify the operation of a Frame Relay connection. The type 0 status field reads 0x0. What is the status of the connection?
A. added/active
B. added/inactive
C. deleted
D. disabled
Answer: B

7.Which three components should be included in a network topology diagram? (Choose three.)
A. device names
B. port speeds
D. IP addresses
E. STP settings
F. etherchannel settings
Answer: A, C, D

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