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Cisco 642-651 Exam -

Free 642-651 Sample Questions:

1. Which LAN traffic management feature is fully supported by Cisco WAAS?
A. intrusion detection system
B. QoS
Answer: B

2. Your customer's Cisco WAAS design calls for the Central Manager to be deployed on the Core WAE, which is a WAE-612 with 2GB of RAM. The customer initially configured the WAE as an application accelerator, and then issued the device mode central-manager command to enable Central Manager service. Now the customer reports that the WAE is no longer accelerating traffic. What is the problem?
A. The Central Manager and application accelerator cannot be deployed on the same WAE.
B. At least 4GB of RAM must be installed for the WAE to serve as both Central Manager and application accelerator.
C. The device mode central-manager command must be issued before the device mode application-accelerator command.
D. Central Manager is consuming too much CPU time on the WAE. The Central Manager service should be implemented on a less-utilized edge WAE.
Answer: A

3. In a Cisco WAAS environment, which TCP connection establishment messages should you examine if your customer has sent you a TCP protocol trace and asked for your help in understanding why the WAE appliances are failing to negotiate the correct, optimized policy?
A. SYN and FIN
B. SYN and ACK
Answer: C

4. Which two options correctly identify the WAE file services integration modes available in Cisco WAAS? (Choose two.)
A. transparent, in which the WAE appears as a node on the remote office LAN
B. transparent, in which the WAE does not appear as a node on the remote office LAN
C. non-transparent, in which the WAE appears as a node on the remote office LAN
D. non-transparent, in which the WAE does not appear as a node on the remote office LAN
Answer: B, C

5. You have configured a Central Manager WAE cluster for your customer. After a technician accidentally unplugs the power cord from the primary Central Manager WAE, the network administrator calls you to complain that the standby Central Manager WAE did not automatically assume the primary role. What should you tell this administrator?
A. You should verify that the datafeed.pollrate setting is configured properly.
B. You should make sure the two Central Manager WAE appliances are on the same subnet
C. You must manually copy the Central Manager database to the standby Central Manager WAE.
D. You must manually initiate failover and fallback processes on the WAE.
Answer: D

6. Your customer has purchased multiple Cisco WAE appliances, but does not want to dedicate one WAE for management purposes only. How would you advise this customer?
A. There must be at least one Central Manager available for configuration and management tasks.
B. The data center WAE can be used for both the Central Manager and Application Accelerator roles.
C. There is no need for a dedicated Central Manager; all configuration tasks can be performed on the application accelerators using the WAE device CLI and GUI.
D. If one of the WAE appliances is configured as the Central Manager, then later, after all application accelerators are registered and on line, the Central Manager WAE can be reconfigured as an application accelerator.
Answer: A

7. When you size a Cisco WAAS solution, you should assume that how many of the total number of concurrent TCP connections per user will be optimized? A. 1-2
B. 4-7
C. 14-20
D. 25-40
Answer: B

8. When using PBR, what do you need to configure to enable failover?
A. QoS
D. NetFlow
Answer: C

9. What are three benefits of using the Cisco WAE file blocking feature? (Choose three.)
A. eliminates data redundancy
B. reduces the use of network resources
C. minimizes the transfer of unsanctioned data
D. prevents multiple users from attempting to edit the same file
E. controls which file types are stored on the data center file server
F. ensures that files cannot be edited until they are synchronized between the branch and the data center
Answer: B, C, E

10. Your customer is using firewalls. What must be permitted to pass through the firewalls in order to allow WAE auto-discovery?
A. TCP options
B. TCP port 139
C. TCP port 445
D. TCP SYN-ACK with data
Answer: A

11. Which two functions does the Central Manager provide in a Cisco WAAS environment? (Choose two.)
A. application acceleration
B. management of CIFS servers
C. application statistics monitoring
D. configuration backup and restore
E. policy configuration and distribution
Answer: C, E

12. How does Cisco WAAS advanced compression DRE improve on traditional LZ compression?
A. by removing the transmission of previously-seen data
B. by pre-positioning often-used file segments on the edge WAE appliances
C. by comparing hashes of each file version to avoid unnecessary file synchronization
D. by implementing a more aggressive, hardware-intensive version of the LZ compression algorithm
Answer: A

13. How can you monitor optimization statistics for a given application across multiple Cisco WAE devices?
A. Create a device group for all WAE devices on which that application is optimized.
B. Create a location group for all WAE devices on which that application is optimized.
C. Create a separate application traffic policy for each application.
D. Ensure that each application resides on a different subnet.
Answer: A

14. In a WAAS Application Traffic Policy, what are three valid match conditions for traffic classifiers? (Choose three.)
A. IP address
B. routed protocol
C. routing
D. subnet
E. TCP port
F. UDP port
Answer: A, D, E

15. Your customer is using PBR as the interception method on its routers. Which mechanism would you recommend to ensure WAE availability and failover if a WAE fails?
A. enable NetFlow to track WAE appliances
B. enable IP SLAs to track WAE appliances
C. nothing, PBR automatically tracks WAE appliances
D. nothing, PBR does not support the tracking of WAE appliances
Answer: B

16. Your customer wants to configure PortChannels on its Core WAE appliances to enable load balancing across WAE interfaces. Which WAE deployment model must this customer use?
A. on-router one-arm
B. on-router two-arm
C. off-router one-arm
D. off-router two-arm
Answer: C

17. How often does a Cisco WAE negotiate the policy to be used for a given connection?
A. every time a new client-server pair initiates communication
B. every time a TCP connection is established through the WAE
C. once, after which the WAE uses the policy for all connections
D. twice, once for outgoing and once for incoming traffic
Answer: B

18. Which three features does Cisco WAAS provide to enable the consolidation of infrastructure from remote offices into the data center? (Choose three.)
A. policy-based configuration
B. auto-discovery of CIFS servers
C. support for multiple virtual contexts
D. encryption of traffic between WAE appliances
E. transparent integration into existing networks
F. encapsulation of traffic between WAE appliances in GRE tunnels
Answer: A, B, E

19. Which two policies are used by the CIFS acceleration component of Cisco WAAS? (Choose two.)
A. CIFS Policy
B. WAFS Policy
C. Directory Mapping Policy
D. Connectivity Policy
E. Reconnection Policy
F. Connectivity Directive
Answer: A, B

20. In a Cisco WAAS solution, what is the role of the Catalyst 6500 ACE module?
A. to provide WAN optimization capabilities in the data center
B. to provide interception and load-balancing of WAE appliances in the data center
C. to perform application acceleration functions for CIFS applications
D. to support load balancing of large numbers of WAE appliances when deployed with WCCPv2
Answer: B

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