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Cisco 642-741 Exam -

Free 642-741 Sample Questions:

1. Which type of frame can be used for signaling TSPEC reservation from a client?
A. WMM capabilities exchange
D. 802.11 association information elements
Answer: B

2. Ethernet bridging essentially involves combining an Ethernet interface with one or more virtual TAP interfaces and bridging them together under then umbrella of a single bridge interface. Which two multicast modes are valid for use with Ethernet bridging on a mesh AP? (Choose two.)
A. out
B. regular
C. mesh bridge in
D. in
Answer: B, D

3. Battery life is essential when using the Wireless-G IP Phone. Which of the following methods can prolong the battery life of a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G?
A. enabling RRM
B. configuring phone to auto select network
C. configuring DTIM period to 2
D. configuring beacon period to 80 ms
Answer: C

4. Refer to the following descriptions, which two are true about a Cisco WLC configuration of Wireless > QoS > Profiles > Wired_QoS_Profiles for an implementation of DSCP or CoS deployment? (Choose two.)
A. It sets the EDCF queue used for the radio-transmitted frames.
B. It is optional if the Cisco WLC attached switch operates on a trust DSCP model.
C. It must be set if the Cisco WLC attached switch operates on a trust CoS model.
D. It must always be set on all QoS profile types because this sets the type of markings as either CoS or DSCP.
Answer: B, C

5. You are a network technician of your company. You are asked to enable multicast support on the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller v5.2. Which of the following is the necessary configuration?
A. Set the multicast monitor function to Enabled, enable the IGMP snooping capability, and define the mandatory data rate to the minimum value supported.
B. Enable the IGMP snooping capability and define the IGMP timeout period.
C. Set the Ethernet multicast mode to Enabled, enable the IGMP snooping capability, and define the IGMP timeout period.
D. Set the Ethernet multicast mode to Multicast and define the multicast group address.
Answer: D

6. UAPSD is an acronym for Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery, a feature of Wi-Fi devices that allows them to save power. What are the advantages of U-APSD? (Choose three.)
A. synchronization of the transmission and reception of voice frames
B. priority bandwidth and polling
C. optimized power-save mode periods
D. increased call capacity
Answer: A, C, D

7. G.711, also known as Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), is a very commonly used waveform codec. G.711 uses a sampling rate of 8,000 samples per second, with the tolerance on that rate 50 parts per million (ppm). Do you know the payload size of a wireless IP phone in a call using G.711 codec?
A. 30 bytes
B. 60 bytes
C. 80 bytes
D. 160 bytes
Answer: D

8. Quality of Service (QoS) refers to a set of techniques used to manage and measure the effectiveness of critical network resources. Which description is NOT a primary QoS recommended requirement for voice bearer traffic?
A. One-way latency (mouth-to-ear) should be less than 150 msec.
B. Voice traffic loss should be no more than 3%.
C. Average one way jitter should be targeted to less than 30 msec.
D. 21-320 kbps of guaranteed priority bandwidth is required per call depending on sample rate, codec, and layer 2 overhead.
Answer: B

9. Refer to the following authentication protocols, which one does H-REAP AP local authentication support in version 5.2?
Answer: C

10. IP multicast is a method of forwarding IP datagrams to a group of interested receivers. Multicast can prevent loops by using which protocol?
Answer: C

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