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Cisco 642-582 Exam -

Free 642-582 Sample Questions:

1.What is the performance impact of 802.11b client in cell coverage of an 802.11g AP?
A: forces the AP to load balance
B: reduces the throughput of 802.11g clients associated to that AP
C: slows the throughput of 802.11g clients to that of the fastest 802.11b client in the cell
D: forces the AP adhering to the 802.11g specification to turn off 802.11g data rates
Answer: B

2.What can an RF attenuator do?
A: remotely power the AP
B: add gain to the antenna
C: remotely manage the AP
D: simulate different lengths of cable
Answer: D

3.How can you send more data across the airwaves? (Choose two.)
A:utilize lower band frequencies
B:use more complex modulation
C:use better filtering on the receiver
D:use more frequency (wider bandwidth)
Answer: B, D

4.Which cipher is configured on the Cisco Aironet Access Point to enable WPA?
C: WEP 128
Answer: A

5.Cisco Aironet 1200 Series antenna extension cables are manufactured from _____.
A: LMR-400 and LMR-500
B: LMR-400 and LMR-600
C: LMR-300 and LMR-400
D: LMR-100 and LMR-400
Answer: B

6.What is the serial cable used to configure the Cisco Aironet 1200 Series Access Point?
A: DB-9 to DB-9 roll-over cable
B: DB-9 to RJ45 roll-over cable
C: DB-9 to DB-9 straight through cable
D: DB-9 to RJ45 straight through cable
Answer: B

7.What can be done to protect the wired LAN infrastructure from being damaged if there is a direct lightning strike on the antenna itself?
A: place a lightning arrestor in-line with the antenna cabling
B: ground the antenna cabling prior to it entering the building
C: place a link of fiber between the antenna cabling and the wireless bridge
D: place a link of fiber with transceivers on the data port of the wireless bridge
Answer: D

8.Which two steps are used to set up Fast Secure Roaming? (Choose two.)
A:configure the WDS options on the client
B:configure Fast Roaming parameters of the WLSE Server
C:enable APs on the subnet to allow CCKM authenticated key management for at least one SSID
D:configure the authentication server to authenticate the WDS AP and the APs that use the WDS AP
Answer: C, D

9.What is the benefit of spread spectrum technology OFDM modulation?
A: Range improves as data rates increases.
B: It makes 802.11g and 802.11a interoperable.
C: It requires less spectral bandwidth than CCK modulation.
D: It has better performance for multipath interference than CCK modulation.
Answer: D

10.The purpose of the 802.11g protection mechanism is to allow _____.
A: 802.11g clients to roam to 802.11b APs
B: 802.11b client cards to transmit at 802.11g data rates
C: the transmit power of an 802.11g AP to be set at 30 mW
D: 802.11b client cards to transmit in the same cell with 802.11g clients without collisions
Answer: D

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