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Cisco 642-654 Exam -

Free 642-654 Sample Questions:

1. Through which way does Cisco WAAS advanced compression DRE improve on traditional LZ compression?
A. removing the transmission of previously-seen data
B. implementing a more aggressive, hardware-intensive version of the LZ compression algorithm
C. pre-positioning often-used file segments on the edge WAE appliances
D. comparing hashes of each file version to avoid unnecessary file synchronization
Answer: A

2. Refer to the following tools, which two can be used to determine what percentage of WAN traffic will be optimized when you use a Cisco WAAS deployment? (Choose two.)
C. NetFlow
D. Tcpreplay
Answer: BC

3. Which LAN traffic management feature is fully supported by Cisco WAAS?
A. intrusion detection system
B. QoS
Answer: B

4. When WCCPv2 is running on a switch or router, what does it use to redirect traffic to a Cisco WAE?
A. Layer 4-7 inspection
B. GRE tunnels or Layer 2 direction
D. MPLS tunnels or Layer 2 direction
Answer: B

5. Which method will most effectively provide management and monitoring failover for Cisco WAAS?
A. Use multiple Cisco WAE devices at the data center.
B. Use a primary and a secondary Central Manager.
C. Use multiple Cisco WAE devices at each client location.
D. Use a Cisco CDM at the data center and a Cisco CDM at the furthest client location.
Answer: B

6. In a Cisco WAAS environment, which TCP connection establishment messages should you examine if your customer has sent you a TCP protocol trace and asked for your help in understanding why the WAE appliances are failing to negotiate the correct, optimized policy?
A. SYN and FIN
B. SYN and ACK
Answer: C

7. Which three characteristics are provided by Cisco WAAS to enable the consolidation of infrastructure from remote offices into the data center? (Choose three.)
A. policy-based configuration
B. auto-discovery of CIFS servers
C. transparent integration into existing networks
D. encapsulation of traffic between WAE appliances in GRE tunnels
Answer: ABC

8. Your customer's service provider manages its WAN infrastructure. The customer would like to deploy Cisco WAAS to accelerate file services for a small number of branch offices, but the service provider manages the routers at each site and your customer's terms of service prohibit the customer from customizing router configurations. Which interception method will you recommend?
D. inline card
Answer: D

9. Which two options correctly identify the WAE file services integration modes available in Cisco WAAS? (Choose two.)
A. transparent, in which the WAE appears as a node on the remote office LAN
B. transparent, in which the WAE does not appear as a node on the remote office LAN
C. non-transparent, in which the WAE appears as a node on the remote office LAN
D. non-transparent, in which the WAE does not appear as a node on the remote office LAN
Answer: BC

10. What is the function of the Catalyst 6500 ACE module in a Cisco WAAS solution?
A. to perform application acceleration functions for CIFS applications
B. to provide interception and load-balancing of WAE appliances in the data center
C. to support load balancing of large numbers of WAE appliances when deployed with WCCPv2
D. to provide WAN optimization capabilities in the data center
Answer: B

11. Which three are high-availability Cisco WAE solutions for a branch office? (Choose three.)
C. firewall load-balancing Cisco WAE devices
D. multiple Cisco WAE devices with inline cards
Answer: ABD

12. Your customer has purchased multiple Cisco WAE appliances, but does not want to dedicate one WAE for management purposes only. How would you advise this customer?
A. There must be at least one Central Manager available for configuration and management tasks.
B. The data center WAE can be used for both the Central Manager and Application Accelerator roles.
C. There is no need for a dedicated Central Manager; all configuration tasks can be performed on the application accelerators using the WAE device CLI and GUI.
D. If one of the WAE appliances is configured as the Central Manager, then later, after all application accelerators are registered and on line, the Central Manager WAE can be reconfigured as an application accelerator.
Answer: A

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