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Cisco 642-652 Exam -

Free 642-652 Sample Questions:

1. After configuring a Cisco WAAS deployment using WCCPv2, you find that you can successfully ping a data center server from a workstation in the branch office. However, when you attempt to start one of the optimized applications, the application cannot communicate with the server. What is the most likely cause?
A. There is insufficient disk space on either the edge or core WAE.
B. You configured half-duplex mode on the WAE interfaces.
C. You configured autonegotiate duplex mode on the WAE interfaces.
D. You deployed the WAE on the same subnet as the users or servers.
Answer: D

2. When implementing Windows authentication for WAE management, what is the maximum allowable time skew between each WAE and the Windows domain controller?
A. 1 second
B. 5 seconds
C. 120 seconds
D. 300 seconds
Answer: D

3. Your customer plans to implement Cisco WAAS using four WAE appliances in a load-balanced configuration. Which feature must be supported on the switches to which the WAE appliances are attached?
A. redirect exclusion
B. Layer 2 redirection
D. WCCPv2 or PBR
Answer: C

4. Your customer has deployed Cisco WAAS using ACE for traffic interception. The customer reports that traffic is not being optimized. Which command would you use to troubleshoot network interception?
A. WAE-CORE# show wccp routers
B. WAE-CORE# show ip access-lists
C. ACE/Admin# show wccp routers
D. ACE/Admin# show rserver detail
E. router# show wccp services
Answer: D

5. Your customer reports that traffic has never been received by the remote device after deploying Cisco WAAS using WCCPv2 in an off-path configuration. Which two parameters should you verify? (Choose two.)
B. WAE subnet
C. router IP address
D. routing configuration
E. service group redirection
Answer: B, E

6. You have configured a Central Manager WAE cluster for your customer. After a technician accidentally unplugs the power cord from the primary Central Manager WAE, the network administrator calls you to complain that the standby Central Manager WAE did not automatically assume the primary role. What should you tell this administrator?
A. You must manually initiate failover and fallback processes on the WAE.
B. You should verify that the datafeed.pollrate setting is configured properly.
C. You must manually copy the Central Manager database to the standby Central Manager WAE.
D. You should make sure the two Central Manager WAE appliances are on the same subnet.
Answer: A

7. When must WCCPv2 redirect exclusion be configured on the routers?
A. when redirect in is used on any interface
B. when redirect in is used on the LAN interface only
C. when redirect in is used on the WAN interface only
D. when redirect out is used on any interface
E. when redirect out is used on the LAN interface only
F. when redirect out is used on the WAN interface only
Answer: D

8. How many IP addresses are required for an in-line card in a redundant, serially clustered configuration?
A. none
B. one
C. two
D. four
Answer: A

9. Which two symptoms would you expect to observe in a TCP trace if a Cisco WAE that was optimizing connections fails? (Choose two.)
A. The receiving node receives TCP segments with invalid sequence numbers and resets the connection.
B. The secondary WAE takes over the connection and the receiving node sees nothing.
C. The receiving node continues normally because it has a session to the originating node.
D. All optimized TCP connections handled by that WAE are reset.
E. All optimized TCP connections are taken over by the receiving node.
Answer: A, D

10. How can you verify that the WAE has joined a Microsoft Windows domain correctly?
A. Execute the show windows-domain command on the WAE.
B. Click the Show Authentication Status button in Central Manager.
C. Use the Windows nbtstat command.
D. Use the Windows netstat command.
Answer: B

11. In a Cisco WAAS deployment, what should you check first if your customer is reporting poor performance across all optimized applications?
A. Verify that full duplex is configured on all interfaces.
B. Verify that only one Central Manager WAE is set to active.
C. Verify that PBR has a route map for each direction of traffic flow.
D. Verify that WCCP is configured with one service group in the path of each direction of traffic flow.
Answer: A

12. Your customer is using firewalls. What must be permitted to pass through firewalls in order to allow WAE autodiscovery?
A. TCP SYN-ACK with data
B. TCPoptions
C. TCP port 139
D. TCP port 445
Answer: B

13. Your customer has configured each Cisco WAE to belong to multiple device groups for monitoring purposes. However, the customer wants to ensure that the policies are applied to the device from one specific device group. What should you do?
A. You should configure an explicit policy device group.
B. You should configure the other device groups as monitoring-only.
C. You should rejoin the WAE to the desired device group.
D. You must remove the WAE from all other device groups.
Answer: A

14. How do you access the WAE Central Manager GUI?
A. http://(ip_addr_of_WAE)
B. https://(ip_addr_of_WAE):443
C. https://(ip_addr_of_WAE):8080
D. https://(ip_addr_of_WAE):8443
Answer: D

15. How many baseline device groups can be configured for the acceleration feature set?
A. one
B. two
C. three
D. as many as needed
Answer: A

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